Colonel Russ Walz

AFM’s Mark Ay ton spoke to Colonel Russ Walz, Operations Group Commander, 114tli Fighter Wing, South Dakota ANG, about his unit’s current role and operations.

THE 114TH Fighter Wing is the only flying unit within the South Dakota Air National Guard, based at Joe Foss Field, outside Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

As a unit, the 114th has operated fighter aircraft since it was founded in 1946. The wing’s current type is the Block 30 F-16C/D, which it converted onto from the A-7D in 1992. The 114th FW continues to fly the same F-16s originally delivered 12 years ago: it

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«Gripen» increase the possibility of defense BRAZIL

Test group of 2-pilots and the Brazilian Air Force engineer checked about 400 control Fri / points on the Swedish fighter Gripen D, reported March 13. Each test flight was achieved from 50 to 80 points — estimated takeoff run and run, different modes of operation, the transition to landing glideslope and landing properties onboard systems. The same tests were performed on rivals Rafale and F-18, all of which tested a separate team of pilots and engineers. Volume was 121 technical report that 28 and more than thousand pages. As you know, during the contest winner was Gripen

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Paul Seviarynets will listen to the radio in the slammer

As said Brest defender Vladimir Vyalichkin yet last Friday he was also a past MP candidate Regional Council Vladimir Maley wrote to the police department and the prosecutor’s office to ensure Seviarynets able to read periodicals and watch TV."The statement in the presence of our treated Colonel Karpinchik — says Vladimir Vyalichkin. — Colonel explained to that the camera Paul Sevyarinets NO electronic outlet, and therefore watching TV impossible.According to Vladimir Velichkina Paul get a modern receiver on which can be will listen and transmit Radio Liberty.• Metropolitan Tribunal sentenced Paul Brest area Seviarynets 15 days of arrest, 22.08.2007

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Penza hermits return to Belarus

Head of the Federal Migration Service in the Penza region, Colonel Mike Salmin said "Freedom" that Belarus is perhaps now deported Vabishchevich family — mother, father and 2-daughters, the youngest of whom no 2 years. Oh commented Colonel asked whether this time applied penalties to hermits who almost broke the laws of the Russian Federation:"What we may have a claim to this category of people? I have the impression that people with another planet. My desire is that they quickly returned to their families and to have them all was normal. This is my most great desire. Contact with them

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Do we need such generals who can not catch up?

The Council of the European Union for six months visa sanctions stopped for a number of high-ranking Belarusian officials, including Alexander Lukashenko. Listeners "Freedom" continue to speak out on the subject. Emperor Vladimir"Temporary lifting of sanctions pulls a series of questions. Dwell on one thing:" Neuzh something Europe has forgotten about what happened a few decades around? Then also tried to appease the Europeans leading dictator of Germany, so he started a fight in a westerly direction. But so what happened in fact … Initially, all of Europe was in a terrible fire of war, and later the war came,

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Truth and heresy Afgan

Confessions of a lieutenant colonel emergency services to ensure Army (Rapid Equipping Force — ARF) Daniel Davis placed in the Armed Forces Journal («Army Journal"), should be translated one hundred percent. Just do not allow the format of the newspaper, well, almost all of what he says Russian reader is very familiar. If at the time a lieutenant-colonel in the Russian Army in Afghanistan has been able to publish what he beheld in the country, it would come out virtually the same picture. D.Devis writes: "My service in the ARF was associated (last year) with a visit to all the

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Colonel Nestertsa convicted of CIA data

Colonel Vladimir Nestertsa, occupied at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" a senior test engineer, was sentenced to 13 years in prison severe regime. Lieutenant colonel was charged in the transfer disk imaging on combat missiles CIA.

"During the hearings Nesterets pleaded guilty and confessed to the transfer of the CIA information about trials of new strategic missile systems Russia. This information of municipal mystery. During that convicted received reward currency ", — said the representative of the public relations center of the Federal Security Service, told RIA announcements.

Engineer was thirteen years under "treason." In addition, Nestertsa stripped of military rank.

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Air Shield on CVO

With the start of summer training at the Central Military District on combat duty to intercede six air defense command posts. Three of them — the new lineup with the introduction of three types of units: communication, automated control systems (ACS), and radar. As a result, at the expense of radar reconnaissance and opportunities of modern information system has increased reliability and durability controlled radar field, in the area which are 29 subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to head of Air Defense and Air Force Colonel Eugene CVO Tuchkova, strengthening the structure of the defense

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Within viprobuvan modernіzovanogo m³ 12-24P vikonano polotіv hope that 20 boyovih zastosuvan


Sogodnі, 12 thoracic, in Crimi on bazі Sovereign naukovyi-AP viprobuvalnogo center of Ukraine, yaky ocholyuє deservedly lotchik-viprobuvach CPCP, Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Yuriy reserve Tіshkov, trivayut derzhavnі viprobuvannya modernіzovanogo vertolotu m³-24P. For programs, work with the stench rozpochalisya drugіy polovinі leaves falling on bazі Sovereign pіdpriєmstva Mіnіsterstva defensive Ukraine "Konotopsky avіaremontny plant" AVІAKON. " Vіdteper okremimi characteristics onovleny "lіtayuchy tank" Got suttєvі perevagi over zakordonnimi peers and zavdyaki bearing-down characteristics, napriklad, schodo dvigunov, mіnіmalnih i is maximal Lift zastosuvannya toscho pretenduє on record sered boyovih a shock gvintokrilіv svitu. Robots viprobuvalnoї brigades aerodromі DNVTS keruє chief vіddіlennya

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Continuing state tests of the Mi-24P new engine c Motor-Sich


December 5 in Crimea, on the basis of the State Science and Testing Center of Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is headed by distinguished test pilot of the USSR Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Yuri Tishkov, continuing state tests modernized Mi-24P.

The features of the updated engine helicopters are modernizirovannіy TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V Zaporozhye "Motor-Sich", a new sight, satellite navigation system, and some other innovations. Innovations will greatly enhance the ability of combat use of the helicopter during flight day and night, in the mountains, in the sultry climate, at low altitudes, and the like. Greatly expanded arsenal and military

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