Paul gave Seviarynets stay

Regular holiday for "palithimika" had to start on 8 May. After receiving permission, Seviarynets off for the day to his parents, but soon, by order of the commandant’s office, it must return to the place of punishment.According to Paul, the authorities chose not to give him the other day, days of rest Victory.More from others for the reason indignant grandfather policy Seviarynets Paul. Pavel Petrovich — a war invalid. In 1944, during the battle for the liberation of Belarus, he was seriously wounded and returned to the front without legs. Currently Paul Seviarynets ’83. He lives in the village Vnorytsa

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Last defendant in the case of 14: I will return to Belarus

Recently the Central district tribunal sentenced three other defendants in the "process 14." Referee Valery Esman sentenced Pavel Vinogradov and Misha Subach to two years of imprisonment and a minor Maksim Dashuk and a half years — all without sending them to the commandant.Youth activists, protesters business January 10, accused of organizing and participating in group activities that Tipo grossly violated public policy. 13 people have already been convicted. Nine of them were sentenced to imprisonment for two years without sending them to penitentiary minor Maksim Dashuk got 18 months imprisonment without sending them to penitentiary and fined two. Andrei

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People were beaten, so that in later times they came to the rally

Business meeting in Minsk on January 21, was forcibly broken up by police. Dispersal occurred under specific controlled Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov. Entrepreneurs say that again take to the streets on 18 February. Expression listener on this topic:Spades: "21st weight is the main girls and ladies," kiseynyya Ladies’ up to 35 years, which one would hit the rumble navumavskih "astronauts." Why then beaten? Since 21st of people was less than the 10th. Worked in order to 18th and these did not come. "Belarus made the final decision to build a nuclear power plant in the country. Comment listener:Man: " During

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The train to German servitude

Society Good Photo — A weekly essay on the selected works of the Belarusian and world photography.

This photo made the unknown author in 1943 at the railway station in Baranovichi. Belarusians are trafficked for forced labor in Germany, slaves to Bauer, factory owners and other property owners. Arrows changed from east to west. Freight trains, set Belarusians who were traveling in the Russian gulag, turned in the opposite direction.

From these people (As pictured), apparently too few people back. Someone died, someone was in Germany to avoid the tips, and someone may have returned, but was arrested and

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Slavic Bazaar: Who song, who — prison

Society On the eve of the opening of the "Slavic Bazaar" CCP BPF activist Sergei Kovalenko detained by the police, and his brother Vitali was sentenced to five days in jail. Today in Vitebsk on a celebration comes Alexander Lukashenko.

Vitaly Kovalenko sure that him and his older brother Sergei police deliberately decided to isolate the festival, "zastrahavavshysya" unwanted opposition rallies.

The charge of disorderly conduct — foul language in a public place — Vitali tried to challenge in the Railway District Court. But to no avail: the court sided with the police officers who testified that the man allegedly

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A raging house

1983 Patrol Bauzhen John and Richard Volbert arrived at the house Don Decker and found him in a state of trance, his family was in despair, and inside the house raging rain storm, which seemed to come from all directions at the same time, a drop of water hovered in the air and "shoots" in all directions …

A day after the incident, they returned to the house, along with the police chief and again experienced a similar incident. The chief gave the order not to interfere with the course

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Ancient Aliens / Ancient Aliens (Season 4, series 1-9) Watch online

Ancient monuments, built in the coordination of the movement of the heavenly bodies. History, written in stone, famous rulers of other worlds. Calendar, to accurately predict the displacement of the axis of the Earth every 26 thousand years. Themselves to do Maya in Central America, one of the most advanced civilizations of the old world? Either they have zaniya other source that is outside of our world? They did not know of any metal or electricity, but had developed mythology, language, and religious culture. They knew better than at least some astronomy other of contemporary civilization. Maya consider it

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