The forestry commission

Unlike many other transport companies this enterprise not only operates and manages its fleet of vehicles and equipment, but in some areas also has to build the roads on which they run.

Wales and Ireland. The creation of the new authority was a direct result of the difficulties which the country» had faced in meeting the demand for timber during the First World War. The country’s forests had been declining since the Middle Ages and ever increasing demands for timber had resulted in the forested areas reducing to only 5% of the land area. The outbreak of war resulted in

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Commission CPSC publishes a report on the safety of escalators

Product Safety Commission US Consumer

(CPSC) has posted on its website /08264.html safety report escalators, which made recommendations to reduce injuries on escalators.

The document’s authors point out that it is estimated that in the United States and escalators used 90 billion times a year, and that the overwhelming majority of the passengers never have happened when using an escalator. However, the Commission CPSC indicates that in 2007, on the escalators was about 11 thousand cases of injury. Most of them are due to the fall of the passenger, about «10% is obtained by the fact that the arm,

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For some observers, the elections have already been

The act addressed to Chairman of the observer reports that violations of the election was fixed. There stands the current date and signature — Whistler. Maxim Gubarevichu this paper came and 14:50, when the end of the voting was still more than 5 hours.

Maxim HubarevichI asked to comment on this fact Sergei boy, which more than one year is an observer at different elections. Urchin"Commission to observers and treated earlier, when the components of a generic protocol that the site all without violations, and offer it at the end of election observers to sign. Typically, in areas 1-2

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Shklovsky constituency: the villagers do not go to vote

Members of election commissions of Belynichy th Kruglyanschiny planning to visit the house 10s rural voters, who until This time did not vote. Thus, according to the opposition candidate Gregory Kastusiou, the lists that precinct commissions urgently concluded designated more than 100 villagers. For example, sovereign states Kastusyou precinct commission in the village Esmony that Belynechey, going to visit the 250 villagers. Here early 150 people voted. Just a list of sites indicated by 499 people.On Kruglyanschine village Teterin 161 people voted early, and up to 172 voters Commission meets to come back home. A total of 634 sample plot.Such

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Where to go to victims of political repression?

According to human rights activist Igor Rinkevich at the address has come several 10-s statements. "We believe that since the mid-1990s in Belarus for political reasons were brought to criminal or administrative responsibility of several thousand people. All these people we are ready to assist in preparation for rehabilitation. Certainly come a time when they compensate for the loss caused by the regime and restore their name in good faith, "- says Igor Rinkevich.Recall to make a public commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression, Congress decided Democratic Forces, which was held in Minsk in May. The

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Navapolack 100 thousand rubles fine for decomposed fire

3rd August, a group of Democratic Youth organized a camp in Volozhin district. But as young people gathered, they were surrounded by police. As a result, the camp was broken up, 9 people were detained. Midst of detainees was novopolochanin Alexei Trubkin. In Volozhin district police department on Young people amounted to a breach of protocols Art. 15:58 KoAPP: lighting fires in the wrong place.Case of Trubkin was mailed in Novopolotsk City Council, then the administrative commission ordered the punishment activist fine.Cases involving public activities Alexei Trubkin mentioned commission considers not the first time. But if earlier he was invited

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Voted more than 2 million voters

She said he did not think the percentage of people who voted early, the highest, and noted that the fact that didaxis under duress is not fixed.According to Yarmoshina, 21426 accredited in the areas of state observers, of whom 802 are political parties, in including PBC — 479, steam and Justice Party — 100 5th About 15 thousand domestic observers accredited by public associations, in including 5000 — from the Youth Union. International observers recorded nine 20 5th

The question of why there is no opposition in election commissions, Yermoshina said:"In the district commissions included more pochetaemyh and noble people

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Who will count the votes?

In the composition of election commissions 6,485 a day of elections of deputies House of Representatives State Assembly will work 69845 people, learned reports. Among them Ladies 47092 (67.4%) and 22,753 boys (32.6%). Of them older than 30 years — 61 872 (88.6%) of man, and the young 30 — only 7973 (11.4%).In the district commissions include representatives of:• People — 36,071 (51.6%)• Operating companies — 21,869 (31.3%)• Public associations and political parties — 9193 (13.2%)• bodies forming the Commission — in 2712 (3.9%).

Gender composition of members election commissions

Age of members of election commissions

Which includes representatives

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The deputy wanted to vote for her mother

Said about this "Freedom" member of the precinct commission Galina Miksa.According to Miksa Tatiana Osmolovskaya came to the site to vote with her son. "Said that he was going to Minsk and it needs to vote. She wanted to vote for her mother, whose 82 years. I’m not allowed. Said that we would come to her home and will vote. She says:" My mother is old no one opens " . And I tell her that she deputy and violating the laws. "Candidate for deputy Tatyana Osmolovskaya running at Gorki electoral environment. In the House of Representatives, it vice-chairman Commission

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In grayish book include officials involved in repression

"We have approved the application form for people affected by the current regime for their political views, also approved the draft regulation on the committee that will rapidly begin our real work", — said Radio Liberty organizing committee member Igor Rinkevich. According to the approved project, the public commission will be subordinated to the political council of the United Democratic Forces, that is fully consistent with the decisions of the Congress, which was held in May. Igor Rynkevich also said that members of the organizing committee has already started to collect database repressed also so referred "Grayish-book" — a list

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