Northern Comfort.

A big-city couple finds peace and quiet in a secluded Maine retreat.

While dating her future husband, this homeowner told him how she equated log homes with American history. To her delight, he expressed how much he also wanted a log home. After their marriage, they embarked on making their mutual desire a reality. Living in Washington, D.C., they bought a 42-acre parcel in northern Maine that boasted two lakes and an adjoining stream, and built a vacation home of 8-inch-diameter full-round logs near the stream and one of the lakes. They dubbed this new residence «The Camp.»

Over the

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Furniture has been in his family’s blood for three generations since 1941. Nils Gunnar grew up without any expectations to join the family business, but stepped up to the challenge in 1996 to lend his expertise in corporate finance. He now heads IMG Norway, which spun off from the family business.

What was it like growing up in a family that runs и furniture business?

Ergonomic chairs is the core family business, so I was often reminded to sit properly. I didn’t listen then. But now, after years of carrying my

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A swanky new apartment condominium in the Orchard Road belt has a special lift that sends the owner’s parked car up to his residence, where these vehicles literally become part of the home decor. But there’s another way to enjoy your favourite «cars» in the comfort of your home — get them as furniture. A slew of carmakers has been launching chairs that carry the aesthetic trademarks and groundbreaking technology of their prized vehicles.

The Maserati by Zanotta lounge chair captures the harmonious lines of the new Maserati Quattroporte. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created a leather seat that



Amid the lively, contemporary ramble of Los Angeles, landscape designer Scott Shrader has built a house that defines timeless comfort and calm. A small jewel box in West Hollywood’s decorating district that he shares with Mark Hemphill, it captures Southern California’s bright light and balmy air in rooms that overlook gardens, each as detailed as the interiors they adjoin. High ceilings, tall French doors, and walls painted a single creamy white evoke expansiveness in a home that’s only 1,500 square feet, an illusion bolstered by the flow from inside to out. Such seamless connectedness is a trademark for Shrader, whose

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The results show — Soothing NOT WORTH

In early March, Moscow hosted the annual meeting, which summed up the activities of management of automation and remote control in 2007. The meeting gave a principled assessment of the performance of services, discussed topical issues. The meeting was attended by heads and specialists of the department chiefs, representatives of the Project design and research organizations, developers and manufacturers of devices of railway automation.

The keynote address was made by Head of automation and remote control VM Kaynov. He spoke about the key indicators of operational work in the past year. (Report as presented by VM Kaynova is published in

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Comfort food!


Hunger pangs driving you nuts and the fridge isn’t offering you any delectable options? Here are some comfort food recipes that can be made within 10 mins and with 3 different basic ingredients. Gorge away!


Boiled egg (2 or 3 depending on the number of people), 5 tbsp Gram flour (channa atta or besan), 1 1/2 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, water, oil (for frying), frying pan.


• For the batter, take the gram flour and put in the red chilli powder, salt and turmeric powder and

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Choose your perfect match!

Boots RAIN FLOE BOOT from CROCS will be a bright addition to your image and will be a boon in the rain.

The secret of the incredible popularity of Crocs shoes in the brand philosophy: to be stylish, comfortable, and the style — comfortable. Another worthy incarnation of this idea became boots Rain Floe Boot designed for the rainy season. The upper part and the sole Rain Floe Boot made of Croslite ™, a bootleg of a flexible rubberized material, so the boots extremely comfortable to wear, and with a long trip can easily fit

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Minskers popular entertainment — going to the movies

Going to the movies — almost a riteNatalia Malenava lawyer of education, obsessed fan of the movie does not consider himself. But trying not to miss premiers. Hiking in the cinema — almost a rite:"You ryhtuessya this as a specific action. Nastroyvaessya that the coming two o’clock you in the world of cinema, you’re in it empties. Widescreen gives you an even greater sense of presence and the ability to immerse yourself in a movie …"The most popular movies in the past year in Minsk commercial steel tape "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Wolfhound" and "Harry Potter."But the movie "not for

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New rating cars from the Germans. Hit parade of stupid ratings.

In a fairly well-known and reputable German club ADAC rating went cheap (10,000 euros) cars. Let it very private and uninteresting question, but the Krauts were so spontaneous and inventive, that I did not help myself to add this gem to your hit parade of stupid ratings. The fact that our rating involved Lada Kalina. Which of course certainly the worst, anyway. Even worse, the Romanian version of the Logan. Everyone knows that. But Fritz because it needed something to show in the ranking, and there’s not that simple. Their rating — this is the sum of scores from 0

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Entered into force on the green standard Olympstroy

Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi)

In "Olympstroy" put in place a corporate ‘Green’ standard. The results of evaluation of compliance with the standard will demonstrate the effectiveness of the introduction to the principles of the Olympic venues ‘green’ building: energy and water conservation, quality of materials and comfort of the building.

This is the first "green" enterprise standard in Russia, which is becoming one of the basic documents of the national environmental standard construction and a key element of the legacy of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The document provides for eight groups of criteria: environmental management, site selection, infrastructure

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