Their customs-29 (16 — 30 September)

September 18. Revelation of U.S. presidential candidate in a meeting with private sponsors, recorded on hidden camera

Nearly half of American voters — the freeloaders: they do not pay income taxes, do not want to take responsibility for their own lives and believe that they must take care of the government, so never vote for the candidate of the Republican Party.

September 18. Military, police, doctors and civil servants U.S. will train the terrorist threat to the zombies — this idea occurred to the organizers of the Forum on Public Safety. Details of know-how company HALO Corp. did not

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Mystic Mirror




"One day, being in the city of Lviv, I went to the famous historic cemetery where there were many ancient tombs and crypts. Was attached to the tour, and after graduation became acquainted with the guide. We got to talking, and I invited him to their famous

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Former (TV show) Season 2 Watch online

A series of documentary films "Ex" — a story about people who were previously friends, co-workers or wives. Intrigues, quarrels and other incidents have made them bitter enemies. Even after many years of "former" can not find a common language and to forgive past wrongs. Parting is not perfect. Whoever made the decision to part — the husband or wife, friends, colleagues — is always patient process. Although everyone knows that the parting always guilty of both, that the relationship must be mutual respect and a willingness to make concessions to the difficulties and grievances are not solved easily.

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In Minsk farewell to Vladimir Kononov

Society In Minsk today buried the philosopher and literary critic Vladimir Conon. Bid farewell to this remarkable man were a lot of famous people of Belarus and abroad, friends, colleagues, students, Mr. Vladimir, the website

Began mourning for civil funeral, which was held in the auditorium of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences, where he worked for many years the patriarch of the Belarusian philosophy, as it was called numerous students and colleagues.

Then Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk funeral service was held, organized by the Orthodox Brotherhood of the Three Martyrs of Vilnius,

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Lithuanian lawyers agree to defend political prisoners

Society Belarusians who are accused of involvement in the events of December 19, can come to the aid of lawyers from Lithuania. And they do it legally. Lithuania — the only other countries with which Belarus has a bilateral agreement on mutual legal assistance.

Many relatives of the accused and suspects in the "Case of December 19" complain Belarusian lawyers for various reasons, refuse to help them. And so sometimes there is no other option but to seek counsel from abroad. But, as it turns out, only the lawyers in Lithuania can provide such assistance. This feature is locked in

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Lukashenko (Washington Post): Why did you destroy Iraq?

"Tell me, please, dear representative democracy, why have you destroyed Iraq? This is an international crime. Why did you not answer for it? About what then can speak of democracy, if not only killed thousands of Iraqi and other nationals, but died and thousands of Americans. And they have kids, families … What is happening now in Iraq, in Afghanistan, where the fiddle playing the "democratic" (I take in quotes), the country?

And how did you react to the fact that your colleague journalist raped right on the square in Cairo recently? You're afraid … because you

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S.Horevskogo: The artist, who did not like colleagues in Belarus …

Society Last night the dead artist Mikhail Savitsky. His difficult and contradictory about the fate of his work and says art historian Sergei Hareuski.Mikhail Savitsky an exclusive role in the history of Soviet art. in its time He was a pioneer of new species, genres, themes in Soviet art.

Was held by German and Soviet campsHe was born in Vitebsk in 1922, before the war, could not get an education. During the war was in German captivity, was surrounded and was the worst German concentration camps — Dachau, Buchenwald — where he was liberated by the Allies.

After that

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