In Grodno people just get used to sort garbage

Head of waste in the Grodno region began seven years ago Lida. Specifically, there appeared three separate containers: for plastic, glass and other types of waste.Now as stated Kazimir Bantsevich, similar practices adhere to all regional centers. Once a year in the field such makarom collected and sent to processors above 240 tons of paper, 100 tons of narrow metal, about 600 tons of the polymer (in primarily PET bottle), and about 15 tonnes of glass. Head of the municipal department of Housing area Jora Yarotskiy states that recycled materials are required to collect more. To do this, the area

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Songs on the word Kupala collected on a separate disk

The disc contains songs of various artists: "I’m a man-Belarusian", "Do not turn off the stars in the sky", "I am far from you," "unending song. Winter", "echoing the birch", "Do not judge me you, fraction ‘ "Inheritance," "And in the bar at the bar", "In Paradise," "The Prayer"."The disc will be a good addition to at least some home music library" — said "Freedom" is one of the drafters of Franak Vyachorka.• What lines Yanka Kupala novopolochane remember?, 07.07.2007 • be 65 years since the death of Yanka Kupala, 28.06.2007 • In Gdansk opened monument to Yanka Kupala, 23.06.2007

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Tatyana Klimova: In a month we were going to move to Moscow

2nd day politician Andrei Klimov is in Minsk remand Valadarski Street. Recall: the former deputy Andrei Klimov was detained on April 3 and charged with inciting subversion, vserasprostranennyh the Web.On criteria for content Klimov anything yet unclear. Now, April 4, wife of the politician wife Tatyana Klimova transferred to jail on some clothes and food several days. Later, Tatiana is going to appeal to the investigator Anatoly Godunov to allow her date with her husband."While I did not appeal to him. Yesterday he called me himself, after 6 pm already, and said that my husband was arrested and placed in

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Yushchenko is going to invite Alexander Lukashenko to the summit in Lutsk

Yushchenko is going to convene a conference in Lutsk first of May. Sovereign Yushchenko said that next week will arrive in Ukraine Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier, Ukrainian President instructed the government to prepare the negotiations with the Belarusian ruler and submit the draft guidelines on official talks until March 12.

Swedes trevozhut consequences North European Gas Pipeline Construction

North European Gas Pipeline, which is going to build our homeland by 2010 under the Baltic Sea, caused concern of the Swedish population. And first — Gotlyandu island, divided from mainland Sweden 100-kilometer strait.Fact, that on the peninsula are going to build a platform for asblugovvanya new pipeline. Population Gotlyanda worried that a new object will reflect the island tourists, and the pipeline break Fisheries Development.In addition, Russians are going to patrol the pipeline for its naval forces and therefore will be included in Swedish territorial waters. This event is reminiscent of the historical experience of Sweden, which for 850

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How much will the candidates?

And on August 19 DECs start checking documents candidates for deputy mandates.Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states that applicants from the United Democratic Forces are not going to boycott the new step of the election campaign. "People are meant to collect signatures to pass. Oh that will continue? Decision will be taken later. Regitsya But need. This is in order so that we know who collected signatures who are not collected. That still shoot if no registration? Then there will be no intrigue. Not people gathered signatures means and not registered. And utter CEC

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Immediately be unrealistic in the CIS and NATO

"For politicians, it is not news. Manage Georgia once declared its withdrawal from the organization. Taking into account the policies that it holds, it is impossible to be at once a 2-diametrically inverse structures — NATO and the CIS. Because it once was occur. Some implications for a yield not entail. In recent years, the CIS and reform begins to gain momentum.I thought, that at the moment lull military calm — that’s the most important thing. With regard to the political situation, it will gain momentum. Remain unresolved critical issues: the status of North Ossetia and Abkhazia. This problem

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Catsyyal Democrats go to the polls with 4 C

Major party worth it — justice and freedom, solidarity and social responsibility.In the election programmke minimum says: "Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) is convinced that the idea of justice can connect people of Belarus to build a just society. "14 representatives of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) are going to run on the same ticket United Democratic Forces. Several members of the party are gathering signatures for nomination in addition to a list.

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Favorite in the collection of signatures — a paramedic ambulance

Favorite in the collection of signatures was the candidate of the United Democratic Forces a list of Alexander Volchanin Zhodinskaya electoral neighborhood. Paramedic "first aid" first crossed the limit in two thousand signatures.In an interview with "Freedom" Volchanin sovereign states that this case his aides: "Everything is based on what the group. When I hear that from the group of people overlook, then, sorry, this is not the activity of the group." To register a candidate must collect a thousand signatures very little. Sovereign Volchanin, although the rate of blocked twice, not going to stop:"We will continue, because we want

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About explosions wives interrogate opposition

Vitebsk teacher of secondary school № 31 Lena Kovalenko, spouse a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Sergei Kovalenko, interviewed by telephone. A man who introduced himself as a KGB officer, was interested in whether the family was not Kovalenko in Minsk on the night of July 3 and 4. He also requested the recall did not ask students Lena explain how to make bombs. At the end, the lady gave to understand that dogs KGB opposition activities of her husband Sergei.Accomplished in a similar conversation Profound police department with basic school teacher Verhnyanskoy Inna Bernikovich, wife of the

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