Adding colour to your home is one of the easiest ways to inject your personality into your surroundings and to influence the mood of any space. But, it can be difficult to balance out a large amount of very bold color and this is where the use of accent colours can open a whole new window on your decor world. Specific colours have the ability to bring out different emotions and that is why the colours you use in your home are so important.

A smart way to decorate with accent colours is to start with a neutral

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From the European design shows to home-grown talent, enjoy these unique and inspiring pieces


Glamora is a fresh and brilliant Italian brand that creates innovative vinyl wallpapers. Multiverse is a collection of nine wallpaper designs in four colour ways, created by contemporary designer, Karim Rashid, blending brisk colours and curvy lines with biomorphic shapes and tactile effects,


Lithos Side Table in Calacatta white marble, designed by Antonio Citterio for MAXALTO, available from Space Furniture.


Emerge is a screening solution designed by Alisa Newey, which can be used in residential or

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Colours In The Dark

Симфонический метал от бывшей вокалистки Nightwish

Сочетание классической музыки с роком/металлом представляет собой интересный жанр, в котором финское сопрано Тарья Турунен играет роль Первой Леди. На этой, ее четвертой сольной работе, она полагается на свою блестящую репутацию с выразительным готическим материалом, не говоря уже о прекрасно исполненном оперном вокале с широким диапазоном.

Надо сказать, что альбом — на любителя. Если вам не нравится симфонический металл, и вы скорее сунете руку в блендер, чем станете слушать гитарный дисторшн в сочетании с оперными завываниями, то вас это не зацепит. И при всей пышности и изысканности Colours In The

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Step-by-step: Get to know the colour wheel

1. In this colour wheel the complementary colours are on the opposite sides of the wheel. You can create grey colours by mixing complementary colours, so using the colour wheel as a guide doesn’t mean applying bright, shiny colours. Chromatic grey created by mixing colours usually looks better than grey made up of pure black and white.

2. For this example I want to paint an ore chasing a faerie. As I imagine the scene, there will be a dark background and a bright foreground, so instead of using a similar colour palette for all the image, I choose to

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Shoot and edit vivid landscape photos

Use this handy guide to help you capture bright and colourful vistas to be proud of

With landscape photography, it’s possible to convey a whole range of styles and emotions, all with just a few in-camera and editing considerations. Perhaps you want a retro feel with fading colours and soft focus, or a dramatic and moody look with dark, cloudy skies and bare trees. Alternatively, a really eye-catching option is to shoot a vivid landscape with bright and bold colours. Spring and summer are the perfect time to capture this style of landscape, with foliage at its most vibrant and

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Shades of JOY!

Smart tips to ease the nerve-wrecking task of choosing the perfect colour for your home…

Like most life-changing decisions, choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a daunting task. With so many colours, shades and tints, being overwhelmed is perfectly natural.


Ask yourself the most important question of this whole painting exercise. How do you want to feel in this room? Do you want your bedroom to be warm and cosy or would you rather have a cool and breezy feel? Soft, neutrals and cool colours have a tendency to create quieter, calmer feelings, while stronger colours

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This family house in The Netherlands has been transformed with colour and pattern

This colourful house in the south of The Netherlands is home to Belle, Erik and their daughters Holly, eight; Lotus, six; Juniper, two; and Hazel, eight months. ‘Colour is my way of life,’ says Belle. Not only do you see this in the decor, but also in the family’s clothes. There is not a single colour that Belle doesn’t like. Whenever she sees something pretty, she doesn’t think about whether it will fit with the rest of her interior as she always makes it fit somewhere. She

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Muled, colours

Make use of natural colours such as off-whites, creams, black, grey and earthy browns.

Crooked walls with layers and layers of centuries-old paint are just one of the imperfections that made us fall in love with this gorgeous home.

Giuseppe’s home near Reggio Emilia is a rural paradise of cultivated fields, old vineyards, centuries-old oaks and rows of mulberry trees. Giuseppe’s apartment was added to the compound at the beginning of the 19’h century to store crops on the lower floor while the farmers lived upstairs. This is the world where he grew up…

Life is a garden

It was

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How can you ensure your painting has a bright, joyous feel to it, using colour and light?

One person’s definition of happiness will differ from another, but generally speaking saturated colours are usually considered more cheerful in both Western and Eastern societies. This originates from traditional cultural festivals in which people usually dress up in colourful costumes.

Bright and saturated colours have always been the symbol of celebration — just think about the carnivals in Rio or Venice, the Holi Festival of Colours in India and Nepal, or the celebration costumes worn by tribal societies, which differ greatly to their everyday clothing.

We can also apply modern theories of psychology to suitable colour schemes. Warm colours are

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High in the Sky

The summer days are long and the skies are full of watchful wonders that arise dreamy photographic opportunities, something Daugirdas Tomas Racys has taken full advantage of. Jessica Bracey finds out about his technique

Whether you’re an adventurer of the skies, a fan of Around the World in 80 Days or have a complete fear of heights, there’s no question that hot air balloons are magnificent forms of transportation. Magical in their functionality and awe inspiring with their presence when you see them gracefully glide above our heads, they hold a special place in our imaginations that make them just

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