Tunnel lover

Documenting big construction jobs.

How did you start shooting construction sites?

I started taking photos of a tunnel project in Portland, OR, as part of our construction work. Originally, the photos were for internal use. Then the City of Portland hired me to document other construction. I have since photographed projects for my current employer, Jacobs Associates, and other clients. It varies, but I visit about 15 to 20 sites per year. Although Jacobs Associates values my photography skills, engineering geologist is my prime occupation.

What kind of access do you get on a tunnel project?

Generally, I have access

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Ster Group

The seemingly unstoppable growth of Kurdistan is inseparable from the construction industry, and Ster Group is crucial to the sector’s positioning in the economy. When the broad range of diversified activities the company is engaged in is taken into account, one takes stock of the sheer importance of Ster to the Kurdistan adventure.

Mr. Sarwar Pedawi, chairman of Ster, is keen to stress the importance of ‘‘keeping up with the Joneses’’ (the West), so to speak. Where before, construction companies could shirk on quality in order to save on costs, such compromises are frankly no longer tolerated. With an increasingly

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«Versetta Stone for your next project. Easy to install with no mortar needed. Light in weight, so it can be used without having to add more support. Available thru Arrowhead Building Supply Inc. www.ArrowheadBuildingSupply.com or www.OutsideElegance.com.



Replace your 5‘ unused kitchen desk with the Levity Device task lamp and double charging stations from Kitchen Liberty. The Levity Device is 1/4″ thick on your countertop when not in use. Turn your unused island into your office annex. www.KitchenLiberty.com 314.898.7513

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bath or adding on to your home,

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Escalators tower Water Tower

Vertical symbol of the International Exhibition of Saragossa Expo 2008 was a tower Water Tower, which houses the exhibition «Water for Life». From the beginning, she had to look not only to attract visitors, but also be a place where they go up and down, watching the exhibits, a water park and the eastern side of the Spanish city of Zaragoza. The upper part of the building is a glass structure 73 meters in height.

The building plan in the shape of a falling drop, and its diagonal profile takes different forms depending on where you look at the building.

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Electricity supply in Moscow — a policy of increasing the reliability of

Delivering a speech at a meeting of the Moscow government

January 20, Deputy Head of the Moscow MTU

Employees of the Moscow MTU Technical supervision is carried out not only to supervise and control the construction of power supply facilities, and are often active participants in the construction, helping to place before the commissioning of facilities, to address issues related to ensuring the reliability and safety of construction projects and eventually by issuing a permit for their operation.

Analysis of work for 2006-2008 shows electro-growth in 2008, during which only electrical killed 14 people. Provided, however, in the Concept of

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Creative problems of industrial architecture TODAY


Doctor of Architecture, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Architecture

The continuous growth of material and cultural needs of the Soviet people makes all areas of architecture every year more and more demanding.

Before the industrial construction in the Soviet Union since the early days of Soviet power were set the task, it is fundamentally different from the objectives pursued by capitalist enterprises.

The very nature of capitalism, which exists only at the expense of surplus value, objectively pushes the owner of the plant as much as possible to reduce the wages of the worker, and the

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LEAD shadow

Or a history of combustive-lubricating KINGDOM

«Infernal machinations» in the «paradise»

This story is revealing. Measure officials feeling of impunity, by how obvious are violations of environmental (and other) legislation that residents are willing to do to protect their legitimate interests.

To begin with, how she came immediately. The situation is simple, despite the abundance of documents, the conflict of several parties, the judicial proceedings.

In the village Nazia Leningrad region not so long ago there were just two problems: the reconstruction of the old stock of fuel and lubricants to the size of the tank farm and the construction

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Progressive practice

Candidate of architecture Zhukov

The massive construction of large-block houses in Leningrad is a progressive, genuinely progressive phenomenon whose significance extends beyond just this type of construction.

Ogradno that large-block construction in Leningrad, not frozen in one place, and expanding and gradually improved.

It should be noted mass and complexity of large-block construction, which is carried out in compact blocks avenue named Stalin, in the immediate vicinity of the plant of large blocks.

A positive feature is the pursuit of Leningrad builders to use typed assortment of large blocks combined with individual sculpted blocks. These and other measures helped to

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Ways of development of hospital construction

L. Yurovsky, the candidate of architecture

New organizational forms of medical care, carried out by the Ministry of Health in recent years (the association of hospitals with polyclinics) and in the common organic fusion of inpatient and outpatient care, in a rather largely change the structure of the old hospital, regardless of its organization (decentralized, mixed, centralized ).

In this regard, the architects there is a problem — to develop a new structure of the hospital, while ensuring appropriate conditions for hospital and outpatient.

One of the major issues that have a significant impact on the bulk composition of

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By the wayside

Unfortunately, quite often it happens that during the construction of an object is less than the whole of attention to the treatment plant. Attitude to them builders, and not only them, usually «cool» even though everyone knows that without them it is impossible to take objects.

That showed that the check carried out by the national monitoring committee of the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, together with the Karelian territorial gidrohimlaboratoriey North-West Basin Territorial Administration to regulate the use and protection of water and Karelrybvodom on Kondopoga pulp and paper mill.

Wastewater plant, insufficiently treated in the mechanical treatment

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