Q Acoustics Concept 20


They look similar to the 2020is opposite, but the Concept 20s have great new-tech under their skin.

Concept 20 stands

We don’t always recommend buying stands from the same people who built the speaker, but not only are the Concept 20 stands (£200 a pair) gorgeous, they also put the speakers at the right height (at least for our listening position) and firm up the delivery impressively well. Also consider biwiring — it makes the sound more open and transparent.

We love the Q Acoustic 2020i speakers. So much so that we gave them an Award in 2012. But

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No 80 Jaguar R-Coupe.

This 2001 concept tied Jaguar to its past while taking a step into the future

A dozen years ago, Jaguar was a maker of new old cars for middleaged men occupying the verdantly gardened, mid-century detached homes of Warwickshire. Many worked for Jaguar itself. They drove little and large X-type and XJ throwbacks to the 1968 XJ6, visually troubled S-types or XK8s redolent of E-types but missing the original’s delicacy and drama. Jaguar needed to break from its past, and slowly, sometimes painfully, it has. And no more completely than with today’s boldly original XJ. Yet the car that triggered

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Even as a child, Prisca Courtin-Сlarins was at the forefront of the luxury beauty industry.

During summer holidays she spent with her family in Saint-Tropez, the fashionable Parisian — along with her twin sister and cousins — was among the first to try the prettifying formulations crafted in the lab by their grandfather, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who founded the family-owned skin-care company that bears his name.

«He would try all the products on us,» explains Courtin-Clarins, who is now 26, «and wanted to know what we

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Bottoms up

An eclectic wine collection and the design ethos of business spreadsheets are not obvious bedfellows, but in Stuttgart, Germany, the two have been brought together.

When Stuttgart-based wine merchant and sommelier Kreis had to move locations, the com­pany approached local design-and-build practice Furch Gestaltung + Produktion about a concept that would enable it to display all its merchandise within the shop space.

The predominant requirement was to place six or 12 bottles of about 1,200 different types of wine (around 12,000 bottles altogether) and a small wine bar in an area of a little more than 700 sq. ft., spread

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Department of Fuel and Energy Sector

Moscow has been developed and submitted to the

«The concept of the city target program to improve reliability of power supply of municipal facilities in Moscow in 2010-2012.»

The document was developed with the involvement of employees

RTN and operators based on a thorough analysis of the existing power supply systems and a detailed technical survey of the equipment.

The Concept provides update obsolete and often worn out of power, the introduction of automation and a unified system of dispatching management of municipal facilities that will enhance elektrobezopas of equipment, reduce the cost of operational services, and reduce the

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Asteroid redirect mission concept complete.

But NASA’s plans to tow an asteroid into orbit around the Moon are caught in political crossfire.

NASA has completed its internal review of the asteroid redirect mission, its plan to capture a near-Earth asteroid and bring it closer to Earth. The review brought space agency bosses from all over the US together to examine and assess the concepts for every phase of the mission, «The agency’s science, technology and human-exploration teams are working together to better understand near-Earth asteroids,» said NASA associate administrator Robert Lightfoot, «including ones potentially hazardous to our planet; demonstrate new technologies and to send humans

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A Floating Concept.

Manoj Bhandari designs a bungalow on a small plot in Nasik.

‘A semi-transparent semi-transparent furniture system’, is how Nasik based architect Manoj Bhandari defines his interior design of this residence. ‘To create a «bigger home» on a small semi-detached plot of 215 square meters, one needs to define barriers without actually creating them,’ he adds. A vastubased plan with modest budgets is the pivot, around which revolve semi-transparent, naturally lit warm individualized spaces, with serene and clean lines.

‘I decided to keep the interiors clean, white and minimal, yet added some vibrancy through bright yellow reclining chairs, green plants, frosted

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BPF Party agreed with the concept of strategic action on March 25

Agreed with the concept of the Diet on March 25 as a day or in which democratic forces Belarus show national unity around the idea of independence, and as days when segodnyaschy power got the opportunity to show willingness to do some steps towards democracy, and especially to aid from the EU. "We give her such a chance" — Vintsuk Vyachorka.Heads of regional party structures were instructed to do the organizing committees action on March 25 in all regions of Belarus, BelaPAN reports.

Khartsysk Pipe has developed the concept of the plastic protector new modification

The specialists of one of the largest producers of pipes Khartsyzsk Tubes included in the mining and metallurgical group "Metinvest", developed the concept of the plastic protector new modification, the press service of the company.  "The company specialists developed the concept of a new modification of the plastic protector, which not only provides full protection chamfer the pipe, but also compares favorably to the metal. Replacement of metal on plastic protectors only in May brought the company to save more than 23 thousand UAH ", — the report says. According to the report, the new plastic protectors —

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Interior photo of the new concept car Lada XRay

Imagine photos interior of the new concept of the vase with the latest Auto Motor Show in Togliatti.

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