With Saul Leiter in the East Village

The East Village block where Saul Leiter lives and works is a short walk from any number of reminders of what the neighborhood used to look like—the Strand Bookstore, the pierogi emporium Veselka. In mythic times this was a landscape hopping with artists who frequented the Cedar Tavern and the Club, among them Richard Pousette-Dart, who early on encouraged Leiter to continue his explorations with a camera. That is a distant memory in this stretch of the East Village, along the streets that Leiter famously photographed during that Ab-Ex decade, today in the shadow of the gleaming new towers that

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Light house

Author William Allen White once remarked that Charleston, South Carolina, was “the most civilized town in the world.” Decades later, readers of Conde Nest Traveler agreed, voting the city a top tourist destination. While charm, heritage, architecture, and interior design are city hallmarks, tradition today takes a new twist.

Case in point: In redesigning an 82-year- old Georgian-style house in downtown Charleston’s historic Battery district, interior designer Ginger Breton decided to forgo its traditional roots. Instead, she focused on ways to best serve the needs of the homeowners, a young couple with eclectic tastes.

Asked to mix existing with new

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Into the Mystic

Magda Wasiczek doesn’t worry about accuracy — she feels that «realistic treatment is for encyclopedias.» Instead, with a powerful blend of bold color and selective focus, her floral studies conjure up a magical world of fairy tales, spirits, and sprites. Come fall under its spell.

Her photographs are floral dreamscapes — ready made for Oberon, Titania and their sailboats of walnut shells and gardenia petals. And her work has been widely recognized, winning prizes and being shown in books, galleries and magazines around the world. Magda Wasiczek a self-taught, 40 year old photographer from southwest Poland, interprets floral capes with

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Built to last, HP’s latest office-centric inkjet printer delivers stunning color for less

Consumers may have embraced the concept of feature-rich, multifunction inkjet printers whose replacement ink is more expensive than buying a whole new unit, but this isn’t an ideal scenario for businesses that require sturdier hardware capable of pumping out a high volume of pages each month. HP comes to the rescue with the OfficeJet Pro X551dw, delivering professional-quality output far more robust than low-end inkjets, while offering twice the speed and half the cost of comparable color laser printers. It’s also built to handle up to 75,000

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Keep It Airy

Big and wide windows encourage you to use natural light more often. They also give you a wider view of the outdoors.

Use Neutral Colors

A natural color palette, especially for your furniture, leaves room for more eye-popping adornments.

Get Interesting

When choosing fabrics, remember that a variety of textures add visual appeal. From woven, canvass and cheesecloth fabrics to plaid, batik and gingham patterns—create beauty within your home.

Opt For Round

To further highlight the easy, comfortable approach

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British designer Julian Chichester celebrated the opening of his new showroom in the New York Design Center. The fete debuted new collections from Mr. Brown and Julian Chichester featuring classic designs with a modern twist.


In May, unveiled its newly renovated New York City showroom. This year the brand welcomed the new Baxter collection, European inspired furniture specializing in Italian leather, during the highly anticipated International Contemporary Furniture Fair and N Y C x D E S I G N. To view the Baxter collection, visit

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The further progress is being made, the higher our requirements for cosmetics and to himself. Today, we want to have a perfect complexion — and thus the illusion of a clean skin. And thanks to polymer technology such incredible demands do not seem excessive. So, make-up artists are well aware that it is impossible to fix an unhealthy complexion, causing a thick layer of foundation. For such purposes in professional lines a long time ago, there are colored primers — light transparent base, neutralizing unhealthy shade. For example, the primer neutralizes yellowish red, pink helps to «revive» the dull

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Getting Inked

Exceptional color InkJet All-in-one printers for the home and office


Canon’s PIXMA Black series of inkjet printers arc the epitome of print sophistication; the new PIXMA MG2I70 all-in-one photo printer doesn’t just look good and perform great, but is also designed with an array of creative features intended to bring your still prints to life. With an enhanced Full HD Movie Print function. you can edit frames to tweak resolution quality or reduce noise before printing. It has new features that allow you to merge multiple video frames into one printout to show the flow of motion,

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About the color.

Our magazine has repeatedly put the materials on color science, and each publication provoked letters from readers who have asked to continue stories on this topic.

Previously, we published Japanese book «Colorful circus» where the authors presented in its own color system for children.

Today we introduce to you, dear children, with chapters from the book by Danish artist B. Weber’s «experiments with color» specially translated into Russian for «young artist».

Maybe some judgments of the Danish author will seem controversial, but because each specialist has his point of view in the complex field of color science. Notice how

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We look at a flower.

Mentally, first briefly, briefly, and then leisurely and somewhat wistfully, looking back all the artists portrayed, the triumphant, the sad, the blooming and fading flora. There are pictures — a kind of hymn colors. On them you can not forget: the genre of «flowers — birds» Chinese masters of the Tang and Five Dynasties, «The Virgin in the Garden of Roses» Martin Schongauer, «Spring» of Sandro Botticelli, the Dutch still lifes of the XVII century, «time of day» Otto Runge, the scenery of the modern era. ..

Artists Sea and Xi Cui Bo embodied in circuit-free, sketchy manner «rustling»

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