WOOD Stocked!

Remember those days when your TV unit had to match the bookshelf that ought to match your flooring which was the same colour as the dining table? Those dreaded days of matching every wood finish in your home have, thankfully, long gone! That however creates another sizeable problem — how does one mix these complex wood finishes without making a decor faux pas? We tell you how to have fun while decorating with m wood grains…


One of the best ways to go about mixing wood tones is by choosing a dominating one. Don t want to

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Why is it essential to colour calibrate?

Discover why calibrating your computer monitor is necessary to achieve top results from your photos.

It’s not uncommon to find that your photo prints lack a little vibrancy when comparing them to the edited image on your computer screen. Some colours may even appear incorrect, with reds seemingly more magenta and greens looking a little yellow. This is often the result of your computer monitor not having been calibrated.

Colour calibration is important if you want perfect print results, as it will ensure the colour hues that you see on screen match those that are produced by the printer.


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News photography can require patience, perseverance and luck. Keeping a fresh perspective as the story develops is key, says John Dooley. As a photojournalist he has faced dramatic situations that require a keen eye and creative interpretation.

As I watch wildfires ravage Southern California, I think back to my time spent covering similar fires in that part of the world, including the notorious Station Fire in 2009 (the tenth largest fire in modern California history, which destroyed 160,557 acres).

Capturing the scale and drama of these fires for the purpose of news photography requires patience, perseverance and luck. Just getting

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With her experimental approach to design, nothing is quite as it seems in ceramic artist Sara Moorhouse’s colourful world…

In Cardiff, a building is shaking. Fragile ceramic bowls tremble and rattle. One inches dangerously close to the edge of a shelf but Sara Moorhouse slides it back to safety with a well-practised hand gesture. ‘The railway line runs right behind our building,’ she says, as carriages thunder past the window of her airy first-floor studio. ‘So every now and again, somebody loses a pot.’ This is Fireworks Clay Studios — home to 20 artists, who share kilns in a converted

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MTV presenter Laura Whitmore hangs out with rock royalty every day in the name of work. We gave her a new job — to model this season’s beauty trends.


Aka makeup that means business. First you’ll need a second-skin foundation for that pretty porcelain effect. Next, use a black liquid liner to mark out the double eye line, followed by a gel or kohl liner to fill in the flick. Revlon makeup artist Aimee Adams, who created Laura’s looks for our shoot, explains,»As long as the lines on both eyes are symmetrical, the rest doesn’t off the start

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Step-by-step: Get to know the colour wheel

1. In this colour wheel the complementary colours are on the opposite sides of the wheel. You can create grey colours by mixing complementary colours, so using the colour wheel as a guide doesn’t mean applying bright, shiny colours. Chromatic grey created by mixing colours usually looks better than grey made up of pure black and white.

2. For this example I want to paint an ore chasing a faerie. As I imagine the scene, there will be a dark background and a bright foreground, so instead of using a similar colour palette for all the image, I choose to

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Shades of JOY!

Smart tips to ease the nerve-wrecking task of choosing the perfect colour for your home…

Like most life-changing decisions, choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a daunting task. With so many colours, shades and tints, being overwhelmed is perfectly natural.


Ask yourself the most important question of this whole painting exercise. How do you want to feel in this room? Do you want your bedroom to be warm and cosy or would you rather have a cool and breezy feel? Soft, neutrals and cool colours have a tendency to create quieter, calmer feelings, while stronger colours

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This baby RL48 LED light measures just 14cm in diameter, but the three AA batteries in the back can power its 48 daylight-balanced LEDs for around four hours, at a brightness level equivalent to an 80Watt bulb.

Designed to fit over shotgun microphones, the hole in the middle isn’t big enough to poke a lens through, but you get a clip-on attachment that allows it to fit onto a camera hot shoe, tripod or studio stand.

The soft diffused light it produces spans a broad 110°, and while not bright enough to use as a sole light source (unless you’re

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This family house in The Netherlands has been transformed with colour and pattern

This colourful house in the south of The Netherlands is home to Belle, Erik and their daughters Holly, eight; Lotus, six; Juniper, two; and Hazel, eight months. ‘Colour is my way of life,’ says Belle. Not only do you see this in the decor, but also in the family’s clothes. There is not a single colour that Belle doesn’t like. Whenever she sees something pretty, she doesn’t think about whether it will fit with the rest of her interior as she always makes it fit somewhere. She

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LOXLEY COLOUR: the complete picture.

Everyone in the UK imaging industry has heard of Loxley Colour, haven’t they? It’s that iconic, 72,000 sq. ft. Glasgow-based, state-of-the-art prolab.

But be honest. Do you really know it? Do you really get the complete picture?

MD Ian Loxley is a committed disciple of commercial innovation and regularly scours the globe to ensure his business stays ahead of the game when it comes to engaging with latest technology and providing compelling new product solutions to help his photographer customers sustain and grow their businesses.

Committed expansion of the Loxley product portfolio and the resultant take-up by customers has led

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