The Messenes Model

In the heart of Staffordshire’s Cannock Chase lies a tangible reminder of the area’s use as a ^ training ground in the First World War. For there, hidden for generations, lies a scale model of the Belgian town of Messines, the scene of the great British offensive in June 1917. Lee Dent and Richard Pursehouse reveal the story behind the model and the recent investigative excavations.

Take a look at any map of Great Britain, locate the county of Staffordshire and you will find Cannock Chase clearly marked. Surrounding this area you will find the towns and villages of Stafford,

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Build a Solid and warm home for moderate money is quite possible, if properly selected wall material. House of aerated concrete is characterized by high capacity for heat saving, and they are built quickly enough.

Aerated concrete blocks made from cement-lime-sand mixture to which is added a blowing agent — the aluminum powder. Aluminum reacts with lime and water, resulting in gas evolution and the formation of a finely porous structure. The resulting product was placed in an autoclave chamber. Here, in the conditions of high temperature and moisture curing occurs and curing of the material. The process is the same-dimensional, without the occurrence of Schshk internal stresses and, as a consequence, usadoch-deformations.

perfect fit

The final product has excellent mechanical strength, thermal and performance. This aerated concrete blocks have accurate geometrical parameters. Building

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A former cobbler’s shop has been reinstated with its original material, a rustic redbrick finish that is a nod to the street’s informal name — Red Brick Street. A bent copper demonstration sink continues the boutique’s warm tone, complemented by and contrasting with honey toned wooden shelving as well as bare concrete walls.



Particle board packaging built to protect Aesop’s produce has taken on new life as the store itself, forming storage units and a serving counter in this functional and captivating space. Look up and you will see 7,560 amber glass bottles suspended from the

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Considered by its owners as a building with two personalities, this two-storey 6m-plus-high home features raw, monochromatic grey concrete facing the street, while its north face of glass emerges from the ground and fills the home with light

It’s incredible how much a simple drive or detour can change your life. Some might come across a gorgeous antique that will become part of their home for years, while others may discover a cute little town they never knew existed. But by venturing off the beaten track, Queensland couple Carlo and Brunella Novello found their perfect piece of land, around 1.6

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B. PUnGMLN Doctor of Technical Sciences

In the Soviet Union the first prefabricated concrete structures are widely used in the first five years. They have been successfully used in the construction of a number of major industrial projects: State Bearing Plant named after LM Kaganovich and tool factory in Moscow, car assembly plant. Uralvagon-system and many other businesses. The precast concrete built some multi-storey industrial buildings, such as a three-storey production building factory «instrument» in Moscow, four-storeyed building of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

However, in subsequent years, especially after the war. the proportion of precast concrete in the construction of

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Interskol PA — 10 / 14.4 P

Dual-mode cordless rotary hammer SDS — Plus

Battery — removable Li-ion; voltage — 14 V; Capacity — 1.3 Ah; charging time — 1 hour

Operating modes: rotary; shock-rotational

SPEED: 0 — 750 r / min

Haste: 0 — 5500 strokes / min

Impact energy: 0.9 J

Drilling capacity (in the concrete / steel in / in wood, max): 10/10/20 mm

CLIP: SDS — Plus

Weight (with battery): 1.4 kg

EQUIPMENT: Hammer; 1 or 2 battery; Charger; keyless chuck 10mm adapter with SDS — Plus; magnetic bit holder-adapter SDS-Plus; set of bits (4 pcs.); drills 5,6, x8x160 mm; plastic case


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Resourceful. Worthy of a better

To guard against frequent shoplifting, shopkeepers often attached to the product specific tags that come off at the checkpoint after the purchase paid These tags are tiny devices that when you try to make a product out of the store without paying, include the output alarm, triggered by the resonance amplification of the radio signal coming from small transmitters installed at the exit of the store, however, this method is not sufficiently reliable, because the thief could screen the label with a piece of foil. The American firm «Check Mate Systems» writes the magazine «Newsweek», began selling a new

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Portland slag cement


Initially, blast furnace slag was just a waste of steelmaking and nothing more. At the end of the 15th century, the melted slag was first used in Germany, at the time of his cast cannonballs. In the 17th century slag were used in the form of crushed stone for road fill and rubble as filler when pouring concrete foundations and supporting structures.   In the mid-19th century, when the metallurgical industry of the developed countries was in full swing, and mountain ash continued to litter the surrounding area businesses, the product of the melt domain has become a

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Cherkasky concrete products plant got its second wind.


Until a few years ago, no one could not assume that Cherkassky concrete products plant, which is barely making ends meet, as well as many other companies within the industry, today will work in excess of the design capacity.

Since 2005, the company is a member of PJSC "MHP". The main activity of the plant — the production of reinforced concrete structures for agricultural purposes for the construction of the company. The territory of the enterprise — 8 hectares. During his work in the MHP produced 187 thousand cubic meters of concrete products, of which is

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Cement plant opened in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Factory Ltd "Sahtsement Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang" was opened on September 12 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

It is a joint Sino-Russian joint venture was set up at the end of last year. Participant from the Chinese side is LLC "Import-Export Company Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang-Zhuykay Heilongjiang Province," the Russian — industrial and building society "Beton-Service".

The plant was built in compliance with all safety standards, special attention is paid to the environment. Here are equipped with modern sewage system, so around the plant do not build cement dust, yet any emissions. In the plant built 25 office and

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