In Washington, a bridge collapsed

In Washington, the evening of May 23 four-lane bridge collapsed I-5 through the Skagit River in Mount Vernon. In the water were people trapped in cars, reports Associated Press.

The incident occurred around 7 pm local 100 km to the north of Seattle, have specified the local police. While the security forces did not have the information of how many people were in the river.

According to witnesses, the water has dropped at least two cars. Near the site of the accident gathered onlookers. It is unknown what caused the accident.

More about the deteriorating infrastructure of the

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In Orel again collapsed soil

Karst holes

Photo from:

17.04.12.Trolleybus wheel fell into the hole as a result of the collapse of the soil in the Eagle evening of 16 April. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM witnesses, none of the passengers was hurt, but because of an accident in the center of a traffic jam. Locals associated with the repair of collapsed ground sewage collector Zarechensky neighborhood. The collector is known that in the course of construction works took place twice a collapse of the soil. The first "victim" of the collector car was sinking in the area transheyuna Zhukov. The driver

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Earthquake in Italy: a photo essay

Earthquake in Italy: photo Natural Disasters

According to updated data in the earthquake May 29, 2012 in the north-east of Italy killing at least 8 people. The event took place in the region of Emilia-Romagna, and tremors were felt up to Milan. 1.A cloud of dust rose after an earthquake struck the building in Mirandola.

2.The dog in the wreckage enterprise Mirandola.


3.Employees of the company "Meta" mourn the three victims of the building collapse in San Felice.


4.Part of the ornament of the church in Modena Voto broke during the earthquake.


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In Rio de Janeiro collapsed apartment buildings. Video


26.01.12.Po least two people were killed and about 10 injured in the collapse of two high-rise buildings in Rio de Janeiro. It happened on Wednesday around 21 pm local time.

4 injured were taken to hospital in serious condition, many people remain under the rubble — is unknown.

Witnesses claim that the building collapsed after the explosion. Has also been suggested that the unexplained reasons not bearing structures. Another house hurt by shrapnel, its inhabitants were evacuated.

The building was brought down in the area Sinelandiya in the historic quarter of Rio de Janeiro, near the Municipal Theatre.

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In Khakassia collapsed railway bridge


On Saturday morning, May 7, in the region of Khakassia Askizsky descended two flights of the railway bridge.

As reported by our sources in Askizkom area collapse occurred around 03.00 local time (23.00, May 6 MSK). Bridge collapsed is located 7 km from the village of Ust-Kamyshta. Information about the victim yet.

Since it became known that on Saturday, at 15.00 in praivetelstve Khakassia republic under predsedaetlstvom Head Viktor Zimin held emergency zasedaenie about PE.

Chance on-line

In Uganda, the bridge collapsed


MOSCOW, March 8 — Reuters. Wooden bridge collapsed under the weight of the truck on the north-western Uganda, killing 23 people, said on Thursday the online newspaper New Kerala citing police.

The tragedy occurred in Zeeuw in the Northern Province. Supporting construction of wooden bridge collapsed when a truck was moving bridge. Truck, in the back of which there were dozens of people, rolled over and fell into the river.

According to preliminary data, the total in the truck were traveling 34 people, people returning from trade in the city market. Three people are still missing.

The police said

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Sinkhole in Sochi. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: Max Portal

12.07.11. Yesterday, July 11, at Grape Street, in the area of private building, collapsed ground.

According to witnesses, the collapse was the result of construction work on the tunnel construction a few hundred meters from the federal highway.

Under the road and part of the house on the street of the vine, 133/6 earth collapsed. Dwelling on the fence fell a tree, and a resident of the house — an elderly woman received a few bruises. By sheer luck no one was hurt.

At the scene, firefighters arrived, making sure that communications are not

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In Egypt, the house collapsed, killing seven people


CAIRO, Feb 1 — RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. A three-storey house collapsed in the town of Damietta in northern Egypt, killing at least seven people, and another 28 injured, said Wednesday the Egyptian media.

The building has offices Egyptian party "Al-Wasat" (moderate Islamists).

In a statement the party said that the cause of the accident began repair work which is the owner of the store, located on the ground floor. In particular, the works have been affected by load-bearing structures of the building.

The party claims that the debris is one of the office staff. The search continues. According

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In China, collapsed seven-storey new building


In China, the seven-storey building collapsed. Photo: ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

24.03.11.Po the newspaper "ping" at about 4 am on March 21, collapsed one 7-storey building in the city of Zhuhai, making local residents thought it was an earthquake, there was panic.

According to local residents, when the building collapsed, all thought it was an earthquake, people ran out of the night on the street, without having to take anything with them. The next day, some residents began to prepare for the move, as they were damaged and some of the nearby buildings, including several shops.

According to

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Nine-story building collapsed in Bolivia


SANTA CRUZ, January 31. In Bolivia, in the collapse of the 9-story building killed 18 people. According to RBC, the incident occurred during construction.

It is reported that nine builders suffered and were taken to hospitals.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the tragedy began to design weaknesses, specify the "News."

In the analysis of debris involved 85 rescuers, including those from Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Now they are looking for five more people who are supposedly under the rubble of collapsed buildings. Started investigating the causes of the accident.


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