Living on Mars.

We look at the challenges Martian colonies would face and the exciting possibility of making Mars a home.

Mars is the easiest planet for us to visit, explore and colonise. It is the nearest planet to us and has a thin atmosphere composed of 95.3 per cent carbon dioxide. A Martian day is 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than an Earth day and temperatures average about -65 degrees Celsius (-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Besides the cold, the Martian surface receives twice the radiation levels experienced at the International Space Station (ISS). You’ll feel lighter on Mars as its gravity is

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What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony?

Yuri Barynkau policeman, Acting Head of the Department of Execution of Punishment, refused to speak to the correspondent of "Freedom", which sent an opposition politician.But in a remand prison, where former deputy held more than six months, managed to get clear information regarding Klimova yesterday, October 10, he was sent to Mozyr colony serious mode.Which policy criteria have to live 18 months?Here’s what he said about Mozyr colony serious mode journalist Sergei L., which several years ago visited the colony as an employee of a local newspaper:"Earlier there was dispensary for alcoholics. Colony is not in town and out of

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Andrei Klimov sent Mozyr colony in serious mode

August 1st Central Tribunal Minsk sentenced the former deputy to two years colony serious regime on charges of distributing appeals against the government over the Web.October 2 Minsk City tribunal left the sentence without changes.For the first time in Belarus palitvyaden pakaraenne will serve on a serious mode.Organization "Amnesty International" announced Klimov prisoner of conscience.• Tatyana Klimova: Tribunal passed without Andrew, 3.10.2007

Where will serve his sentence Andrei Klimov?

Came into effect sentenced Andrei Klimov, who in August issued a policy Tribunal Central Minsk. Recall Andrei Klimov was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for an article on the Web. On October 2, the Minsk City Tribunal upheld the verdict and days of opposition must be sent to the colony serious mode. But what? According to the lawyer Valentina Flyer, it can be one of the colonies in Volkovisskij, Ivatsevichy, Borisov or Mozyr regions."Few places can be. Novosad In, Mozyr Ivatsevichy area. But the fact, that at the moment not adhere to this. Question to the Department of Execution of

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A.Kozulin third time punished for breach of prison discipline

In the family Alexander Kozulin learned that the prison authorities punished him by deprivation of short-term appointment, which is scheduled for October. So Makar, another policy meeting with his wife and daughters will be held in late November and will have his day of birth. Wife of former presidential candidate says Ira Kozulin."I hope that we will go to him in the colony, and mark the 25th November, together with him, his day of birth. 25th just falls on a Sunday. I already wrote a letter about his wife."Clear prerequisites punishment Ira Alexander Kozulin unidentified. The lady says that the

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I. Rinkevich: Verdict Kozulin remains illegal

With the entry into force of the sentence Alexander Kozulin was the year in which the party tried to challenge Kozulin sentence in higher courts, but without result. Belarusian Themis believes that Kozulin guilty of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots that evidence of this is pretty, in fact come to an end. Previous lawyer Kozulin Igor Rynkevich thinks differently: "Protecting Alexander Kozulin hitherto considers verdict unreasonable and illegal, as well as the appeal decision, which took on 19 September. Remind you that if any of the 1st issue of the arbitrators have not appeared. At the same time

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A.Kozulin warned about the letters that you can not write at will

August 30 lawyer visited the colony of former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Their last meeting was a month and a half back.Harachka lawyer says he was worried about the health of their own client that is not improved."I would like the best, but as long as the physical level, he himself still feels unsatisfactory. His weakness and drowsiness, as he says, unfounded," — says the lawyer.Recall that in the past year, from October 20 to December 11, Alexander Kozulin was on hunger strike in protest against the government of Alexander Lukashenko and human rights violations in Belarus. During the hunger

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Before God in the bullpen are not treated according to the schedule

After 17 years the conditions for believers made virtually all "zones" and the bullpen, they say in the implementation of the Department of Corrections. They think: use of religion in the education of those who "get lost" — a useful thing. That outlook Major Oleg Slepchenko, the press service Ministry of Internal Affairs:"It is clear that religious rituals in the colonies are not prohibited, but on the contrary, we welcome. If a person in a spiritual tune with themselves, then surely this is evidence that the man stood on the road to reform."

Timofei DranchukTimofei Dranchuk six months "checking

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Mogilev ended solidarity rally

At the rally assumed the role of about 20 people. In Dzerzhinsk, police detained a car, which drove the Young. More young people continued to share public transport.On rally solidarity Mogilev said "Freedom," Paul Seviarynets:"We were able to break through all the same to Apalonavki, to the place where the colony is located and held Dashkevich. There we met 10s with police cars. There we were taken to the district office Shklow.When we were in Shklovsky district police department, we have gained a meeting with representatives of the penal colony number 17, which contains Dashkevich. Attended by representatives of the

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Citations a day or — 16 July

"He says that the colony is a reflection of our country Belarus. That people here — nobody. They do not educate, and maim, and above them morally strong sneer. He says that later to say about this in including in the book. ""I was even forced to remove the linen and turnover in One way, after another. If I could back in bras carry something cherished. All berries are pierced with a knife, pies and cakes cut into pieces. We constantly felt the pressure and now realize how it feels pressure Dad every day in the colony. "Daughter of Alexander

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