Vadim Popov was elected chairman of the House of Representatives

Comments for election Vadim Popov — later on our website and in the air

Vadim PopovBorn July 5, 1940.Higher Education.Worked as a teacher of the vocational school, was director of the farm Krasnopolye Kalinin district, Mogilev region, worked in various positions in the Komsomol and the PBC.Worked as general director of the municipal production» association "Magilevablagrapratehsnab", OAO "Agrapramservis" Mogilev region, First Deputy Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.Member of the House of Representatives State Assembly of the second convocation.Was chairman of the House of Representatives second convocation.Member of the House Representatives of the third convocation.Until the election of

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Vladimir Konopleva fired as chairman of the House of Representatives

According to the regulations, the deputies voted in secret ballot with the introduction of cardboard. The decision is considered adopted if a majority of ordinary vote of the full House of Representatives.Vladimir Kanaplyou not in session. MPs porazdavali his statement, in which he refers to the bad state of health.The deputy, who asked not to call his name, said Radio Liberty, that V.Konoplev wrote another statement in which reports that it can not be at this meeting• deputies will Speaker, budget and language, 2.10.2007

As chairman of the House of Representatives and claim V.Popov S.Gaydukevich

Candidates for President made a speech and answer questions from MPs.Whereupon vote will take sanctuary with the introduction of cardboard ballots.• Vladimir Konopleva dismissed from the post of chairman House of Representatives, 2.10.2007 • deputies will Speaker, budget, language, 2.10.2007

Senator chair like candy for obedient

Both of them ran without nominations, both received no 1st vote "no."

Alexander Wojtowicz Alexander Wojtowicz, head of the Council of the second convocation, said, "Freedom", which was completely confident in choosing specific Boris Batura: "All times Presidents of the Council of the Republic became the people who designed the Board of personally Lukashenko. How Batura at the moment — a personal decree. So it was with SHIPUK, and with me, and with Nowicki in the 3rd convocation. " The Head of State has a constitutional right to introduce himself to the upper chamber so called eight senators. Reversing

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Incidents while handing parliamentary knapsack

Now the House of Representatives 4th convocation graduated driver’s own creation of bodies. Deputies approved the presidents of all 14 parliamentary committees unchanged — all elected unopposed basis.If you throw time lurking vote, the entire election procedure took two hours. In the address of applicants from their colleagues sounded just four questions, well, they looked faster wishes. For example, the last manager of Kupala theater Gennady Davydko Call Vladimir Zdanovich, or promises to give that theater and film as much attention as education? By the way, sire Zdanowicz — one of the 2-members who had retained the former position. As

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Act on Democracy in Belarus: to be continued

Rep. Chris Smith gave to the committee of foreign affairs of the House of Representatives, as the legal and monetary service of the House bill on the continuation of the "Act on Democracy in Belarus" 2004."Act on Democracy in Belarus" was adopted The U.S. Congress in October 2004. In the "Act" outlines the main provisions of the U.S. policy towards Belarus. In 2006 its operation was extended for another two years.The proposed bill refreshed kanstatavalnaya part where the action mentioned in Belarus last 2 years. In Fri assistance funds mass disk imaging the bill not counting television and radio stations

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Duty-free shops offer refitted in the dining room?

Activities shops byazmytavaga trade was suspended July 1, 2007 after, began to act as the new Customs Code.Who "launder" byazmytavy alcohol?Committee municipal control after a series of tests concluded, through the shops are wholesale schemes illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco. Experts estimate the number of people who went abroad through the border crossing points, and the amount of product sold through the "duty-free". It turned out that the average person has 10 liters. alcohol (though strong drinks in such amounts can not be imported into any country). In other words, the inspectors concluded, shops used to purchase products and

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Myasnikovich — a man who knows all the moves

Society Article 106 of the Constitution reads: "The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the Republic of Belarus with the consent of the House of Representatives." Later in the same article said that if the House twice refused to support the candidacy of Prime Minister, the President has the right to dissolve the House and call new elections.

It is clear that the current composition of the House of Representatives, this scenario is virtually impossible. And some members with whom I had a chance to talk, saying that Mikhail Myasnikovich has many attractive features. For example, the

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And in Russia were businessmen

By the will of a global version of the prototype was to follow the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism. But it could be different. The pioneers of the new bourgeois relations were completely monks windswept Britain, and negotiators Italian city-republics. But of early middle ages the chance to become the trendsetter of the capitalist mode was and Old Russia.

The natural center of the development of economic relations have always been the town. And the Old Rus', which even then was the largest state in Europe, they could brag more. In the reign of Vladimir reddish sun urban settlements, there were

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