The other Cold War

While everyone focused on the US-USSR power struggle, an even more bitter conflict was playing out between the USSR and China

On 2 March 1969, the Strategic Missile Forces went to high alert — their nuclear warheads ready to be loosed at targets 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) away in less than 15 minutes. On the banks of a frozen river, opposing soldiers of two nuclear powers bled to death in the snow, as a cold war that Kennedy didn’t fight and Reagan wouldn’t win turned hot.

This wasn’t East versus West; this was East versus Far East — a murderous

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RAF Crusaders in Canada

THE ROYAL Air Force’s 14 Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth, Morayshire, deployed 141 personnel, including 14 pilots and 12 navigators, to Maple Flag on an RAF Tristar for the second period of the exercise. Nine Tornado GR.4s were already at CFB Cold Lake, having been involved in the first period flown by II(AC) Squadron from RAF Marham, Norfolk. Wg Cdr Basnett, OC 14 Squadron, told AFM: «We are flying six jets in the morning and four in the afternoon. The engineers have had to work extremely hard to make that happen, because we are a long way from home and

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Maple Flag

Mark Ayton, assisted by Paul Ridgway, visited CFB Cold Lake in Alberta for the annual Maple Flag exercise, which continues to attract nations from around the world.

IN 1977, at Nellis AFB, Nevada, Canada took part in Exercise Red Flag for the first time, gaining valuable air combat training. The following year, the Commander of the Canadian Air Command staged a similar four-week exercise — Maple Flag — at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta, 170 miles (270km) northeast of Edmonton. This continued for nine years, with the exercise being held twice annually — until 1987 when it was re-scheduled as a

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Edged weapons holy

It seems everyone has got used if the action-game is the first person — a shooter. Naughty thrust to the whole shoot lots tires. How I would like pofehtovat, expecting gunfire in the back … This idea permeated the young Spanish company Rebel Act Studios, which decided to please us toy Blade, — 3D, no worse than any of the "Q killers"But without the shotgun.

For a game that provides free switching between "view from the eye" and an outer chamber, will be the main Fencing

Iё1 Yb ^ # ‘_ ^^^^ W occupation. And in order not to offend

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Passion and Punishment

Today we would like to discuss the topic of homemade knife and clarify a number of issues and problems associated with it.

A visit to one of the editors of amateur artists, which in Russia are vast. He was not too unhappy about «light up», thereby making like a personal invitation to visit his vigilant precinct, so we use a pseudonym, but … this man — one of the many nozhevschikov craftsmen who, in spite of the risk of not very pleasant communication with representatives of the law, does not leave his hobbies.

— Tell us about yourself.

— Yes

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Reckless person who will travel from New Crobuzon to the north and overcome the mountain is on the shore of a freshwater sea in the Cold Claw lands grindylow — Dzhengrise. There’s almost no outsiders, except that a few visiting traders — people and water. Nobody wants to settle in Dzhengrise and the surrounding area because of the terrible rumors. Allegedly, the fate of those. kosh grindylow seized more than unenviable, and slavery -eschё favorable outcome. Outsiders strictly limited access to settlements; for they are the harsh rules that are better not to disturb. Grindylow this situation is more than

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Evaluating the effectiveness of podsmazochnyh coatings and lubricants for cold extrusion of nanocrystalline titanium BT1-0.

For materials with ultrafine structures apply methods of intensive deformation, in particular equal channel angular (ECA) pressing.

This method allows to achieve a high level of mechanical properties of metals and alloys, such as copper, nickel, titanium and other by forming them in nanocrystalline (NC) structure with a grain size of 100-500 nm.

For practical use of NK-materials in various industries, more research is needed technological modes of processing. In this paper we study the tribological parameters of cold extrusion process (reduction) of commercially pure titanium BT1-0 NK with a high level of properties as a promising substitute doped

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Mindware Studios

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Brief description of any game, movie or book about the «Cold War», performed by our Western friends subspecies «creators plain, blinkered», almost always resembles a well-known anecdote about a peaceful collective farm seeder with ballistic missiles and the tractor with vertical takeoff. Simply put, if the case appears respectable, though greedy for sensation zhurnalyuga of major American newspapers, wait for the big catch in the form of armed clashes with the authorities and by all means to prevent global conspiracy or some other

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How to protect the child from the cold.

In September, children who have reached a certain age, are located on a large adult world. That is in kindergarten or school.

But most kids, it is worth it to be in the children’s collective, the problem starts with health. The scheme, familiar to many parents to tears: a runny nose, throat, cough, cure, small break s repeated all over again.

A common occurrence?

According to the 003 young children (under 3 years) is transferred 6-8 respiratory infections per year.

Of course, those who attend child care centers (kindergartens, schools), the first time, get sick more often than the

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Cold War Leviathans

Some of the largest vehicles ever put into military operation were developed by the Soviet Union during the latter years of the Cold War; the descendants of which remain in service with the modern Russian Army. These highly specialised vehicles were developed for a specific strategic purpose, at immense expense in terms of engineering development and project cost. They were developed to transport and launch the Soviet Union’s ultimate nuclear deterrent -intercontinental rockets armed with multiple nuclear warheads, later generations of which had a strike capability of hitting targets in the US or China from pre-prepared launch sites in the

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