Send a photo collage email using iPhoto

Make and send elegant collages on your Mac

Sending a selection of photos to your friends and family via email can be a laborious task for both you and the recipient. Images have to be attached to the message, perhaps in more then one email if the files are too large, and then your loved one has to open each individual photo when the emails arrive in their inbox.

Thankfully, iPhoto provides a simple solution to sharing multiple images. Apple’s photo management software iPhoto lets you create an elegant collage of your shots that can be customised to suit a

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Night Siege — May 25

On forums portal discussions are an article by Igor Ivanov, Russian Internet edition

Night Siege — 22 May

On forums portal discussions are news about ordering privileges — corresponding bill now took deputies House of Representatives. Comments:"Because it can take advantage of privileges unfairly exempts? Illogicality: If the exempt person, means he owns the benefits." "Run out of benefits for all. Remained benefits for the most-most.""Well, gentlemen, the elderly, razlyubeznaya invite with stability in reality. But it only flowers. If you remember, in the prosperous Turkmenistan pensions canceled altogether." "The whole world pays the price for the global energoelementy, but with all this in globally benefits for the students there. And we — special, naturally. " Political scientist

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Lunar eclipse photos from various parts of the world! Take a look!)

On the night of Thursday, June 16, it was noted the first total lunar eclipse of 2011: in 21.24, Moscow time, the celestial body entered the Earth's shadow. At 23.22 eclipse reached totality: earth's shadow completely closed lunar disk. Today's lunar eclipse was the longest in 11 years.

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(Total 14 photos)

1. Moon during an eclipse on the background of one of the attractions of the Belgian capital — Atomium. In the minutes of the eclipse

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