Holiday workers will be shorter

With one side, basic holiday increases by a day or 3 (formerly small day was 21, with a new year will be 24). But additional leave will be reduced: for long working day (this category includes 1.5 million employees) will now be added 7 days (instead of 14) and at its own expense organizations. For work in hazardous criteria will now be a maximum of 28 days and only at the expense of the employer (formerly stay was 41 a day). The Government needs to certification of workplaces on working conditions. Managing the legal service of the Belarusian trade union

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Night Siege — September 7

On forums portal discussions are news Minsk Watch Plant "Ray" may implement a foreign investor. This was stated by the agency BelTA Deputy Economy Minister Oleg Melnikov. He also said, what you need find an investor and put him some criterion, for example with respect to preserving jobs. Oh, so these statements react participants forums:"Sorry, it still sell for scrap or he will invest funds investors to re-production?""Again, offshore-onshore … tender shall speak … By the way, pochetaemye plant — state property, in other words with you in our including. He works for our taxes … What it did for

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June Vasil Bykov: Democratic elections are not possible in the criteria of the dictatorship …

"It has long been clear that democracy can only develop from partial democracy to a more perfect, to complete, maybe. Criteria totalitarianism And democracy can not exist even in the rudiments. Because for the elections, they are our criteria simply impossible, democratic elections. democratic elections in the criteria of totalitarianism in the criteria autocratic dictatorship impossible. Indeed they inevitably will be rigged, as it happens, and we have more than one year. Totalitarian forces are very adept at using democratic institutions, and it is this skillful use of their adopted Western observers, Western political scientists — taken at face value

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What’s the score Russian loan?

The need for credit and a half billion dollars Belarusian side explained the increase in the price of Russian gas and oil and forcing municipal subsidies to support oil refineries.But the process of obtaining credit tightened. At the moment, there is information that the Belarusian side give credit — but only under the pledge of shares of "Beltransgaz".Ministry spokesman money Belarus Misha Valkovsky referred rumors Russian media messages:"There are no no sensation. Conditions for a loan — a very great need to negotiate. Unless the parties agree upon, that will then be published conditions. And while negotiations go on their

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Klimov — in the cell where he was held during the last arrest

Wife Tatyana Klimova policy states that have already received from the spouse of the bullpen two letters. "Part of the sheets are personal in nature, and to quote them I will not. Prison life About Andrew wrote almost nothing," — says the wife of a politician.All the same, some information Tatyana Klimova shared:"Yes, he wrote that it was positioned in the other chamber, in which it was previously, but what exactly — I do not know. During his earlier finding on Volodarka his passing back and forth many times, placed in different cameras."Tatyana Klimova bother to for a spouse not

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Andrei Klimov said the innocence and refused to testify

Andrei Klimov refusal to cooperate with the investigation and testify said lawyer Catherine Dudko, which provided legal services to Klimov, when he was charged. "He normally kept when it introduced with the prosecution — says Catherine Dudko. — Do not say that I was puzzled, but he did nothing about it read. Declared that he was not guilty and refuses to testify." Commenting on the accusation Andrei Klimov, lawyer Catherine Dudko abstained.

Catherine Dudka: "He normally kept when it introduced with the prosecution."

Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Investigator of Minsk Anatoly Guodong nothing about it said, referring to

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Ivashkevich: Mode is not able to contain the confrontation with Europe

"The regime is not in a state of financial and economic circumstances detain position tough repression within the country and confrontation with Europe. Nyavysvetlenastsi situation in relations with Russia, first in economic terms, Lukashenko must find other sources of money. Topics more than that samples to find them in the 3rd world not justified. Because steps are being made. Lukashenko will try to reach Europe to satisfied with those 2 factors: political prisoners freed candidates for deputies will not peel sticks during campaign . "

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In clinics are 32 victims of the explosion

Condition of most of them is satisfactory, one person languid state is four— in a state of moderate severity.Three victims were discharged from the hospital on July 11.

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Issue of political prisoners — basic

On last week Alexander Lukashenko said that the issue "so called political prisoners "in Belarus is closed. Lukashenko then said:" We have made an unprecedented step of good will and now we’ll see how it will respond to the European Union and the United States. "Here that reads EU representative:"We know that some political prisoners have been released. We look closely at those what’s happening in Belarus. There is no doubt that this is a step in the right direction, and we believe this step principle. But we expect more from the Belarusian authorities. At this point in principle, that

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Such a boundary — read Trotsky — ruinous for Russia …

"Free Belarus" in 1918, said: "The German peace terms cut off from the Russian island Moozund, part of Belarus to Vilnius and part of Ukraine. Boundary ends at Brest. "Such a boundary — read Trotsky — ruinous for Russia to viewpoint strategichnago, ekanomichnago and etnografichnago, and quite contrary to the criteria demokratychnago world. "Next Trotsky admitted that the German peace terms require indemnity hidden in sumi about 8 billion Trotsky admits that power cum. Commissioners will be forced to make the world and under such criteria. ""Pioneer of Belarus" in 1948, prints a letter Sarvaskay school students Mosty district in

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