Culture of communication on the web site Military Review (Poll)

Received a letter:

This letter is sent to you from an old prdun website

Generals lined pits …

Relatively recently, most case of "stumbled" on this web site, I almost dug in the Archive section. First a complete lack of amazed comments beneath many materials, completely burning now. Encouraged by the finding of weapons got into the column and this is where it began … Not paying attention to some op, inserted the so-called kamenty joked and got quite a lot to spend on this Site. "Promoted" to the rank of "cardboard" Sergeant. And thanks for that. Brought

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What is reputation and what we have done? (Poll)

Reputation, or rating, made to assess the activity of the user on our website.The reputation of the affected vote for comments, written by registered users, also vote specifically for that or another guest in his profile.To vote for a user, click on his nickname, and will open a pop-up window where you can raise or lower it rating.

Also rating is increased by adding your own articles on the website. Reputation has an impact on the title of the user, which is reflected in the form of shoulder straps Text.He is a bad fighter , who dreams of becoming a

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Huge UFO near New Mexico

March 7, 2012 17:39

Video, in which a great technological object to land near the New Mexico, simply blew the Internet. Many believe that this is a very clever fake. However, there are those who call these shooting genuine.

In the video you can see how huge disc-shaped object down and sits very close to the witnesses. Clip uploaded on YouTube Stephen Hannard, representative group of activists from Britain who study UFOs.

In comments to the roller Stephen says that this may be a real visit to the UFO, but notes that it does not have 100% confidence in

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Localization Lada Largus

In the comments field to reports of Lada Largus there are many questions on configuration and localization of the vehicle. At the recently sostoyavshemyasya Togliatti test drive for journalists Largus director of "Lada Largus" Mikhail Ryabov highlighted these issues at a press conference. Clip from the conference posted a blog "Russian Car". I suggest it to your attention:

In general, the blog posted photo report a test drive production Largus and comments Komarov and Ryabov. Go — you will not regret. Learn a lot about the development of the project and many other things 🙂

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En + and WWF have created a working group on the project on a tributary of the Amur River hydropower

The company En + Group and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia began a comprehensive study of the impact of hydropower on the ecosystem and socio-economic development of the Amur River basin, the company said.

In February, the company "EuroSibEnergo" (a subsidiary of "Rusal" Oleg Deripaska owns En +) announced plans for the construction of hydropower plants on the river Shilka — a major tributary of the Amur River. Interest in the project showed China Yangtze Power Company, owner of the world's largest hydropower plant "Three Gorges" in China. Later, after receiving a number of comments from environmental groups the

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Blue dictatorship Belarusian partisan

The teeth are on edge all the main criticism of the Belarusian opposition in restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of speech and expression does not interfere with his own methods of use and methods of dealing with the "undesirables" on their own resources and Internet sites. For example, it is no secret that the "Charter 97" has long been practicing on your site information "Inquisition" (not only that there is a moderated online comments, so more and complete "censorship" on the unwanted thoughts and words). Such methods against those who disagree with them as "the only

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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the EU and U.S. sanctions

Society Ministry Foreign Affairs Russia's called "counter-productive" decision of the EU and United States introduce new sanctions Belarus.This is stated in a statement issued on 1 February at the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry comments Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

"The consistent position of Russia is the need for the widest possible accession of Belarus as a sovereign European state in the process of international cooperation. This strategic context, the application against Belarus for political reasons unilateral sanctions based on undermining social and economic stability in the country will be counterproductive nature. On the contrary, the establishment and

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Ivashov: at MAKS not novelty

On Airshow MAX is not Russian competitive new products, said in an interview with "Relevant comments" President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. According to him, «Superjet 100" assembled by 90% of the western units, and it's more "Boeing", what, indeed, the Russian aircraft.

"Again, the Tu-204, Tu-304 has been repeatedly shown, but not in demand in the domestic market, that's what we show, and the novelty will not be there," — said the source of AA. He noted that Airshow will show the "process of destruction of our civilian aircraft industry."

"The situation is somewhat better

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Buraukin: Candidates Debate — BT failure

Society On the First Channel of the Belarusian TV were presidential debates. They occurred without the participation of Alexander Lukashenko, but not on the script prepared by leading BT. As the organization and conduct of the TV show experts estimate the television?

The organization debates of presidential candidates, ranging from studios to streamline the work of TV presenters, — demonstration of unprofessionalism BT, says the former head of BTRC Gennady Buraukin:"I was ashamed at the level it was so unprofessional, so provincial, it was evident at once. Firstly, the very design was not successful: this dark background behind them —

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