In the process of further improvement of military communication systems the most important, according to foreign experts, is to achieve greater reliability of the transmission of information and secrecy in the conditions of use of electronic warfare and weapons of all kinds. In addition, while ensuring high reliability communications equipment increased requirements for timeliness and flexibility of communication, mobility channeling funds. All this may be achieved by increasing the stability of the communication system, its degree of integration and automation processes management.

The reliability of the communication system is mainly determined by technical solutions underlying the design of its elements,


To accelerate the pace of development of the village radio service.

The Soviet people greeted his native XX Congress of the Communist Party as a great historic event in the life of our country. Nationwide socialist competition, which developed in the country after the XX Congress of the Communist Party, promoted a new upsurge of the entire national economy, labor productivity growth, early implementation of the state plan.

Meet its socialist obligations radio service workers came to the XX Congress of the Communist Party with great achievements in the radio service of the collective farm village. In implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central

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Fixed antenna-feeder devices

On the stationary transmitting radio centers to ensure close communications (1,000 km) non-directional and omnidirectional used the range dipole antenna type UGD (angled horizontal range), IOP, VGDSH, VGDSHP and VGPSH (planar). For the organization of long-distance communications are used directional antenna radiation — rhombic (WG), double rhombic (RGD), horizontal in-phase (SGDRA) and the log-periodic (LPA).

When working at a distance of 1,000 km using 3-4 UGD antenna size and antenna size 2-3 IOP VGDSHP and VGPSH. The average values ​​of gain (CG) and directional (CPV) antenna near-field communication, taking into account the real parameters of the land are in the

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To ensure the efficiency of the equipment, and provide users with the necessary quality services in the sector of communication "Russian Railways" you need to make greater use of new forms and methods of operation, introduce advanced technology solutions (Fig. 1).

The introduction of a unified system of monitoring and administration (ESMA) and the establishment of centers of technical control (CTS) in the Communication Directorate and maintenance centers (TEC) in the regional centers of communication technology has changed fundamentally due to the operation of networks of remote monitoring of the equipment of communication and diagnostics of devices. Formation in SRC


CURRENT STATUS AND TRENDS telephone communication

One of the main factors determining the development of communications throughout the world, is a continuously growing need for various types of exchange of information, both within individual countries and between them. To meet this need, the leading foreign companies, along with constant improvement of performance parameters and operating equipment pay much attention to the creation and introduction of new communication systems

In recent years, the communication networks of the developed capitalist countries to continue intensive introduction of quasi-electronic exchanges district’s high capacity controlled. These stations, as of 1977, the following number of service lines (in%); US -24, -20, Japan,

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Radio Technical literature in 1956.

In 1955 Svyaz’izdat issued a number of books and pamphlets on radio broadcasting, wired radio and television, which are of interest only for any professional communicators, but also for radio amateurs.

In the book by BP Aseeva «Oscillation Circuit» are considered oscillatory circuits, circuits with distributed constants and electrical filters. In the book GA Remez «Radio engineering measurements» describes the theory and technique of radio measurements and describes an apparatus designed for these measurements.

For technical communication issued as textbooks and teaching aids the following books: VL Lebedev «Radio receivers» NL Bezladnov and others. «The station broadcast devices by wire»,

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They brought homeland.

It was in September 1943. The troops of the Soviet Army crossed the Dnieper progress … In the area of ​​the village Radul, Chernigov region, with one of the units under heavy enemy fire, crossed the Dnieper radioman Ivan deck. The boat on which he was sailing, was close to the western bank of the river. At this time, an enemy shell exploded nearby. The boat was broken, a deck — seriously injured. Straining every nerve, he swam with his walkie-talkie to the shore. Bleeding, fighter launched a radio station has established communication with our batteries on the left

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The farm signaling and communication in order to create conditions for the development of ever-increasing volume of freight and passenger traffic is developed and consistently implemented a set of technical and organizational measures. This work is based primarily on the creation of reliable automation systems and communications, making fuller use of internal resources, the improvement of technology of repair and maintenance practices devices. This focuses on the introduction of modern systems of interval regulation and automation, allowing to provide higher throughput and carrying capacity of railway pines and processing capacity stations.

Means of railway automation are becoming more difficult, and


Military radio operators.

Communication — the nerves of the army. On the radio, telegraph and telephone during the military operations carried out interaction between the armed services.

During the Great Patriotic War, fighting for the motherland, wireless operators have made many glorious feats of arms. Under enemy fire, in the difficult conditions they maintained uninterrupted communication. Their battle path marked by a truly heroic deeds.

A special place belongs to the army radio. The rich experience of the Great Patriotic War confirmed that radio is the most reliable and often the only means of command and control on the battlefield.

In the

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In close connection with the practice.

An important role in the struggle for economy and thrift plays a system of economic education. Most work in this direction is carried out at a distance of Lublin Moscow road.

In the distance there are ten schools of communist labor They are organized in almost all divisions of the company — the separation of the road, at stations Moscow-Pas senger-Kursk and Moscow-technical in repair and process area signaling, workshops, home communications, in the Lublin a radio station, the station Tsaritsyno, in the area of ​​mechanized slides. Established a school on the production and territorial basis. They combine more

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