Supreme Tribunal re-sentenced to death and S.Marozava I.Danchenko

They were found guilty of several murders. Gang members Zaitseva, A.Semchanku, D.Sidarenku A. Astratsova-Gutyru sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which 5 years they have served in the bullpen, and 15 in the colony. A.Zhumav sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. This is the second trial S.Marozavym and his accomplices. In December 2006 was sentenced over 40 gang members. Then to the death penalty were sentenced S.Marozav, I.Danchenko and V.Garbaty. The trial was held in Minsk remand behind closed doors. The prosecutor explained to Eldar Safarov closeness of the "need to ensure the safety of participants in the process." Noteworthy

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On Sunday, the youth activists will write letters A. Klimau

Action "Initiative" will take place on Main Post Office from 18.00 and will be timed to days of birth policy, which falls on Sat.Andrei Klimov, August 1, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for an article on the web, which the authorities considered an insult Alexander Lukashenko and calling for the overthrow of the municipal building.In Last year several youth organizations organized a flash mob at the post office under the slogan "Send a letter to Dashkevich" — in support of the favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich, sentenced to one and a half years in prison for his role in an

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Kobrin: farmer was left without property

Among other Vladimir Bantsevich accused that has been collecting pharmaceutical herbs that through the web and special editions implemented as herbal consistencies unhealthy people. Ministry of Health considered that the private owner is not allowed do it without a license. Position the Ministry of Agriculture — for harvesting herbs license is not necessary — in a conflict situation is not taken into account. Grass for 90 thousand dollars?For a couple of years of operation, as the tribunal decided Kobrin district, the amount of profit made Bantsevich above 170 million rubles. Taking into account the total amount of legal costs that

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In the U.S., convicted swindler from Belarus

According to the verdict of the court in Buffalo, Maxim Levin was sentenced to 16 months bullpen must also pay a fine of 334-x thousands of dollars. The verdict by the district tribunal USA. Levin allowed to finish the last semester of the institute of learning. Over the next 5 years The federal government will lead Levin closely monitored.According to forensic investigator Jack Rogowska Levin worked together with a team of crooks — it’s more people from the former USSR:"Levin — is 25th convicted in the case of fraudulent insurance institute Buffalo. Scheme by which acted these people, was perfect.

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Custom work again gives courts

The trial was held in the Belarusian Military Court. Customs officers "Western Bug" and Grodno regional customs for a bribe passed through border expensive home appliances and duties taken as materials for a cheap operation. Midst of convicts — Deputy Director of Customs "Western Bug." The press service of the Customs Committee surname convicted manager said no. Also did not say how many of the 22 convicts worked in customs. "I am not authorized to comment on this information," — replied to my request for managing the press service of Vladimir sheaves. Trials of customs officers became frequent. Usually they

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Afnagel sentenced to 10 days

Earlier activist was sentenced in absentia to seven days in jail for his role in a demonstration on May 1. As a result, Evgeny Afnagel have to spend in jail 17 days. Afnagel arrested June 27 in Minsk. He spent the night in the slammer in Akrestsin.Youth activist Palina Kuryanovich told "Radio Liberty", which came out in the detention center of Minsk on Svislochi shore, where there were about 15 Young people:"Two commandos pretended to pass by so quickly wrapped later, suited specifically to Eugene, asked documents, the name at that time a police car pulls up. Take it by

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Freedom to Kazulin!

Pickets planned for July 13, when executed two years, being convicted last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Recall policy convicted on charges of hooliganism and organizing riots 5.5 years in prison. "Over the two years Minsk allow approximately one picket of 10 reported, and in the Republic the situation is even worse. But we do not want to be removed from such forms of struggle for the liberation of our favorite "- said," Freedom "last lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich.

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These people are hungry for spring in Belarus

Just a year earlier, on May 29, were sentenced in the criminal case against five members of the "Young Front", who were accused of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization. By this date, and the presentation of the book was dedicated, in the midst of which heroes and also the Young. Dmitriy Fedoruk summarizes the results of the year:"I felt that the horror for the young man if he loves their country, simply unacceptable. After a year earlier, many thought that can drop the Young Dashkevycha after planting. But we are not afraid. Not abandoned his own name, the

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Which criteria will sit Yankees Seltzer?

It has now become clear that Emanuel Zeltser already sent to the colony in Mogilev, where he will serve three years in prison. According to the lawyer Dmitry Harachka, he was told about it in the Minsk detention facility, where he came to encounter with his client. Details not moving lawyer said. On Friday, the emperor Harachka going to come in Mogilev colony, where hopes to get at least some information about Zeltser."Met most likely will not allow him, as there are quarantined for two weeks, during which meetings are forbidden. But at least know how to drop off. As

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Repressed in the middle of the Stalin era natives of Belarus — many thousands of Poles and only a few Russians. Why? Is it for the past history of Poland on our lands resettled more people than from Russia? No. It is clear that in the nineteenth century came to Belarus hundreds of thousands of Russian people that have filled all the newly created local power structure, economy, education and the church. Specifically, in the 19th century in Belarus was established that balance amount Belarusians, Poles and Russians, who in general remained a day or before. And if you really

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