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Blind dates, fly cutters, and dreaming big

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I had a blind date go bad.

First let me define blind date. One perk of being a rookie homebuilder is almost every week for the past year I’ve been introduced to a new tool or gadget in the shop. Each time I encounter one of these unfamiliar tools, I experience a range of emotions—a concoction of excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness. That’s why I affectionately call these first encounters blind dates.

My date on this night was with the most intimidating tool yet.

After researching several options for cutting

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Club presidents met

At the last summit in St. Petersburg, President of Kazakhstan proposed to solve for each year at least one question in the framework of the CIS. But this proposal was not approved. Number of contracts community grows, but a significant portion of them are not made. For example, an agreement to develop a free trade area, signed in 1994. "The Free Trade Agreement tried to embody in the CIS, which according to legend, there integration, and in essence, is a regional organization — says a representative of Moscow University CIS Vladimir Zharihin. — Within the framework of such organizations impossible

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U.S. State Department: The Belarusian government restricts freedom of religion

In the State Department report on Religious Freedom stated that Belarus in the past year, the situation in this area deteriorated, that the government restricted freedom of confessions, using the law of 2002, which prefers the Orthodox Church. With all this Protestants suffer from negative case authorities, including since they have no connection with the United States.In addition over the past year has seen a number of Belarus anti-Semitic acts, desecration of monuments, buildings and graves, who have not received tribute reaction of the authorities.Many religious communities are obliged to await the decision of the authorities for years about their

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Bobruisk Jewish community celebrates 500th anniversary

On pyatsisotgodde community meant to open in Bobruisk Bobruisk symbol of remembrance for victims of the ghetto. Opening, but canceled:"We have not got to the Executive Committee authorization to install it. Though we have permission Executive Committee at its design, but the set is not againsolutions. Second — truly speaking, we have not yet collected enough money for it, so do it, "- said the manager of the Jewish community Leonid Rubinstein.Sire Rubinstein says that in the memory, a symbol of about 5 thousand dollars. He hopes that the funds went out and brought the symbol will open in the

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Learning PR

PR for the winter.

Today I read everything in the LJ and came to the conclusion that znayuchi can do PR on the fight against all with anything. The main thing to possess knowledge about the laws of nature and social processes. Here for example is possible to deal with winter.

December 1, write a post Learn about what you as a child frostbitten feet, hands, nose, ears, eggs, and since then your life is torn down, both physically and psychologically. In this regard, you are no longer going to tolerate the winter and will fight it. As

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Once a year, Belarus takes about 10 thousand migrants

This figure is referred to deputy head of the outer labor movement, refugee shelters and the Interior Ministry of Belarus Alexander Tatura. He participates in the meeting of CIS professionals who prepare a draft convention on the legal status of migrant workers and their families of the Commonwealth. It ends today in Minsk. First draft of the Concept prepared back in the year 2000. But different finalization of the occupied more than 7 years. "For this time the laws of the Commonwealth have changed, because there are new suggestions and comments. And their discussions are specialists, "- explains Tatura.

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Independent trade union? Not to register!

Referee Anatoly Strel’chenko, who considered this case, motivated refusal that violated the order of creation-independent organization.This conclusion on the basis of the referee made that not all of the respondents in court Rechitsa-independent union members remembered as a year earlier voted for the creation of community — secretly or openly. In addition, protocol was incorrectly indicated patronymic 1st member. The Tribunal also considers people various professions and occupations in general can not be combined into a territorial trade union cell due to the lack of common interests.Managing Belarusian trade union of electronic industry Fedynich, Now that participated in the hearing,

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CIS summit: not Georgia

The summit did not take the role of Georgia, which comes from the CIS. Alexander Lukashenko arrived at the summit with a younger illegitimate offspring Nicholas.For the first time in the yearly summit of the CIS did not take the role of Georgia, which declared its own exit from the Commonwealth in August this year, immediately after the military anger Russia. Yesterday, ministers of foreign affairs of the CIS states have adopted technical solution on Georgia’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth, which formally ends in about a year. With all this, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev expressed regret and said that

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Night Siege December 7

On forums portal TUT.by write about a meeting of U.S. President George W. Bush with a delegation of the Belarusian opposition and discussions are photos taken during this meeting. Here are a few comments:"Though Destroy, but our activists who constantly struggle with dictatorship and living in the criteria of economic collapse, the view is more healthy than the ambassador and the U.S. president. I think it will be a surprise for all participants American meetings. And dressed decently! .. Seviarynets could for the complete wear sandals, Slutsky wrap belt, straw hat, etc. ""It will be interesting to compare pictures from

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Brest who hinder Islamic prayer?

Muslim mosque in Brest created in the hostel for small families. On the essence of the complaint talking with Lena Volkova:"People against this community. At the entrance is now one door and out the believers through their will to walk."Ask about the personal opinion of Mrs. Lena."You know, if all goes well, then let the people took advantage of this location — says Mrs. Lena. — I believe that everyone has the right to adhere to their own faith. I, for example, the Orthodox Christian. Let this house they will make a separate entrance, so that others do not interfere.

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