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Alien invasion. Documentary


In sci-fi thriller "War of the Worlds" Humans are a fierce struggle for survival in the battle against alien invaders. All that the viewer sees on the screen, including attacks entire armadas of space aliens — only the fruit of the film's vivid imagination. But whether this scenario become a reality, if you try to imagine that the exact sciences is realistic can assume that development.

In our film "Invasion of the Aliens" some of the most famous American scientists have come together to explore all the implications of possible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence people for modern humanity.

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Scientists are preparing for contact with aliens




Chief astronomer of the American Institute SETI Seth Shostak continues to insist on the fact that over the next 20 years, humanity will receive a signal from the brothers on reason.

As part of the Seti @ home 5,000,000 volunteers with

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BBC News: What to do if you come in touch aliens

January 20, 2012 9:15

UFOs. Photo:

If you believe the fantasy film, the aliens come to Earth, usually at a ridiculous oversight and reluctant to contact with humans. However, astronomers from the international organization SETI for years preparing for contact with extraterrestrials. What if the aliens really take to the connection? A question that British journalists RADIO COMPANY BBC.

Organization of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is now considered the most authoritative and respected international association, which is preparing for contact with alien civilizations. Its members (astronomers, physicists and other experts from

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Tribe, avoid contact with the outside world

February 6, 2012 15:02

Organization Survival International released photos Mashko Piro tribe, living near the national park "Manu" in the south-eastern Peru.

This nation has no or almost no peaceful contact with the outside world. However, oil and gas projects and illegal logging makes the tribe to seek new lands.

They want only one thing — to be left alone. They shoot bows in tourists sailing on them to take a look, and recently released a warning arrow (without tip) to a park ranger.

There was at least one murder: shot Nicholas "Shako" Flores, a representative of another tribe,

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Aliens prey on celebrities?

February 7, 2012 15:35

Recently the show business are increasingly recognized by his belief in aliens, and some say that my own eyes have seen UFOs and even entered into contact with them. Recently, the famous American comedian and television host Fran Drescher said that the child was abducted by aliens who implanted a chip in her body …

Moreover, the 54-year-old Fran said that this experience was and her husband, producer and writer Peter Marc Jacobson. And there was all in the same situation — when the two children were traveling with their fathers in the car.

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UFO — Life Behind Barbed Wire

January 13, 2012 14:23

Studies of unidentified objects by a special department of 22th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the test, located near Moscow, in Mytischi.

It is there that flocked all the information on any cases of contact with UFOs. The work of the special department has given the opportunity to choose from the general mass of information real cases of contact with an unidentified object. This was the beginning of a serious hunt for UFOs, and the scope of this hunt was huge. However, the UFO game proved to

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Politicians and aliens

Recent advances astronomy boldest hypotheses implemented. By mid-November 2011 confirmed the existence of 701 exoplanets (planets around other stars) in 576 planetary systems! In practice, the number of reliable candidate exoplanets much more and their "official" number will grow to dizzying pace.

Only the project "Kepler" 1200 exoplanets discovered to reliability of about 99%, but for verification status requires re-registration of such planets from ground-based telescopes. It is not surprising that in a few years, these planets will be in directories astronomers thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands! At the same time, according to preliminary estimates, only in

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Welcome, gentlemen, aliens! Are you ready for this, gentlemen earthlings?

"… And finally, the most controversial topic of discussion — the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many world leaders have repeatedly made statements about the existence of extraterrestrials. So in December 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in an interview with reporters joked on the existence of aliens," How them to us, I will not tell, because it can cause panic. "But the interest in the topic of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is not over, as evidenced by the corresponding discussion in the agenda of the forum in Davos.

Photo: A scene from the film Spielberg's

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UFO is also a danger of contact

The main feature of the UFO is that no matter how much it flies, and sit down. At the landing site from time to time there are people who are often — animals, and almost always — the plants. Numerous cases studies have shown that a mysterious radiation engines spacecraft has had a devastating effect on terrestrial life forms, inhibiting their growth, leading to illness and even death.

Reports of human contact with the UFO and humanoids are increasing. Increases the number of visits to the so-called "anomalnyhzon." In connection with this highly topical issue of compliance is

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East China fever outbreak

Numerous cases of hemorrhagic fever were recorded in the city of Qingdao in Shandong Province and its surroundings.

The disease has killed 13 people, an additional 249 people are infected. An acute shortage of vaccines. As reported by the Chinese media, the virus of the disease is mainly spread by rodents, in connection with the City Department of Health encourages residents to strengthen the fight against these animals, and do not pay more attention to food hygiene.

More than half of cases, according to the authorities, are residents of nearby villages. Among the common symptoms — redness and swelling of

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