Getting the right and applying for discounts on energy-saving system

Place for incision about saving energy by Medvedev

To pay for the modernization of elevators in many states in the US helps third party. This payment comes in the form of return of overpayment for energy savings. In areas where attention is paid to ecology, the administration of state or local governments to create a fund (often funded by the overpayment for the use of public services) to material incentives for energy efficiency initiatives. Part of the funding goes to the search for alternative sources of power (including wind, solar heat, biological fuels, fuel cells), the majority of local

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V.Stankevich: I’m very cheap everything connected with Belarus

Znatkevich: "You ordered for himself the song" You noise birch "in the implementation of the" Siabry. "In Belarus, I heard her sing at banquets, over drinks and snacks — you had to sing it in any companies with Belarus? "Stankevich, "In 1-x, sincere thanks to you for the sweet melody Belarus. So, had to sing this song, and in such exciting circumstances. I occasionally joke that in their own" first independent life "I — Captain distant voyage . many years I walked into the sea, and in the last years of my car» ers as captain on my ship this

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120 thousand Belarusians received compensation from the German government

At the celebration of the end of the German President Horst payments Koehler noted that "half a million victims of the National Socialist despotism received at least a symbolic real compensation as public recognition of the victims of National Socialism."German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that she wished that "federal funding and further deepened international cooperation in the humanitarian sphere."First deputy chairman of the Belarusian fund "mutual understanding and reconciliation" Konstantin Prokhorenko said that compensation paid to 120 former prisoners tyscham in Belarus. Paid from 5 to 15 thousand German marks.As for forthcoming work, Constantine told Prokhorenko:"The fund was established not

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What has changed on the site of the tragedy on the Dvina?

Reporter: "I go along Ulla, who gave the city the title of the power to dispense justice. Between the river itself, and the houses that go to it, the distance of 20-30 meters. Near me gidrolyag Nicholas Klimovich. What you see is what you feel?Klimovich: "I see the river, which reeks of diesel fuel. Before me maslyanistaya large spot, which stands in the bay. A saves with dark belts. Apparently, the water level dropped, and diesel oil remained on the shore." Reporter: "But go toward two men with fishing rods."Men fish caught. Not really stink, but there is something, of

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Victims of an explosion receive funds

I recall that during the explosion injured 54 citizens and 40 were hospitalized seventh One of the victims, Lily Miller, to This time continues healing. August 11 she was discharged from the 6th Minsk polyclinics and immediately sent to a rehabilitation center in Aksakovschina."I will not bend the knee, the leg absolutely smooth. And I sent here, so here it bent. I walk with a stick, with a straight leg. It’s only just 21 day. I uttered my leg recover after only six months. At six months, I goes, dysfunctional. "According to the decree, the person which had injuries, will

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Explosion: What is compensation?

With 28-year-old Lily Miller correspondent of "Liberty" met in the first day of her admission to the 6th Minsk clinic. It was at the very center of the explosion. She has a wounded leg. What has changed in the 10 days? Lily transferred to the ward in one place, but go she can not yet. Together with her mother is constantly. Neither bureaucrat for this time it was visited. Came only investigators.

Ms. Lily hopes for compensation from the government, but that she still no one reads. And she herself does not know where to turn, so bedridden:

Lily Miller

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Wounded expect compensation

Total for medical help after the explosion, 54 people applied. Were hospitalized 47 people among them two kids. Doctors stress that the IED has a strong destructive effect. Chief Doctor of the Minsk polyclinics ambulance Viktor Sirenko said that mine-explosive injuries are always very languid and "contagion can be complicated and everything." Fetched from the wounds of iron objects, which cause huge damage again — the nuts and bolts. In injured in the blast — injured more lower extremities. One of the injured liver is damaged, one wounded. Also, there are wounded with skin lesions and open fractures. Affected —

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The government guarantees the return of less than 5 thousand euros

Now in the 2nd reading of the law was approved by the compensation of bank deposits.Compensation will be created for a particular agency. Compensation is provided in cases where some Belarusian bank broke. First vice-chairman Board of the State Bank Kallaur Paul, representing the law, citizens recommend putting money in municipal banks, but said that the law regards all Belarusian banks. Authorities such makarom rely attract more funds into the banking system the people of Belarus. On this day cash deposits of individuals are 2 billion dollars.Approved the law does not apply to contributions made in Russian Times.

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Benefits bureaucrats have not canceled

Tsigankov: "Are there sociologists study how Belarusian citizens react to the abolition of privileges. And ready to defend their rights those who expressed dissatisfaction with the abolition of privileges? "

Sasnou: "As the public poll conducted in September INEC, approximately two thirds of the respondents were against the abolition of privileges. About 20 percent were in favor, to cancel them. Every fourth then said that he was ready to participate in the" Social March "against repeal of benefits. But we remember what happened even less. Tsigankov: "December 17 issued a decree of Alexander Lukashenko," On some measures of state support

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What will be the compensation for lost benefits policemen?

Government decree, whereby police receive compensation for lost benefits in the form of free travel, already signed by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky. Payments will be referred to the introduction of compensation for official vehicles for official purposes. Compensation provided large: Officer, Ministry Interior, Minsk city council or regional police can count on 150 bucks kazhdomesyachnogo application to wages, employees of internal organs at the district level — 130 bucks application, other payments for 110 bucks. Observers have estimated that today’s budget benefits treated much cheaper. While police ride in public transport for free, demonstrating the controller service certificates. At an

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