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Why do we communicate?

Communication (or communication) — is not a fad, and the implementation of our specific needs. Communication performs several important functions for us.

1. We communicate to satisfy the need for communication. By nature, people — are social creatures, and also in desperate need of other people, as well as food, water and shelter. Two people can watch nice chat about different things, and in a few days, none of them will remember about what was discussed. Because of depth to their conversation was not a discussion of some burning topics, and address the need to communicate.


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The Russians do not want to communicate with the Martians




MOSCOW, April 5. Per share of INFON April 1 did not respond no Russian, despite the fact that the service was free. Recall that the company has offered to mobile users to take part in the "Is there life on Mars? Ask yourself ". To communicate with

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Dolphins have found a common language with people

Judging by the results of a study published in the journal Acta Astronautica, Dolphins confirmed that beings are considered to be the most advanced intelligence of all the animal world.

Captive dolphins have long learned to respond to commands in exchange for compensation in the form of fresh fish. However, in the framework of the "wild dolphin" in the town of Jupiter (Florida) was the first to join biologists in two-way communication with the inhabitants of wildlife. "Many scientists are trying to communicate with dolphins, using fish as a reward. But rarely ask themselves dolphins to communicate with us," —

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Mysteries of History. Aliens and mysterious rituals

January 9, 2013 21:59

Millennial temple, built on the site of the divine visit. Stone of Destiny, allegedly opened the way to heaven. Mysterious rituals to help people to communicate with the residents of other worlds. In any culture, there are rituals that bind us together with other measurements. But with whom we communicate it?

Pisces people smarter




Nicholas KRAUSE

The popularity of fishing due to the fact that people never consider catching fish as murder, referring to the process as a curious attraction. In fact, until now it was thought that the fish — the brainless creatures on earth, and even with a hook

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Live issue number 23. What do the animals (16. 11. 2012)

Animals have not developed vocal apparatus, but they communicate with each other. How, for example, cats can understand each other? And understand whether cats dogs? And how animals communicate with the person? What does the tail wag or growl?

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T-90ms until it meets the general staff

New development of Russian military industry — T-90C, which was to become the main battle tank, looked at the old days, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He was also provided to the public in Nizhny Tagil, where the exhibition was held. And this tank caused a lot of problems in the control of the Ministry of Defence.

Said this Nikolai Makarov — Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. He also said that he was perfectly executed tower Tank one hundred percent satisfied with the military. Makarov said that tower causing great reverence by the Russian experts —

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Dreams, Feng Shui and rubber plants as an aid in pregnancy


When the decision is made about the conception, put the necessary analyzes and deliberate attempts to engender new life began, so you want them to succeed as quickly as possible.


Each month, listen to your body: Do not feel sick at least a little, does not hurt if the chest and does not pull on solenenkoe there already, and the arrival of every month perceive as a tragedy. And that's when even the most rationalistic ladies a desire to speed

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Michalevic transferred from the American to Volodarka

Society Former presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich, who was arrested on charges of rioting in Minsk on December 19, was transferred from the KGB detention center in the Interior Ministry detention center, which is located on the street Volodarskogo.

About This was reported wife Michalevic Milan referring to the lawyer Oleg Ageev.

"The lawyer also said that today Michalevic and saw that he would try to meet with him again on Monday, "- said the Freedom of Milan.



Want to deprive prisoners of the KGB Bar?

Society The Ministry of Justice has applied sanctions to some advocates for actions related to the events of December 19 in Minsk. Valentine lawyer Busko canceled license. Sannikov's lawyer Paul Sapelka prosecuting school.

According to the official website of the Ministry, January 4, College of Justice upheld the decision of the Qualification Commission for the profession in the Republic of Belarus on January 3 license revocation lawyer Grodno Regional Board Valentine Busko. The reason for cancellation of the license — "violation of the law, which has resulted in the participation in an unauthorized rally on December 19 2010, which

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