Siege April 27

The forums portal discussions are actions in Estonia — the night after the rally started pogroms against the reburial Russian soldier at a military cemetery.Comments: "Estonians wish to spend the function of identification and reburied with dignity in the received location. If the building houses the burial place of the repressed — this better?";"Read about the atrocities of the NKVD — the same is not the Gestapo?";"Do not meddle to Estonians. For their Russian fighter — not a liberator, and the invader. For us, by the way, too. History should be taught";"What reburied — true! What moved the monument

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Night Siege April 7

The forums web site "Charter’97" commented the decision Council of Europe extend for a further year limitation on the area of the European Union-in for Alexander Lukashenko and several Belarusian officials of the highest rank. Sanctions involve allegations Alexander Lukashenko and other senior municipal officials of rigging the elections, rights violations man. A municipal employees such as Victor Sheiman, Yuri Sivakov and Dmitry Paulichenka is suspected of involvement in the disappearance of politicians in 1999-2000. Comments:"And those who are not included in the list, but involved to cooperate with despotism — not issue trestle on the Riviera, and not to

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Night Siege — April 4

On forums portal Discussions are statement Alexander Lukashenko that it does not exclude the ability to normalize relations with the West. Comments:"How I wish, so I turn back. Voice — one thing and do — more. Nothing changes. Already hurt";"Belarus and nine million Belarusians nothing wrong [West] did not. But there is one that hurt and humiliated in front of these 9,000,000 the world ";"With the normalization of relations with the West will deteriorate proportionately sick deal with Russia";"I can not understand why he uses the word" we "," us ", if all of this for his 1st?"Internet newspaper

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Night Siege — 28 March

The forums web site "Charter’97" comment about Belarusian-Russian integration, and namely — the words of Pavel Borodin Russian policy on the ability of a confederation if border issues, customs and pricing policy is delegated to Russia. Comments:"Not a lot of them to Chechnya";"What about the people doubt — half there (in Russia) feeds";"We should not only scare people price for gas. Sustain. Mixture was kept for Belarusians and such. All this confrontation between the groups in the nation."On forums portal discussions are the statement of the Interior Vladimir Naumov that during a rally in Freedom day was arrested lady

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Night Siege — 27 snezhnya

The forums portal application discussions are campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" the beginning of a two-week strike business on January 1. Comments:"I think a great utility from it will not. Consolidation once again will not take place";"To me personally it Time will need each firecrackers yes cowards ";"Just need to decide something strikes and not negotiations";"Strike — Stop it work. A cessation of work — this is what is required (power) of the business."The community discussions are minsk_by information website of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Russia that retiree from St. Petersburg Alexander Lukashenko has

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Night Siege December 10

On forums portal discussions are private businessmen unauthorized rally on October Square in Minsk, which was made by the representative of Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Kalinowski. Businessmen protest against the ban to hire anyone except close relatives. Comments:"A bureaucrat also drew up a protocol (for his role in an unauthorized rally), and gave the baton to the kidneys?";"Why can not hire PIs except relatives? After all, people lose their jobs";"Bureaucrat practically admitted that the decree is aimed at the elimination of personal business. Disgusting." Vice-chairman BPF Mikhalevich writes in his diary about the election of the chairman nedavneshnih

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Night Siege — November 12

On forums portal discussions are meeting information Alexander Lukashenko with the chairman of the National Bank Piotr Prokopovich. According to the official website President of Belarus, 10 months completed main characteristics of monetary policy, to ensure the stability of the national currency, firmly payment system operates, the banking system is developing rapidly. Alexander Lukashenko claimed to reduce the price per square meter home. Comments:"And the Minister of Health can give assignments to znizhtsy fuel prices";"I did not know that the National Bank is engaged in the construction of the dwelling";"Yes, give people a piece of land, they built for

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Russian fifth-generation machine

The process of creating the latest development of the "Izhmash" trials and prospects of the AK-12 in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti said the chief designer of NPO "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin.

Chief Designer of NPO "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin

Information about the creation of the newest Kalashnikov (AK), the fifth generation — the AK-12, which replaces the famous AK-74, in 2012, caused a great public outcry. Members of the media, Russian and foreign law enforcement agencies, community experts discuss prospects for the production of the newest machine, the ability to purchase products by the Russian army and its export potential.

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Putin’s comments are very important

Putin‘s comments are very important

The first quote is taken from the words spoken when visiting the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center:

"Rabbi just mentioned about the difficult fate of the cleric, who was arrested in 1927. Said that today’s event — it is really a momentous event in the life of the Jewish people. You know what I’m thinking. After all, the decision to nationalize the library was taken first by the Soviet government, and members of its approximately 80-85 percent were Jews. But they are guided by the false ideology and then walked to

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Navalny — President bots

Mass stuffing votes, "roundabouts" and ballot-rigging — it’s not only political realities but also the methods of the Internet. Only a "wizard" at this time was Alexei Navalny.



About two months ago, almost the entire RUnet decided zaguglit our company "apostle", after we Tina became heroes at once as much as two posts Alexei Navalny. The reason for the charges against us was the anonymous plums contract between the "Aeroflot" and "apostle" in the press. This small by the standards of the PR market contracted unexpectedly caught the attention of many people

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