I am a regular reader of Guitar & Bass, usually between songs at We Will Rock You, where I have been the bassist in the band since the musical opened in 2002. Prior to that, I played with Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Brian May etc, but in the ’70s when I wasn’t touring or recording you could often find me hanging around in Top Gear in Denmark Street. Reading Sid Bishop’s column each month is therefore very nostalgic, but it was quite a shock nonetheless to find myself in a photo in the June issue in Sid’s column. I



Mick’s Letter From Berlin (June 2013). I have begun contacting them about appearances they might be making over here, and the chances of me getting some ink at a local show.

I’ll still defend the American artists to the very end, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Sean J.

Montgomely. AL

Professor Nate

I can say without hesitation that I am a better artist today because of Nate Beavers and his column in Skin&Ink. I feel like I am in a one-on-one seminar when I turn to the column in each issue. He breaks down techniques and

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Action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk

85 protesters formed a column and marched from the metro station "Vostok" on the street Kalinowski. Front of the column protesters carried lattice to which was attached a banner "Today they are — you tomorrow!" Young people were holding a blue ribbon with portraits of disappeared politicians and political prisoners. During the campaign, activists handed out leaflets to passers-by with an invitation to come to the European march, which will take place on October 14.At the end of the action, the participants set lattice on the road and the bridge railing ribbon hung with portraits of political prisoners. Militiamen came

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Russian tanks and zenitki Stalin’s birthplace

Now the emperor Grits beheld as through the city A column of Russian military technology:"A column of about 50 trucks, 5 APCs about the third hour a day or came out blazing in the direction of Tbilisi. Not reaching 40 miles to Tbilisi, they turned in the forest and there they camped. Guarded convoy of trucks with several zenitkami. The column was van ambulance in which there were about 10-ka pavdnevaasetynskih volunteers. When the convoy turned into the woods, they returned back to Blaze. no resistance or control either by the Georgian police, nor by the Georgian army, this column

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SWAT did not give hold solidarity rally

At 18.00 about 50 representatives political parties and movements gathered on October Square in character protest increased repression against activists of the democratic society. UDF activists demand release of detained activists, who are being held in remand as suspicious explosion during a gala concert on July 4.Protesters ousted from October Square. During displacement was beaten favorite Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko. "Riot policemen began to push people from the area. I protested and asked on what grounds do not give people just stand with portraits. Riot police asked to introduce myself. In response, I began to push, peel down. After

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From the graves in the Park CHelyuskincev to Kurapaty

The funeral procession from the watch factory began a few hundred people to Kurapaty column has grown to nearly a thousand participants. According to tradition, people carried in kurapatsky memorial crosses, flags, flowers, candles and sang the national anthem. Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenkyexplained to today’s choice of route and collect the benefit of annual tradition: "We usually apply for Dzyady on route bukovku font in like a year, and 5 reverse. Indeed, if given permission in the past year, if not changed in this format of the event, we will we see, and that

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Dzyady — 2008: online reporting

15.35 Kurapaty rally ended. People all together sang "God Almighty." Now they put candles, flowers lozhut install kryzhy.15.25 Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergey P. .. 15:35


Valery Buffalo, secretary answers the CCP BPF, said at the rally — "We must follow the example of courageous Georgian people and defend our homeland in accordance with the Constitution of the brutal occupier."

15:10 At the rally, the deputy chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, who urged people every year and comes in Kurapaty Chelyuskinites Park, where there were mass executions.

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Will the opposition in the election with 2 columns?

By Statkevich, the list of currently 61 people, which includes representatives of the People’s Hulk, Freedom and Progress Party, the Belarusian Christian Democracy, "Young Front" and others. Does this mean that the opposition will go to the parliamentary elections with 2 columns? Indeed if there is a division in the opposition to the followers and supporters of European integration? These and other questions are answered columnist "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk BykovskiiTsigankov: "As dramatic looks the possibility that Democrats will go to the parliamentary elections with 2 columns? Or in this case is not so important to show unity (as, for

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Chernobyl Way eyes of participants

Our correspondent spoke with the protesters:Reporter: "I’m currently in the column, move in the direction of the chapel in memory of the victims of Chernobyl. Appeal to the mistress, who is holding a sign that read "Retchitsa."Mrs."We came from different regions of Gomel Region: Rechitza, Karma, from Rahachou and other districts of the region. Gomel region most affected by this poruhi, and now plans to build the latest accident. We express our own protest this. Also that selected our benefits, that the selected rights and freedoms in general. "Correspondent"I understand that you liquidator himself, because you have the respective icon

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Chernobyl Way: Video (2)

Procession of "Chernobyl Way" />Wagons and police cars accompanied the demonstrators"Peaceful atom does not happen — even kids know it""Dictatorship looks so"From the windows welcome columnWagons and police cars went to the rear of the columnLanguage Belarusian Chernobyl — notColumn coming to Bangalore SquareYouth launches balls in the skyIn the chapelGrandmother, participant of "Chernobyl Way" has told how she was walking to find the truth to the presidential administrationLavon Barshcheuski lights a candle near a memorial stone to the victims of Chernobyl

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