Living on Mars.

We look at the challenges Martian colonies would face and the exciting possibility of making Mars a home.

Mars is the easiest planet for us to visit, explore and colonise. It is the nearest planet to us and has a thin atmosphere composed of 95.3 per cent carbon dioxide. A Martian day is 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than an Earth day and temperatures average about -65 degrees Celsius (-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Besides the cold, the Martian surface receives twice the radiation levels experienced at the International Space Station (ISS). You’ll feel lighter on Mars as its gravity is

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As Tempered Democracy

"The Holy Fathers" and "insidious killer '?

Most Americans today are descendants of Englishmen. As emphasized by the American historian William Foster, "the British were at the time top-notch pirates and slave traders first class … When England … looted America, she began to act truly cannibalistic practices typical of capitalism in the early days of his youth — to take away from Spain, the fruits of her" work " using this as their main weapon of sea robbery. The first place among the famous English pirates and slave traders belong to Francis Drake. For successful pirate attacks Queen

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The Mysterious Island





Special report from the city, who disappeared 415 years ago

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