German historian says in Belarusian and examines the history of Grodno

Guest also presented aaplet "Layers of Memory", dedicated to the occupation. Panelists role Grodno historians and students. At the meeting went correspondent of "Freedom," he spoke with Felix Ackermann, who has the Belarusian language.Reporter: "You wrote a book on Belarus, in which four pages. How hard it was to do, how long did it take?"Ackerman: "It took me 5 years and can not say that it was just for different reasons. Many local historiography developed from 1939 until the end of the second World War. And also the post-war history is not very well developed at this point in the

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Quote a day or August 6

"This again is a fantasy about the export of revolution or democracy, and these fantasies are usually poorly finished. I do not think that democracy was imported here in the Czech Republic, or that someone taught us that if we needed a similar education. I believe that the system has fallen from domestic circumstances and I believe that in the same way it falls, before or later, in Belarus, Cuba or somewhere else. I believe that heroes who think that they have brought down communism, they say a lie, they amuse themselves, or in some places we have abroad. "

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Actions in the eyes of Estonia Estonian Belarusians

Yuri Jurkiewicz — Co NGO "Belarusian initiatives Estonia", which has an office in Tallinn. BACKGROUND conflict he sees that there is no common ground between "local" and "others.""It is evident that, in principle, everything is due to the fact that there is no dialogue. Dialogue between communities — estonskamovnay and Russian. And here in fact many reasons for reflection.’s Also true that, for example, at work, people are just afraid active time to express their worldview.To be honest, exacerbated relations between the Russian people and estonskamovnymi after these events. This much I can say. Tension is felt. With regard to

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End quote: 14.04.2007 — 20.04.2007

"While Belarus is not free, the European mainland the mainland can not be called democracy."Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister "The level of conservation population fell from 20% in late 1990 to 4% in 2006. The Japanese economic miracle of their first savings rate was 30%, is generally considered the level of 10%. Belarusians are not willing to take care of the funds they want at the moment and currently live better, take the car, apartment, etc. "Leonid Zaika, managing research center "Strategy" — the transfer of the "Prague accent." "Sire van der Linden said to me that the step (referring

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Russian Dissent beat Petersburg OMON

"It was the most powerful Protest"Said one of its organizers, Garry Kasparov in an interview with radio station" Echo of Moscow "." We were able to get more than half of the Nevsky Prospekt, and the column, which came to an old building of the Duma, was 4 — 4.5 thousand people. "Kasparov believes that holding shares Putin at home can be considered "a tremendous success", although him, "Number of detainees in the shares measured hundred square meters." Among them — favorite of the National Bolshevik Party of Russia, Eduard Limonov, who may be charged with organizing mass riots.

During the time of independence in art produced many

Sovereign Vasilevsky convinced that since independence in monumental art made much:"After 17 years of independence monuments statesmen built more than in all previous years Russian timesand: this monument Oginsky Molodechno and monuments Mickiewicz in Minsk and Navagrudak, and the monument to Prince David in David-Gorodok … And with all this there officialdom, which also carries within itself the imprint of time. Monument police on a hill near the Ministry of Defense — it is a specific symbol of our time. I’m not sure that he will stand for a long time at this place, but it is very time characterizes

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Spouses Giusto-threatening Bornachin 3 years bullpen

As the newspaper writes Il Secolo XIX, from September 2006, when the home pair of Cogoleto decided not to give a girlfriend reversed Vialejka boarding and within 20 days of hiding it in the Swiss Alps, Italy Tipo divided into two camps — those who support the home-Clan Giusto Bornachin, and those who believe that their action caused great harm to the cause of Chernobyl kids stay in Italian families.If Genoa Tribunal juvenile justify deliberate acts of spouses Cogoleto Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin can expect a prison sentence of up to three years.

Defence wants to reincarnate this

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Supercomputers SKIF-Aurora

South Ural official Institute (SUSU) and Russian manufacturer of supercomputers JSC "RSK-SKIF" put his signature on the contract for the delivery of SUSU newest supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora".

The solution proposed by the "RSK-SKIF", is considered to be the outcome of a supercomputer program "SKIF-GRID" Union of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The main goal of the program is considered to be the essence of Russian rulers systems similar features on their own most powerful supercomputers produced by major foreign companies.

Supercomputers "SKIF-Aurora" is the 1st study, which represents the freshest lineup SKIF supercomputers in row 4. Technology expressed in

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In the United States due to medical errors in hospitals each year 195,000 people die

In the period from 2000 to 2003 as a result of medical errors that could have been prevented, died in hospital an average of 195,000 people, according to a new study case histories of 37 million patients, published by HealthGrades, dedicated to quality health care.

This study was the first who considered the mortality and economic impact of medical errors and injuries that occurred during hospitalization for Medicare across the country from 2000 to 2002. HealthGrades used the study of patterns of mortality and economic impact indicators developed by Zhang Chunli and Marlene Miller and published them in the

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Sea levels will rise slightly

May 15, 2013. It's not as bad as we were still talking. Comprehensive study of the behavior of ice sheets revealed that in 2100, its melting will add no more than 36.8 cm to sea level. In other words, the growth in this century will not exceed 69 cm

Water rises, because along with the planet heats up and expands, and also because the glaciers and ice sheets melt and slide off into the ocean. The rate of sea level rise is unknown, because prognosis as to how much will be lost when the ice, proved to be very difficult.

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