Russia’s first smartphone

Sergey Zorin, chairman of the board of directors "VZRT-Arsenal"(Contract manufacturing group, which includes Vyaznikovsky radioedektronnoy plant equipmentand Alexander Factory "Arsenal ", published in his Blogphotograph of the prototype smartphone that, in his words, mostly developed in Russia, more than that, it is planned to manufacture in our country.

Characteristics and the customer is not disclosed, but from the comments of Sergei implies that the device will run on Android-4, have the battery in the "5.7 Ah" kvalkomovskim processor "simple" APQ8064, to "climb in the price," the price would be "no more expensive than" device will play "in

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Launching a mobile network recommendations from Speereo

Speereo company launched its new service for mobile market POItry. This recommendation service. The principle of such a service is widely known — people share with each other their impressions of the geographic point (POI). Praised restaurants, abuse hole, warn of traffic cop on the road or about sharks on the beach. Speereo we analyzed these services and found two problems. 1. Few comments. That is just a little "living creativity of the masses" to the number of participants in pershlo quality of the information. And yet too many explicit zakazuhi and corruption advertising. Advertisers are not lazy to praise

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Blue dictatorship Belarusian partisan

The teeth are on edge all the main criticism of the Belarusian opposition in restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of speech and expression does not interfere with his own methods of use and methods of dealing with the "undesirables" on their own resources and Internet sites. For example, it is no secret that the "Charter 97" has long been practicing on your site information "Inquisition" (not only that there is a moderated online comments, so more and complete "censorship" on the unwanted thoughts and words). Such methods against those who disagree with them as "the only

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Localization Lada Largus

In the comments field to reports of Lada Largus there are many questions on configuration and localization of the vehicle. At the recently sostoyavshemyasya Togliatti test drive for journalists Largus director of "Lada Largus" Mikhail Ryabov highlighted these issues at a press conference. Clip from the conference posted a blog "Russian Car". I suggest it to your attention:

In general, the blog posted photo report a test drive production Largus and comments Komarov and Ryabov. Go — you will not regret. Learn a lot about the development of the project and many other things 🙂

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Earthquake in Kislovodsk


Pyatigorsk. February 1. Interfax-South — On the border of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol region on Wednesday morning were recorded tremors around 4 points, the agency "Interfax-South" in the laboratory seismic monitoring Kavminvod Geophysical Service RAS.

"The epicenter of the earthquake was near the village of Kichmalka in Kabardino-Balkaria. There, at 8:28 MSK tremors were felt up to 4 points. On KMV in Kislovodsk (Stavropol Territory) shocks were 3-3.5 points "- said the laboratory.

According to him, no damage was not.

Source: Interfax-South

1.02.12.Primerno at 8:30 in Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, an earthquake measuring 3.7 points. These seismographs. To record on

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New features Web Site — The Black List

Many commentators are often faced with the problem of impossibility of an ordinary communication in the comments with some visitors of the website. Also, there are some comrades who misuse personal messages. Apparently, if you can not prove his innocence in the comments are just beginning to get personal messages, often with a mate insults. To avoid the coming of similarities, the new module was created "Black list. "

"Black list" is not common, everyone has his own personal. When you add a guest in an emergency, he does not see your comments, you have it. Neither he nor

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Putin’s comments are very important

Putin's comments are very important

The first quote is taken from the words spoken when visiting the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center:

"Rabbi just mentioned about the difficult fate of the cleric, who was arrested in 1927. Said that today's event — it is really a momentous event in the life of the Jewish people. You know what I'm thinking. After all, the decision to nationalize the library was taken first by the Soviet government, and members of its approximately 80-85 percent were Jews. But they are guided by the false ideology and then walked to

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Flooded Bangkok. No comments

Flooded Bangkok. No comments

Otkomentil? Answer!

By May 2013 the Federal Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation is prepared to provide to the attention of the Government some amendments to be made to the law "On mass media". Perhaps there will be something relating to freight, about which more can be found at Based on an order the Minister of Communications of Russia Nikolai Nikiforov, you can make the conclusion that the amendments to the law will directly relate to the media. To be precise, the media will be held responsible for the comments that have been left by readers on

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Measures increase the culture of communication on the web (Poll)

As posted February 16, 2012 article Culture of communication on the web site "Military Review" has been raised issue of communication rules on the website. According to the results of the survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of those who voted for the introduction of moderating the website, "Military Review". Minority, to whose views on Site, by the way, is also heard, offered to give up everything because it happened during the lifetime of, because, according to the views put forward, strongly opposed the introduction of Moderation, the website may seem like an outright ideological censorship. But allow yourself

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