SX280 HS £290

The PowerShot SX280 HS is ideal for travel and is Wi-fi-enabled — and connecting to Wi-fi is straightforward but very slow. While not perfect, the Wi-fi is great to use. You can quickly connect the camera to any Wi-fi network, create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network from within the camera, connect the camera to your smartphone and back up images to a PC. Battery usage is heavy with Wi-fi and GPS running so consider a spare battery.


F900EXR £259

The F900EXR includes a host of networking options. The wireless features allow you to

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Sonos multiroom system

With Sonos you can expand your set-up at your leisure — why not start with a budget Play:3. and add a bigger Play:5 later? Then maybe hook up a Connect to your existing hi-fi and router, then add speakers to a Connect: Amp in another room, or a SUB for a bass boost. For a further upgrade, the Arcam rSeries SonLink DAC works a treat with the Connect.




Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Our favourite music streamer is only kept from the top spot by the brilliant flexibility of the full Sonos system;

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Project news

De Ceuvel – the Netherlands

Neat Amsterdam is a former shipyard that has become a post-industrial wasteland. This disused plot is to be turned into a green oasis housing creative and social enterprises, as well as a teahouse and a bed-and-breakfast establishment. Old houseboats that would otherwise be condemned to the junkyard will be refurbished and kitted out with green roofs and other sustainable energy features, turning these craft into on-land offices and workshops. The site’s heavily polluted earth will, over time, be ‘healed’ by «soil-cleaning plants», which will feature strongly in the scheme. Architectural practices Space & Matter, Metabolic

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ANAEROBNYЁ sealants — reliable fixation of threaded connections

Despite the fact that all the fixing thread self-locking, in most threaded connections provide locking fasteners from unscrewing at variable load and shock due to lower friction force in the thread and on the end support surface of the nut or bolt (screw) during vibrations. All methods of locking can be divided into three groups: an additional friction locking; locking additional details; locking tightly. Locking additional friction — the most widely used method for fixing fasteners where vibration affects their reliability. To exclude samootkruchivaniya threaded connections using washers of various designs, special bearing surface profiling and other techniques. One

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In Minsk going rapporteur Andrea Rigoni

This was said Radio Liberty Co-Chair of the Political Council united democratic Anatoly Lebedko forces. "On this trip sovereign Rigoni read more during our first meeting in the winter of this year. Naturally, it would be wise for him to visit Belarus during Euro march, that in concentrated form could get answers to those questions that it trevozhut. But, of course, the deputies their plans, their routes action. He plans to come across as an official party and the co-chairs of the political council of the United Democratic Forces and representatives civilian society . " • New Rapporteur on Belarus

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Grodno pickets against repeal of benefits not allowed

All cancellations are based on a similar formulation: "Nominated you place the picket does not go to the list of locations approved by executive committee."Members Joint civilian Party planned to spend September 30 pickets in all districts of the town — so they want to collect signatures from residents and send them to the National Assembly.Tomorrow head of Hrodna branch of the United civilian party Yury Istomin should come in October the police department Interior Grodno. The agenda indicated that he was summoned as a witness.

SLM make regional structures

At the beginning of the meeting, members of the Political Council honored the moment of silence in memory of the missing Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky. August 30 — International day of missing persons, and this occasion Rada adopted a special declaration.The main question: who and what to cooperate?Or not the main issue, which is discussed now members of the Policy Board, was the creation of regional coalitions.In some regions such united democratic structure has long been there and work in other members of different political parties and public organizations can not find agreement and

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Help about football» connect Iraqis?

After the sudden victory own team over three-time champion of Asia — Saudi Arabia’s national team — thousands of Iraqis in the evening on Sunday took to the streets. Many wept and danced obymalis.In Iraq’s national football team players come from all main groups of Iraqi society — Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs, Kurds and turkamany. Prospect team looked pretty bleak, and least three potential coaches refused to lead the team. In the end, two months before the main competition was the coach of Iraq’s Brazilian Zhovan Vieira.Many Iraqi supporters believe that victory can contribute to national unity. Here that reads

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Relations between the U.S. and Russia should not become hostage to the campaign

Vladimir Putin — the first foreign country favorite, George W. Bush invited his parents’ house. George HW Bush met Russian guest at the airport of the town of Portsmouth. From there they went by helicopter to Cape Walker’s Point, the estate of his father’s current president.Far from the house accomplished demonstration, where about tyscha demonstrators protested against Russian policy in Chechnya and the United States in Iraq. They sought from Congress to declare George W. Bush’s impeachment for the war in Iraq.The conversation was "directly and humorously"In Kenebankportse Putin met with his South American officer, yesterday they rolled across the

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June Bykov: Only capable of nationalism» join society

"Specifically, nationalism, by Francis Fukuyama, more involved in the liberation of peoples from communist dictatorship. NOT liberalism, not democracy — namely nationalism communism enslaved peoples. Where this process has been completed, the opportunity to transition to democratic liberalism, and where not ended, where he was detained by obscurantist forces — there nationalism as before pressing. because only nationalism with a more efficient way to join forces» society in its democratic development. "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects avdyeantalegii.

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