Pave Hawk report released.

THE DATE FOR the collision of USAF/57th Wing/66th RQS HH-60G Pave Hawks 86-26105/‘WA’ and 91-26359/‘WA’ on Range 64B at Nellis AFB (see Write-Offs, November 1998 and Attrition, April 1999), has now been confirmed after post-crash investigation revealed the estimated time of the incident. Although the two helicopters were not reported missing until 0100hrs on September 4, half-an-hour after they were due to have returned, the collision had occurred at approximately 2132hrs the previous evening, only an hour after they had taken-off at 2030hrs. The wreckage of the two helicopters was recovered to Nellis AFB, where it will be retained until

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Goodbye Comet Elenin!

Goodbye Comet Elenin! It is interesting

Scientists feared the collision of Comet Elenin with Earth, a three-day forecast an eclipse of the sun, but the comet passed the Earth on October 16 without causing earthquakes, tsunamis, or tidal collision risk. This is so that the body of the comet began to degenerate in August 2011 after the coronal emission of the Sun.

The comet was discovered in December 2010 Russian amateur astronomer, Leonid Elenin. It was predicted that the comet will pass 34 million miles, the distance is insufficient for the collision of two objects. Also, the small size of

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Asteroids — SERIAL KILLER?



02.12.03, the


Catastrophic asteroid collision with Earth ahead of several large-scale volcanic eruptions in the fight for the title of the biggest killers of life on Earth. The breakthrough led to the re-surfaced two things: a collision that occurred 250 and 65 million years ago. The first mass extinction occurred at the boundary of the Triassic and Permian geological periods — then, according to fossil evidence, had died more than 90% of marine life

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Schedule over the world by 2020

So you do not relax, always remember which end of the world in which year will take place, according to the forecasts of the world: 2008 — run of the mill end of the world — will fall to earth asteroid more than 800 meters and the known consequences of such children. 2009 — according to the transcripts Centuries of Nostradamus by Peter Laurie, this year’s Armageddon. dubious end of the world. [cut] 2010 — run out of oil and the world will swallow a war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the sun — "where

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Work on the project of nuclear fusion is conducted around the world for nearly sixty years and is still not complete. The problem is that the implementation of the nuclear fusion reaction to a device in which a period of time necessary to keep the core in light of the atoms specified concentration with an energy of 100 keV. According to the Lawson criterion to apparatus for nuclear fusion was energetically favorable necessary that



Conflicts — conflicts of interest — the existence for as long as humanity exists. But as science Conflict emerged only in the 20th century. Her goal — especially practical solution to any issues related to the resolution of conflict: how to deal with conflicting personalities? How to get out of the conflict? How to deal with manipulators?

Also Conflict engaged and theoretical problems associated with the structure and species of any conflict — from collisions between large groups of up to internal conflicts inherent in each of us.

USA: Devils Eyes reveals its secrets




The collision of two star systems has led to the creation of a new galaxy with an unusual appearance and strange movements. At the galaxy M64 in front of her bright nucleus is a dark band of dust that gave reason to call it the "Black Eye"

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The Milky Way and Andromeda: a collision is imminent

The Milky Way and Andromeda: It's interesting collision is imminent

NASA astronomers said they believe in the possibility of a collision of our galaxy with a neighboring galaxy Andromeda. This will happen in 4 billion years. In this case, the Sun will change its position in the galaxy and the Earth and the solar system as a whole will be able to survive.

Collision course with the Milky Way Andromeda. At the time of contact may also be affected neighboring galaxy Triangulum. Data on collisions, scientists have, by measuring the motion of Andromeda, located 2.5 million light-years away.

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Scientists dispute the theory of the death of the dinosaurs




According to new data, the asteroid collision with Earth in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, which is called the cause of extinction of the dinosaurs, was long before the death of the giant animals and can not be the sole reason for the disappearance of representatives of

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The collision of two trains in Kazakhstan


7.06.11.V Aktobe region of Kazakhstan on Monday, two trains collided and 48 passengers injured, 13 of them were taken to the hospital.

"With injuries of varying severity sought medical treatment 48 passengers, 13 of them were hospitalized. The morning of 7 June this year Seven passengers were discharged, six remain under the supervision of doctors, their condition is satisfactory ", — stated in a statement posted Tuesday on the website of the national railway company" Kazakhstan Temir Joly "(KTZ).

"Passengers affected by the incident, have been helped", — emphasized in informatsii.Ranee Kazakh Emergencies Ministry reported three injured in the

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