U.S. military to create a mechanical insect killer

USAF have at their disposal significant reserves of tiny flying drones, which they are prepared to use whenever you need them. As reported by John Horgan «National Geographic»:

DARPA has announced a competition to create drones, which simulates the size and behavior of insects and birds. As a result, the competition was created robotic butterfly with wings of carbon fiber and mylar. Piezoelectric motors allow it to flap at 30 times per second — so that they disappear.

The Air Force has created a small fleet of "micro-aircraft" ready for flight testing. In the above video you can see

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Horizontal Outdoor-display 70 from Mediavizor

Russian company "Mediavizor" designed and built a unique outdoor display 70 "c horizontal position of the screen (landscape orientation).

This orientation of the image is extremely rare for outdoor-displays. In the world there are only a few companies that can offer a stand-alone display with horizontal. Outdoor display 70 "from" Mediavizor "made on the basis of a special liquid crystal module and has an extremely high brightness (2000 nit) and static contrast ratio of 2500:1, the resolution of Full HD. Displays operate at temperatures ranging from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius match protection class

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Identified a leader of innovation and technology in Ryazan

 Photo source:ryazan-v.ru

October 30 ended the contest "Leader of innovation and technology city of Ryazan." The competition was organized by the City as part of activities cerebral palsy "Development of knowledge-based economy in the city of Ryazan for the period 2011-2013" and was held for the first time. The list of potential participants was formed by the developed technique for monitoring the innovation sector of the economy of the city. The list includes 45 companies and organizations Ryazan various organizational and legal form of a total workforce of about 11.5 thousand people. On 24 companies (total number of employees

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Russian photo contest Industrial Landscape

Moscow journalist fund participation in information education program "Expedition to the industrial Russia" is holding a contest for young photographers who are fond of taking pictures of industrial architecture and industrial facilities.

All-Russian competition of photos

"Industrial Landscape"

The objectives of the competition· Increasing young people's interest to industrial production· Improve the general concepts of young audiences about contemporary Russian industry· Identify and support talented youth ContestantsThe competition invites young people aged between 15 to 35 years from any regions of Russia.

Conditions of participationIn the competition is open to professional and

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Vologda musicians have won the competition in Italy

XVI International Competition named after the great Italian conductor Pietro Argento was held in Gioia del Colle. It was attended by representatives from more than 10 countries worldwide. Vologda in the competition presented Irina Bogomolov (piano), Alexander Rags (violin), students of 4th Music School Andrew and Alexander Torhovo (piano).

Irina Bogomolov an international jury was recognized as the overall winner of the competition. After earning the maximum points, she won the 1st prize, prize money and got a live gig for next season.

"Any creative competition — this is not only a battle, testing their

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Russian snipers best

A pair of Russian snipers from the 3rd brigade of special purpose of the Central Military Area (CVO) defeated in the final international competition SWAT "Golden Owl" and took first place. Competitions were held for a week in a real difficult climatic criteria Karaganda region Spassk at the site of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the competition was part of more than 170 experts the Special Forces mission of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, England, Jordan and China.

Sniper couples, sabotage and reconnaissance teams during the competition showed his skill and ability in carrying out specific tasks

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In the Vladimir region shone Rainbow

August 11 in Vladimir city Yuriev-Polsky was inaugurated sports and recreation complex "Rainbow."

FLC is going to be the main playground of Yuriev-Polsky district. Not accidentally sports facility located in the heart of the city. At the sports center will operate multi-purpose hall for team sports a 25 m by 48 m, with a gym and a balcony for spectators. The new hall will undergo training and competitions in sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, indoor soccer, etc. The size of the room and the equipment will be carried out in its competition for regional and nationwide level.


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Rifle ORSIS T-5000 has helped to re-win gold!

Rifle ORSIS T-5000 has helped to re-win "gold"!

Pleased to report that in major international competitions for high-precision shooting the second year in a row to win "gold" by the Russian riflemen in addition to personal mastery helps a sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000.

The Russian team won the snipers in two major international competitions — the Championship Czech Republic with an international presence in the military and police snipers shooting from the sniper rifle and the World Cup the police and military snipers in Hungary.

15th Open Championship of the Czech

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Rosoboronexport explained to why Russia lost the Indian aviatendery

Mi-28N Built in 2012 at the airport by "Rostvertol", Rostov-on-Don, March 9 2012 (photo — Mike Mizikaev, http://russianplanes.net/).

Prerequisites defeat of Russia in last year's 2-tenders to supply India's fighter jets and attack helicopters due to the fact that the Russian equipment at the time of the role of competition in the series have not been performed or was not in service with the Russian army, the general director of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaykin.These requirements have become one of the largest in the world in recent years, so the contract price only fighter (he eventually won France) is estimated at

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Roskosmos has announced a competition for the project moon rocket

The Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation announced competition the preparation of preliminary design booster languid class. According to the requirements, developed rocket, namely, to be applied for the delivery of gallakticheskogo manned spacecraft to the moon, according to a document on the official information website for placement of state orders.

Technical requirements for the development work underline the fact that the main payload of the newest missiles should be projected gallakticheskie ships family PCA (promising manned transport system). PCA — multi gallakticheskie ships modular design, in which the base unit is reusable. Different versions of their equipment

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