Just ask JJ

Horticulturist JJ van Rensburg of Garden World answers your gardening questions.

A time and place

Penny Schneigansz writes: When I recently relocated from KZN to the Free State, I brought with me some of my Amaryllis and arum lilies (white and coloured); where and when must they be planted? JJ replies: The best lime to plant Amaryllis and white arums is the middle of July, white the middle of August is ideal for coloured arums. Amaryllis likes shade, with a bit of morning sun, while arums like full sun.

Turning a new leaf

Gert van Wyk of Groenkloofin Pretoria writes:

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What can go to the compost?

What can go to the compost? It is interesting

At the mention of the word "compost", most immediately have an association with waste food. The remains of fruits and vegetables quickly decompose, and thus will be a good nutrient for your soil. But this is not the only thing that can be thrown into a pit.

Hair is also good for compost. Hair with combs, hair and your pets nails trimmed without varnish saturated with nitrogen, which is so necessary for fertilization.

Almost any net (not processed) paper will find its place in your well is dry material will help

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