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Shady gardens

What to plant in a shady garden is only a dilemma if it isn’t thought through properly.

Many options exist when it comes to manipulating the amount of shade in your garden. But, how shady is the area to start with? Obviously, a shady garden is one with limited light. Solid shade, where light is quite dim, is often caused by tall buildings and walls, and is common in urban areas with high-density housing. Tall screening shrubs and hedging, or all-weather pergolas, also create low light conditions. Such garden areas are often in shadow for most of the day.


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Supplied free of charge to educational and training establishments, from the Inspectorate of Recruiting, Directorate of Recruiting and Selection, PO Box 1000, Cranwell, Lincs, NG34 8GZ.

NOW HERE’S a treat. You may remember some time ago, the RAF released the first in a series of ‘IT in … ‘ packs, aimed at schools, and for free. Being the exception that proves the rule, the first pack, all about air/sea rescue, was worth considerably more than you paid for it. Judging from the mail received by us, you were interested too. So, good news, there’s a second in the series, this

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Energy container EWA save humanity

Research and production company EWA (Vladimir) produces a compact and easily transportable energy containers, which can process and display up to the level of drinking water, electricity supply and filtered fresh air in any extreme conditions.

Energy container placed at KAMAZ, in field conditions on-site exhibition Agromashholding

Energy container can maintain a comfortable living environment, not only in schools, hospitals, mobile hospitals, office buildings, tent and other prefabricated structures for exhibitions and sites, but even there, where to stay, there are no rights to customary conditions.

Energy container company EWA will be presented at the international

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Sarkozy and Medvedev agreed on Georgia

The document provides for cease-fire, withdrawal of Russian and Georgian forces to the positions they held prior to the outbreak of hostilities, the obligation to provide free delivery humanitarian aid in the region. The document also says that to discuss a plan for a lasting settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict Russian peacekeepers remain.In addition, the parties agreed to an international debate on status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.Recently, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy fly to Tbilisi to discuss the agreement with the management of Georgia.Meanwhile U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Russia called for an end to military operations

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Shoigu included in the state defense order a new multi-layer digital outfit

Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has approved a new generation of field uniforms and included it in the state defense order.

Novelty called "Seasons set of basic clothing" was featured today at the "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." 

Sergei Shoigu again inspected the novelty and pointed to its main advantage — the principle of layering. With this set of 23 items provides the military bearing of a comfortable life in all climatic zones in different weather conditions. In the production of uniforms used

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The branch of JSC IDGC of Center — Tverenergo expands fleet

Tver Energy IDGC of Center joined the fleet of 41 vehicles unit 19 Brigade UAZ, five of drilling machines, two tracked vehicles, five vans, eight aerial work platforms, two brigadier GAZ distributed in the areas of electrical networks (RES) of the branch.

Necessary in terms of territorial acquisition of the Tver region remain Crane-boring machine. They are designed to drill wells to a depth of 3 meters. High intensity drilling is one of the main advantages of this model. Technical performance machine at work on the ground is at least 15 meters

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Successfully completed environmental testing cars RIC dimension of TIZ

For five days the new RIC car manufactured by Siemens and Tver Carriage Works, visited the conditions and the Far North and equatorial Africa.

In Vienna (Austria) completed environmental testing of the first car of the international dimension RIC, built by Siemens in cooperation with the Tver Carriage Works (part of ZAO "Transmashholding"). The test results confirmed the compliance of the car to the specs and safe operation at high and low temperatures.

The tests were carried out of the car model 61-4476 in a climate chamber "Vienna-Arsenal" — the only one in Europe test facility of this type.

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Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has commissioned a new building final assembly shop

At JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" (JSC "U-UAP"), which is part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" in the framework of the program of technical re-commissioned a new two-storey administrative and production building final assembly shop.

Total floor area is 1,400 m2. The new building opened for the expansion of production space under the second plant assembly line, as well as to improve the working conditions of more than one hundred employees.

The new building will house a spacious and equipped with the most modern production equipment instrument workshop where 40 people will be working. There's also provides

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First aid station will be commissioned in summer

Today the civil works on the subject by 95%, plumbing — by 90%, and low-voltage electrical network mounted by 85%. Completed device systems supply and exhaust ventilation, is nearing completion of the installation of water measuring unit and pumping equipment fire extinguishing systems, construction of external off-site water supply and sanitary sewage. Improvement of the territory is 70%. The construction of the access road to the object.

It is expected that most of the remaining work will be completed in the next 1.5 months. Measures for improvement, planting and asphalting is scheduled for early summer. It is assumed that

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Belarus Foreign Ministry: Violations of human rights in individual countries of the world in 2012


Promotion of Racial Discrimination

August 30 in front of a large number of police officers a few football fans gathered at a square in Vienna on the eve of a football match, attacked a passing rabbi, chanting anti-Semitic slogans: "Jews, get out!" And "Heil Hitler", while portraying the Nazi greeting.

According to the rabbi, three police officers were standing five feet, but no action was taken. They were ignored and calls for help the victim.

The rights of migrants and refugees

Several former employees of the refugee center "Zaualm" (Carinthia) reported a number of violations of the rights

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