In the hands of an innovator and plastic sounded «a la Stradivarius.» Professional artists have already confirmed the high acoustic properties of violins and other stringed built VF Mukhin of sound-absorbing materials.

When he appeared at the rehearsal of one of the Leningrad orchestras and musicians to put some semblance of a violin, cobbled together from pieces of foam, a common view was: «Joker …» All the same, for the sake of curiosity, one of the violinists had a bow across the strings. And … the rehearsal was interrupted. The orchestra suddenly stuck «joker» puzzled outlandish crafts. Wow! The

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(Avery Fisher Hall.) Aug. 10 and Aug. 12-13 at 7:30 and Aug. (Clark Studio Theatre, Rose Bldg.)

Aug. 11 at 5 and Aug. 13 and Aug. Aug. 13-14 at 8: Gianandrea Noseda, a rare conductor of style and force, leads the festival orchestra in a robust, non-Mozartean program consisting of Beethoven’s buoyant Second Symphony and Rossini’s grand «Stabar Mater» the latter featuring such singers as the soprano Maria Agresta and the bass-baritone Kyle Ke-telsen and rhe Concert Chorale of New York. (Avery Fisher Hall.) Aug.


On Aug. 10, «Soundings»,


NEWS heavy and extreme music

At the traditional meeting of the Association of Feng BonFest, which took place in the homeland of the singer AC / DC Bon Scott (Kirrimuir, Scotland), it was decided to collect 50,000 pounds for the installation of a bronze statue (in full size) of this famous resident Kirrimuira. Ronald Belford Scott was born in 1946 and lived here until 1952, when his family moved to Australia. Over the immediate execution of the order took sculptor John McKenna, also a big fan of the band Bon Osprey in general and in particular.

Former drummer died KROKUS Dani Crivelli. "Our sincere

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What to do with the Vitebsk amphitheater?

As written municipal media, after years of reconstruction amfiteatar turned into "the most modern concert venue in Europe." But — in an open and neatsyaplyalnuyu site. And if yesterday was held in Vitebsk qualifying round junior "Eurovision", the temperature gauge showed just only 9 degrees. Spectators came to the concert in warm jackets, and small artists performed in the lung stage suits.Event tickets cost from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Because even at the ticket booths were queues: someone wanted to look at Verka Serduchka, was invited to decorate the children’s concert, while others sought to support the 13-year-old contestant

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Mogilev forbade concert rock band NRM

BACKGROUND ban concert unidentified. Favorite group Lavon Volsky says that organizers called a very powerful man."Organizer of the concert municipal structure, surprisingly, Cultural Center. They someone called, mysteriously, as usual, and then I asked them — who, what. The man, which to me, says he does not know who — a mysterious, powerful man. All goes according to plan, "- said" Radio Liberty "group leader Lavon Volsky.At first concert "NRM" organizers plan to spend August 26, but canceled due to illness Liavon Volsky. Then they decided to hold a concert on September 9. Together with the "NRM" and the band

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Vesna Cáceres in Minsk

Vesna Caceres was born in Croatia, and studied music there. Since 1990 he has been living in Prague. Usually she performs at concerts and festivals in different countries with their own group of "Anima", whose repertoire includes songs of the outstanding poets of Brazilian composers — Cayetana Velozu, chic Buarque, Jorge Ben, Milton Nasimentu. But the musical spectrum Vesny not limited to Brazilian and Cuban music, she sings swing, writes music for theater, and in soon began performing solo concerts, accompanied by an accordion. Specifically accordion she arrived in Minsk. On the days of it was a guest on the

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Night Siege July 31

The web site now tells Ales Vasil’kov details trial Vladimir Shulzhitsky who advertise in the center of handicraft Radio Liberty"The referee announced the decision: Vladimir Shulzhitsky found guilty of disorderly conduct (leaving the entrance and neprelichno cursing). … But according to the rules of the Administrative Procedure Code, the case was dismissed in connection with the expiration verbovaniya citizen accountability: passed more than 3 months from the beginning of this administrative review "of a violation." But case yesterday, the court did not was happen. "On forums portal

Mick Jagger wants to support Belarusian counterculture

Artistic control "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin told that the meeting with the favorite Rolling Stones accomplished one hour before the concert. Despite his busy schedule, Mick Jagger agreed to talk with the Belarusians. Khalezin "Mick — is a level even higher than the level head of state. He has assistants who prepare briefs him about everything, and he is very politicized people, very erudavany. Because it is only a very Belarusian issue when they say: "Well, he knows that there is Belarus?"The concert took place in Warsaw recently July 27: Mick Jagger knew what it means to this date for

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Bard on the organizers evening students wrote a denunciation

In late June, activists staged a presentation in Gomel Belarusian-song album Bard Dmitry Vinogradov. At the concert, presented their new works of other Belarusian-bards of Gomel — Andrey Melnikov, Olga Tereshchenko also Dmitry Bartosik and Evgeny Voloshin from Minsk.Concert owed go to the district House of Culture, which is located in the regional center Navabelitski area. But the director of the House of Culture Vladimir crystals refused to provide room for the concert, stating that do it forbid him to the city authorities.Representatives of local communities "Cleanup" and TBM returned Directorate DK taken to disseminate concert tickets and held a

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Dozhinki — prazdnichek booze in the construction garbage

The celebration will last a day or two, and so this event was divided into two steps: in the town are now mass celebrations with the sale of alcoholic beverages on the street one day and expect.Alexander LukashenkoIn town guests attended the festival: the main concert venue in the city park almost agricultural workers, who took second and third places in the agricultural competition.

The main concert hall "Dozhinki": let not all

Repair work on the outskirts of not over. Courtyard school № 4 According to estimates of Orsha defenders, Oleg Grablevsky for each of the 124 thousand orshantsev,

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