Optimum Lens Support

We generally attach our camera to a tripod by using the tripod mount at the base of the camera. While this does not pose any problem with lightweight lenses, its a different matter when using heavy lenses; a heavy lens attached to a camera body can cause the lens/body mount to flex and if the lens mount is not strong enough, the weaker section could break, resulting in permanent damage to the lens and/or camera.

With this in mind, some heavy lenses are provided with lens collars. The collar’s foot has a thread for attaching the lens to a tripod.

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French designer Olivier Goulet has worked for many years on the creation of high-strength material that looks and quality similar to human skin. Finally, he did it, he called his creation SkinBag. Synthetic material, but so realistically simulate the human skin, even creepy. The texture can even see pimples, moles and calluses. Models — jackets, bags, belts, collars, jumpsuits, skirts, performed on seamless technology, and according to the customer on the product can even be a tattoo. The designer says that this clothing is so convenient that would be just an extension of the human body and the one who

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Environmentalists first released in Kalmykia three saiga radio collars

To save endangered ecological first released in the Republic of Kalmykia on the will of three saiga radio collars to track the males successfully fertilized females, reports the International Fund for Animal IFAWv Monday.

Saiga in the last ten years has decreased by more than 90%, and is now variously estimated in Russia live from seven to three thousand of these antelopes, although seven years ago, the population reached 15,000 animals. Only five percent of the population — This is a male. With such a ratio males are unable to provide a full reproduction.

"We have released three males

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Ukrainians aggressively attacking mites

Ukrainians attack mites. Already this year, only in the Ternopil region a doctor asked about five hundred people.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, all victims appointed preventive treatment with antibiotics. Doctors fear that people can get Lyme disease, which attacks the nervous system and heart.

In addition, people who have suffered from tick bites have to be examined for its own account in private laboratories. Analysis, with which you can identify Lyme disease, costs about 60 hryvnia. In two patients the diagnosis was confirmed.

This year, the mites are so aggressive that people from their bites do not save

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