Ukraine sell Blackjacks

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE have reached preliminary agreement on the sale of some Ukrainian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to Moscow. The agreement was reached during a two-day visit to Kiev by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Soskovets, and was subsequently endorsed by the Ukrainian National Security Council and Defence Minister Valery Shmarov.

Air Force Commander Volodymyr Antonets said Ukraine was no longer capable of supporting the Tu-160, and would rely in future on its remaining 24 Tu-95 Bears. It has not been announced how many of the 18 Tu-160s based at Priluki, 75 miles (120km) north of Kiev, are to be

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The Last Space Shuttle Commander

Christopher J Ferguson reveals his regret at the retirement of NASA’s iconic Space Shuttle in 2011, but tells us how he’s now looking forward to working on the next generation of spacecraft at Boeing.

Interviewed by Jonathan O’Callaghan


Christopher J Ferguson

Age: 51

First mission: STS-115

No. of missions: 3

Time in space: 40 days

Born on 1 September 1961, Ferguson is a retired US Navy Captain and NASA astronaut. He was the pilot on STS-115 in September 2006 and commander for STS-126 in November 2008, before serving as the final Space Shuttle commander aboard Atlantis for the

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Moscows Air Defence Commander

KUBINKA AIR BASE, located some 50 miles (80km) west of Moscow is the home of the Proskurovsky Fighter Air Regiment. The Regiment is equipped with four operational types — the Su-27 Flanker, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-24 Fencer and Su-25 Frogfoot. It also has its own helicopter and transport support aircraft which include Mi-17 Hips and An-26 Curls , ond the base houses maintenance facilities for MiG-23 and ’27 Floggers.

Kubinka’s important secondary role came to prominence in 1956 when Western journalists were invited to the base to see a static display of the latest Soviet military aircraft, which included many hitherto

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Freedom to be a loser

How realistic you’ll be able to swallow at one time?

Glad at the entrance.

I do not know about you, but I do not like when I play limits. When all of a sudden it becomes clear that it has the edge. My most dislikes gaming space — is the boundary map, the walls and corners. If you come to the house is very close, it is obvious that he has painted windows and doors that for anything in the world is open to your knock. You feel cheated when the character suddenly starts repeating his line like a parrot.

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Minsk Tribunal dismissed the complaint historian Ira Commandant

Complaint historian Ira Commandant Minsk City Court considered the least 10 minutes. As a result, the city judge agreed with the decision Pervomai District Court, which had previously refused to open a case against the Higher Attestation Commission of the complaint Ira commandant. Scientist said Radio Liberty, not waiting for another solution."This situation showed me, in which the terrible state of the science of history. As historians have placed on their knees, they are divided into opportunists and unconquered. "Ira commandant wrote a thesis on "The daily life of the Belarusian society in the years 1944-53." The thesis also addressed

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SOUTH: scouts fulfill battle skills through systems GLONASS and Sagittarius

More than one thousand military intelligence units Field Army at the site "Tarskoe" in the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania in the camp and spend gathering skills on the battlefield in a single order and in groups in a forested mountainous terrain with modern topographic control and navigation, as improved communications and surveillance, the press service of the Southern Military District.The main attention is paid to development of intelligence and practical application of a portable communication complex "Sagittarius", which allows you to send the coordinates and the way forward of the detachment commander at the distance of three

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Estonian media about our hero … Surprisingly, and to be honest

We have long been accustomed to that proud and independent Baltic states meaning of its existence made hatred of Russia, and on any occasion.

And here it catches the eye of the article that I least expected to see .. So it's suddenly in the middle of streams of lies and filth that I decided to duplicate it here.

While in Russia grow these guys, Russian still have much to be proud of ("" Estonia)

For which gained momentum in Estonia hype around the Russian punk band Pussy Riot has remained almost unnoticed by

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Shoigu ordered «Skype»-mobiles

In the army go «KAMAZ» kitted laptops for video with the Minister Troops will receive a mobile complex for video conferencing. The first will test the newest system of the armed forces of the Far East. «Skype for the military» will allow top officials at any moment be contacted via an encrypted digital channel directly with the commander of the individual compound. Mobile complex equipment will be located in a special container on the basis of KAMAZ trucks 5350, also inside the army vans, trailers. Will be installed inside computers, microprocessor-based Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with 8GB memory

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FSUE KBM completed the modernization of the anti-missile system Chrysanthemum-S

Bouquet "The Chrysanthemum" for the army — a weapon against tanks, civil engineering, aerial targets, boats and ships.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Design Bureau of Machine Building" (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "KBM") in the suburban town of Kolomna finished upgrading the anti-missile system "Chrysanthemum-C." It consists of modernized combat vehicle 9P157-2 vehicle platoon-3 9P157, 9P157 car battery commander-4.

Self-propelled anti-tank complex "Chrysanthemum-S" will in fact "all-seeing". It can work in two channels — optical laser that provides a wide range of purposes defeat in visibility, and radar, which is precisely designed to detect target, hidden behind a fog,

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Ukrainian-Peruvian T-55-M8 A2 TIFON II

"Military Parity". T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II (Tifon — «Typhoon") was developed by Kharkov MSC them. Morozov and Disenos Industriales Casanave SA as part of the modernization of T-55 tanks, the armament Army Peru. The tank is equipped with dynamic protection "Knife," a system of passive protection "deflector" and automatic laser warning Linkey-SPZ. In the amount of armor protection of the T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II increased 3-fold from the BPS and 4.8 times the tandem shaped-charge projectiles.

The crew of the T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II consists of three (commander, gunner and driver). The length of the tank to

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