Proximity child

In a world sometimes children are very comfortable. They are obedient, most of all love to be near his mother, and in the company of other adults feel quite good. They like to sit at home is clearly more than a walk. And if they have to go out, they usually bypass the sandbox and my mother gone away from playgrounds.

At times my mother tell my child leads to the site, but it does not show any enthusiasm, the child afraid of the noise and the crowd pressed to saving his mother's knee. The other children quickly taken

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Diagnosis and treatment of autism

If you've noticed some strange behavior of their child, consult a child psychiatrist. The earlier the age of correction commenced an autistic child, the greater the chance to adapt it to a normal life.

Typically, the disease diagnosed by2-25 years. It should be remembered that this disease never develops in a healthy Rebeca after 5 years. If abnormalities are detected at an older age, you should first think about schizophrenia, and not about autism. In addition, some of the symptoms of autism are similar to manifestations of mental retardation, speech disorders, congenital deafness and psychotic regression. Therefore, only

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Communication — Is any human interaction. It can be verbal and non-verbal, it can be personal or flow between groups of people. And even performance at work planning meeting is a complete act of intercourse, because communication is considered to be not only direct contact or sharing of information, but any joint activities, exchange of experiences and skills.

In any case, communication inevitably, as any communication satisfies our need to communicate.

What affects the quality of our communication with others? In-First, the extent to which we have developed communication skills. In-Secondly, our ideas currently. Finally, our ideas

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The reasons for adultery

Researchers believe that adultery has 7 major reasons. They are:

1. A new love. The reason is characteristic of marriages, where love is negligible or non-existent (rationality, rational or forced marriages, based on the benefit, fear of loneliness).

2. Retribution — the desire to avenge the infidelity of his partner.

3. Reviled love — lack of reciprocity unrequited feelings. Looking for love in another partnership where possible reciprocity. Sometimes he does not like changing a new partner, but responds to his feelings.

4. Searching for a new love experience, usually characteristic of marriage "with experience", or for families

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Communication styles

Each situation dictates its style behavior and action, in each situation man different "takes" himself. And if self-feeding is not adequate, it is difficult to communication.

There are four basic styles of interaction: the ritual, imperative, manipulative and humanistic.

Ritual style

This style is usually given the culture in which man lives. Ritual, for example, be style greetings and questions posed at the meeting, and answers. For example, in American culture taken on the question, "How are you?" Reply, "Fine," as if neither situation was the case in reality. In our culture tend to answer "on the

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What to do after casual relationships?

What to do in case there was unprotected sexual contact (the condom broke, contact the influence of alcohol or drugs with a casual partner, and so on)?

In this case, there are three possibilities:

First, within a few days after such intercourse to prevent genital infections (prophylactic treatment). This will prevent the development of bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, syphilis, trichomoniasis). Prophylaxis is carried out for several days after intercourse. Through 3-4 weeks should be examined by a venereologist. Preventive treatment regimen appropriate treatment is fresh uncomplicated infection. Second, you can not be prevented,

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What hinders communication

Have you ever been in the course of your story about a problem to be interrupted by a similar remark: "Do you think it's bad I'll tell you now about the case with me when …?"? After that conversation to intervene themselves, leaving you unheard and forgotten.

There is nothing easier than to close or cool conversation. Consciously or unconsciously, we do it all the time.

There are so-called "saboteurs communication" that undermine our communication with others. Which of them do you actively use?

Saboteur communication


Who does that?You / Other

THREATS (Causes fear, submission,

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