In Belarus clouds

In the next day, 14 November, in the whole of Belarus will be clouds, BelTA learned in the National Weather Service.

In some areas of projected light precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, foggy, icy conditions. West wind 9.4 meters per second.

At night and in the morning in some areas expected icy roads. Warning of adverse weather conditions Republican hydrometeorological handed to the regions.

Night temperature range from minus 4 to plus 1 degree. Day will be from zero to 5 degrees.

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In the North Muya tunnel using intelligent control systems

Scientists SGUPS introduced a similar development in the North Muya tunnel (East-Siberian road) having length of 15.3 km. As the head of the department of the university professor Valery Khabarov, this object is a complex of structures, drainage and drainage devices, both vertical and horizontal workings, as well as a variety of equipment to ensure its safe operation. The uniqueness of the tunnel is a combination of climatic, tectonic and geological conditions. It is located in a zone of high seismic activity to 8-10 points, laid in rocks of all kinds, in the permafrost and tectonic faults. The formation of

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Storm during a snowfall, Muscovites saw a rare natural phenomenon

Very rare natural phenomenon could watch today from Moscow. Lightning strikes during a snowfall — this does not happen every winter. Center reports FOBOS, at midday Moscow was in the zone of active atmospheric front. And he brought with him a wide range of weather conditions. It all began in the winter — with snow storm and rain will end, forecasters promise. At around 13 o'clock in the sky over the capital have even a thunderstorm. Some citizens saw lightning and heard thunder. Reports of this can be seen in the blogs. "Thunderstorm, guys, I have just been on

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Planes from the capitals airports do not take off the second day

The situation in Moscow airports, whose work was paralyzed due to severe weather conditions over the weekend, remains tense. Passengers second day can not fly to their destination, according to RBC.

Difficulties with sending flight so far observed in the Sheremetyevo airport. According to testimony in the events, the situation at the airport is heating up. Passengers who have been previously registered, but still have not taken off, with the scandal leave the airport building.

In this case, passengers noted that no food, no hotel offers them no. People complain and misinformation, which causes panic among the passengers. According to

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North Queensland is trying to resist the flood

After the recent invasion of the cyclone Oswald on the northern edge of the Australian state of Queensland in a number of locations, favorable conditions for flooding. Particularly high the water rose in cities such as Ingham, Helifaks and Tully. Flood noted in some areas Townsville.

Capricorn Region and the central area of Queensland also came under the influence of ex-cyclone and experiencing conditions similar to flooding. Very badly damaged freeway Bruce, which is the main artery of Queensland. Livni is so blurred pavement strengthening, that in some parts of the highway had to be shut off. Smaller

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The biggest storm recently hit Chicago

7/12/11 About 45000 customers were disconnected from the electricity supply on Monday night. To blame for a series of powerful storms that swept through the Chicago area and its environs in the early afternoon, according to

Representatives of the power company said it was the largest blackout associated with weather conditions over the past 13 years. In general, the complexity of 868,000 people have been disabled.

Power outages were also reported in other cities.

In Chicago, a strong gust of wind broke the tops of large trees, trees fell on homes in Rockwell and Howard. Strong wind tore

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In Lipetsk region MIA professional training center opens

Today is the grand opening of the renovated training center of the MOI of Russia in the Lipetsk region. Here are the initial training of police officers in the region. The police of the districts during live training at the Center. Previously, the conditions in which they lived and trained listeners were, to put it mildly, not quite comfortable with it, with the building of ZPP were repaired.

— For police officers, who are here the initial training, we tried to create the most comfortable conditions. After all, employees, aimed at training center are just beginning their

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In Crimea expected snowfall

Ministry of Emergency Situations warns of worsening weather conditions in the Crimea in the near future. Storm warning in the peninsula extended until January 28.

As reported in the Crimean Glaucus MOE, today, January 26, in the southern and eastern parts of the peninsula is expected to snow.

From 26 to 28 January in the Crimea remain icy. January 26 northern wind 9-14 m / s, and temperatures of -6-8 C at night, -2-4, sometimes upsetting.

On the roads and mountain passes of Crimea passage secured, staffed 37 people and 24 units of machinery.

Weather forecast in Ukraine on January

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In the U.S., snowdrift were 70 people

Indiana authorities are trying to get to 70 motorists, blocked by a strong storm. In the state of emergency. Intelligence agencies of Indiana trying to rescue more than 70 motorists caught in the "snow trap" after strong storms, but severe weather conditions prevent the conduct rescue operation.

Note that four people died as a result of bad weather across the country. According to Deputy Sheriff Andy Hynek police, some motorists are in a "snowdrift" more than 12 hours. For salvation involves all emergency vehicles. In Indiana, the maximum recorded rainfall, improved weather conditions are expected.

In addition, in the

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Storm warning announced in the Kursk region because of a snowstorm

Storm warning announced Wednesday in the Kursk region due to high winds, blowing snow, sleet and a sharp drop in temperature, according to the Kursk MOE.

"According to the forecast for 12 — 16 December, in the Kursk region is expected worsening of weather conditions: strong winds up to 21 meters per second in most of the area of snow, blizzard," — said in a statement.

According Rosgidromettsentra, these days in the Kursk region is expected to reduce the temperature immediately doubled — from minus 6-8 degrees on Wednesday to minus 12-14 degrees on Sunday.

According to the MOE, such

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