In Brest, police confiscated the newspaper Comrade

According to public activist Lyudmila Denisenko, during a rally intended to distribute the newspaper "Comrade." But police seized 5,600 copies of the publication.The other day in Minsk police confiscated 10 thousand copies of the newspaper "Comrade" and Zhlobin 5400. • The newspaper "Comrade" confiscated to check 27.09.2007

Your newspaper Comrade detained

Machines owned by local activists — Lieutenant Colonel in supplies and Marat Balyankovu Victor Afanasyev. Sovereign Afanasyev police said, as if in the car of drug trafficking.Victor Balyankova, Marat Afanasyev and Valery Rybchenko Zhlobin taken to the police and was kept there for half an hour and later released. Activists had porazdavat police several issues of the newspaper "Comrade" in which there is an article about cancellation of privileges for police officers.• Militiamen detained activists with the newspaper "Comrade", 26.09.2007

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