Double Four bass combo

Setting a new mark in the ‘more decibels per kilogram’ arms race, this tiny 70W combo packs some staggeringly grown-up tone. Review by Gareth Morgan

The modern trend for downsizing and weight reduction in bass amps is something that should be applauded by bass players of all generations and all stylistic leanings – and Phil Jones Bass, alongside the likes of markbass, Genz Benz and euphonic audio, has been at the forefront of such developments with its Briefcase and Bass Cub models. PJB’s Double Four combo is the latest addition to this excellent line.

Built at

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PEAVEY Vypyr VIP-2 electric, acoustic & bass combo

Most guitarists cover electric and acoustic, and many play bass too: so how about an amp that can handle all three? Review by Richard Purvis.

About half a century ago the average impoverished band only had one amp between them, and would mess up their quiffs in fights over input sockets. Today, thankfully, guitarists have guitar amps, bassists have bass amps, and even acoustic players sometimes have their own backline. So why on earth would Peavey want to wind these three disparate strands back together again in one all-purpose amplifier?

Well, it could be handy for anyone who plays a

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