Democracy, totalitarianism and the manipulation of consciousness

Manipulation — domination by way of spiritual influence on the people, by programming their behavior. This influence is directed to mental structure of man, is hidden and aims to change opinions, motives and goals of the people in power right direction.

Even this very brief definition, it is clear that the manipulation of consciousness as a means of power arises only in civil society, with the establishment of a political order based on representative democracy. It is — "Western democracy", which is now, thanks to brainwashing, is perceived simply as democracy — Opposite the plurality of types of

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One in three pregnant — psychic?




A woman about to give birth able to stop time, to predict the future and even get out of the body! .. This is the conclusion of researchers from St. Petersburg Institute of Human Brain, the first in the world have been subjected to the study

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Strange meeting


He seemed to be waiting for me on the trail. Neither young nor old. Not tall, but sturdy. Beautiful Slavic face. No beard and amazing clear blue eyes that express the infinite freedom and infinite love. From it came to me some unknown force. I tried to consider it his own insight, but saw no light and darkness. Then how such a force? — You are trying in vain to see me — he said, when I caught up with him. — I can not see. — But I can see your body, your eyes … — What is

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Storm of consciousness. Paradise doomed. Online

Paradise … In people's minds there is no place more beautiful. Does it exist in reality? And where was? Recent discoveries of scientists say, is a beautiful legend of Eden — the truth! Once on Earth did exist paradise — South Africa …

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Five people were killed and breathed hydrogen sulfide


2.07.11.Tragediya occurred in the cottage village Novoivanovskoye, near Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Sewerage well become a trap for five residents.

— It happened on Thursday around 22.30, — said the "KP" UK representative of the Moscow region Russia Irina Gumennaya. — Found that 45-year-old local resident, without the participation of specialists descended to the bottom of the sewer pit to a depth of four meters for troubleshooting. But inside the accumulated gas. Man became ill. To help him turns trying to come spouse and three nearby villagers. But they are also inhaled gas. As a result, four people were killed

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That predicted the winner of the Battle of psychics Vitaly Gibert about the end of the world in 2012?

January 12, 2012 2:59

Vitaly Gibert end of the world told in the summer of 2011. Winner 11 season of the popular show "Psychic Battle" is one of the best esoteric our time. In addition to deep practical experience, Gibert has extensive knowledge in the field of Islamic and Jewish mysticism. As for information about the end of the world, then it, as well as other information received from Vitaly Gibert cover him Higher Powers. What is this higher power, the mystic does not tell, but strongly suggests something absolute and universal.

So what exactly said Vitaly Gibert end

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Brains psychics askew




This study proved the Russian neurophysiologists

Using sensors can determine whether people with unusual abilities.

July 10, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" collects Congress psychics — those who see through people like medical devices. About participation in this great event, we wrote April 17. , the oldtimers will not only

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The school with the damage




Parents accused teachers of witchcraft

No, strangely enough, this time the book of the Harry Potter series has nothing to do with it. Location — the high school in the south of Tanzania. An ordinary school in the heart of the Dark Continent — 800 pupils,

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Day of my death. Video


Can consciousness persist after the brain has ceased to function? This is the question looking for an answer creators of this fascinating film. The basic material for the study and comparison of used memories of survivors of clinical death. It's hard to believe, but the stories of returnees "from the world" suggests that the mind is not fully controlled by the brain and can exist independently. Maybe this separation of consciousness is the soul, the existence of which is spoken by all religions of the world? Documentary about the study of clinical death raises questions about many things.

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In the dream, the sound in your head is scary

Every year, two or three times I wake up from a strange sound in his head, like a bassivny ultrasound, inspiring fear overpowering my mind! The sound comes through a dream in my mind after I open my eyes and all the space in the room is lit gentle, pleasant neon. I also feel the high pressure over his head, I want to pull the blanket over his head to stop this unpleasant feeling, but I understand that I can not even move a finger phalanx! My body was paralyzed, I'm trying to force through a huge helping

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