Brest opposition appeal against sentences

The Tribunal considered the metropolitan area of Brest presentation unauthorized meeting.Now Natalia antimony referee did not suit complaints three things — a fine 93 thousand rubles youth activist Yury Bakur, 15 days in jail and policy Paul Seviarynets warning journalist Lyubov Pronevich.Case of Yuri Bakura spotted for 10 minutes, and there are no complaints and Love Paul Sevyarinets Pronevich — 5 minutes.Brest human rights activist Yuri Zhidovich said the referee judged the nature of the case, "complaints are handled with speed peragortvannya pages."Paul Seviarynets explains:"The purpose of the complaint was that to lock the lawlessness that happens. And, in-2, pass

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L.Ermoshina: We are not able to open a discussion gossip and rumors

CEC members rejected the proposal Vladimir Romanovsky, Industry Semdyanovoy yes Ivan Lobachyova see complaints 6 deputies from the UDF, as Anatolia Lyaukovich and Valentina Svyatskov.Candidates are asked to understand why Borisov printing does not print campaign materials of UDF candidates, among which, namely, Anatoly Lebedko and Stanislav Bogdanovich."It would be a very great honor for one of the many printers. Generally, according to the regulations, this question can not be considered by us", — said chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina."We are not able to open a discussion a day of gossip and rumors," — she added.CEC upheld the complaint

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CEC examines complaints

Candidates for deputy this sovereign Leschun, who goes by the Logoysk constituency and V.Syamashka (Lenin Bobruisk area) will stipulate warning own district commissions.CEC also see the question "about the implementation of electoral legislation in the formation of the district election commissions. "The main issue of this meeting, the CEC — the registration of candidates for the Board of the Republic.

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The prosecutor’s office found that he ignorant in reconstruction dilemmas Grodno

One activist Ales Zalewski sad states: "The complaint was forwarded to the Executive Committee on the Executive Committee." The complaint noted that in the process of reconstruction of the center of Grodno were violations of the legislation on architecture and urban planning and protection of historical and cultural heritage. Activists gathered under the direction of a complaint to the prosecutor 789 signatures of urban residents.

A.Kozulin lawyers filed a complaint to the Attorney General

According to this document, the complaint has undergone review May 21, a month after its submission. "We remain the only way — is supervising complaint to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Petr Miklashevich. But at the moment to say that the regime showed its nyagnutkasts and inability to meet the demands of the Belarusian and world democratic community" — said the lawyer Freedom last Kozulin Igor Rinkevich.

In Last year Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Politician serving his sentence in Vitebsk colony.

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Elections: three complaints

So makarom, total number of appeals reached the 18. They even turned 19, but at the last moment, one bidder withdrew his statement. 6 complaints from unhappy yesterday none. In including and members of the Communist Party of Belarus Alexander Apanasyuk and Basil Lopatin, also non-partisan activist Deputy Chairman Free Trade Union of Belarus Yuri Novikov. The Tribunal also rejected Larissa Shukailo, Alexander Kazakevich, Tadeusz Kryuchkovsky. As already reported, "Freedom", while satisfied with only two complaints —Alexei Turovich and Vladimir Markov.

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Mogilev prosecutors dismissed the complaint Christina Shatsikava

The actions of police and prosecutors did not identify the doctors of the crime. According to a decree signed by the investigator Roman Dmitrychenka they acted according to the laws "On the Police" and "On Psychiatric Care and Guarantees of the rights of people in its provision."Basis for forceful hospitalization — "collective complaint"How to check out materials, the reason for the detention and emergency hospitalization Shatsikava Christina became a collective complaint of people that she is suffering from the disorder Tipo psyche.According to the document, signed complaint inhabitants of the house, where he lives activist. March 21 this complaint was

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Who offends Innu Cooley?

Inna Cooley initiate requests criminal case against those who placed the information on the web that it considers itself offensive.It’s about the site on the web, where guests can have their profiles and offer almost sexy services.Do investigators began checking on the application? Managing the press service of the prosecutor’s office of Minsk Oleg Agafonov answered this question Radio Liberty:"To the south of the complaint did not come, maybe she is still in the mail. If we get will be painted for inspection."Inna Cooley says that even sent a complaint mail April 27. She also recalled that the story stretches

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Applicants Chernobyl Way complained to the tribunal

One of the applicants Zenkovich Yuri said: "We believe that the Minsk city executive committee violated the current law, which asks coordinate format, time and place of the action with the organizers. It made was not. The court pronounced us that in order to accept the complaint required the presence of 4 people, and I attended and Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Alexei Yanukevich. Or should we send a complaint by mail. Since mail was through the wall of the office of the judge, we went into the next room and mailed this complaint. "Require applicants to follow up

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L.Ermoshina: Obstacles — no question CEC

68-year-old Vladimir Laptsevich nominated by 109 electoral district in Uruchcha. But the district commission for some reason decided that he does not live on the ground constantly Belarus. CEC now corrected the error. And the man who since 1994 is trying to stand out at all, without exception, presidential and parliamentary elections, won the right to collect signatures in their support. More scandalous complaint was chairman of the Minsk regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Vinogradov. If he repeatedly drove for registration of private groups active in Myadel Vileika, he was detained by police. Because he failed to pass the

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