Despite the huge number of software synths available, there is still a massive market for more expensive hardware synths. This is in part due to the gratification of instant feedback when tweaking knobs and sliders, along with circuitry and operating systems that have been optimised for a single job. It ’s much easier to get lost while sound-designing using a piece of hardware, as you’re not so easily distracted by other effects and plug-ins, and touching controls directly feels much more intuitive than using a mouse to fine-tune parameters. You may also be buying a hardware synth for its analogue

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Book series

Laugh from the heart, to reflect on his own, to admire the fortitude, afraid to make a decision — these emotions and feelings will give you news of October.

1 «Public recognition of middle-aged women aged 55 years and 3/4»

Sue Townsend

«Phantom Press»

The writer has a rare talent — to see the humor in the everyday: shopping trip, a trip on a vacation, buy household appliances. Warning: will laugh out loud at any time, anywhere — even in transport, even in the queue to the dentist. The best remedy for autumn blues!

2 «Invisible thing»

Valery Panyushkin

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Caracas Lukashenko considers a request for a loan

"We consider this request and always able to help your friends," — said the Venezuelan favorite. Chavez also noted Belarus Venesuela experience and constant attacks and anger from the U.S..Venezuelan Embassy in Minsk until the official disk imaging on loan Belarus has not.

S.Nyarovny: No change of control of press freedom in Belarus will not be here

Mazhejka: "I am convinced that freedom of the press in Belarus now can not be guaranteed by any laws, decrees or edicts. And get the right to freedom of disk imaging, I believe we can only thanks bolshennomu number of people for whom, though annoying, but objectivity, let annoying , but the truth is much more expensive sweet psevdapazytyv state propaganda.And here, I believe we should impose a personal position on each. Despite pressure from the authorities, despite the danger, it is necessary to publish newspapers, create websites, radio, television, publishing books and even leaflets, and be prepared to defend

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Kozulin lawyer will appeal to the Supreme Tribunal

The complaint will be filed with the supervisory procedure in the coming weeks in the name of Valentine’s bitch.

By Rinkevich, Kozulin as before does not consider himself guilty of criminal malfeasance:

Rinkevich: "I do not think that anyone who knows Kozulin, believes he will file similar papers about parole. We’ll go another method. Initially appeal against the verdict in the state legal instances, and then — in the international. I think Justice will prevail in this case . "

A day or figure: only 5 percent of Russians believe Lukashenko only real friend of.

According to the survey, which now offers the newspaper "Izvestia", each third of the respondents named him "hitretskim and dangerous politician", as many people believe that he — "pochetaemy favorite Belarusian people"And 10 percent of the respondents consider it" the last dictator in Europe ".More details on the survey read here

Media Act adopted new amendments

The text of the bill, prepared for the second reading, "was considered a lot of comments and suggestions," said Chairman of the Human Rights, public relations and media Yuri disk imaging Kulakovskii.MP listed some of them:1st Social Coordination Council media disk imaging will not be formed under the Ministry of disk imaging (as it was written in the last version), and the Council of Ministers.Second proposal took into account the Belarusian Association of Journalists on the work of correspondent Fri In the adopted version correspondent point — it is a separate subdivision of a legal entity and not the consulate,

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Youth Ministry of Education claimed dissolution

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Unfurled" School for All "on the porch of the Ministry of Education. Watchman ran out of the building and claimed, that young people crossed the road and started across from the building. Malady agreed that this is ideal, since then picket bureaucrats will be visible from the windows.Lena explained to the purpose and motives of its own shares as it:"We came here in a symbol of solidarity with our Salihorsk activists Deputy Chairman "Junior Front"Ivan Shyla, who illegally expelled from school. Also brought an appeal demanding the dissolution of the Ministry of Education." Activist

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Thick: The Board did not consider the opinion of clubs first and second divisions

At today's meeting of the executive committee of the RFU president PFL Nikolai Tolstoy, following the decision by the Board of the organization, and based on the position expressed by an absolute majority of football clubs — members of the Association of Professional Football League, voted against the structure of the all-Russian competitions involving the transition to a system of "Autumn Spring" in 2012. In an interview with the official website of the PFL Fat deplored the fact that the Executive Committee approved the adoption.

"Unfortunately, the appeal to the Executive Committee of the Association of Professional Football League

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Two years ago we celebrated Christmas together

Lady: "I believe that everyone should own prazdnichek celebrate when it happens, but do not connect all together. Catholics celebrate in their own day, Orthodox — in your own. "Lady: "It is best to celebrate together."Lady: "I wish that separately. I myself — Orthodox and me my Christmas seems to have been transferred from generation to generation. "Man: "We were Unitarian civilization, and two years ago celebrated Christmas together. And if the Uniate Church will return to our country, I will consider it as a victory over the impact of the metropolitan church. "Man: "This is historically that celebrate differently.

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