Improving WORK PONAB-W

VS Titarenko, art. Electrician distance Lozovsky South Road

Mirror survey of railway track

According to the technological process of service PONAB-3 when checking the parameters in the sentry boxes of equipment machinery is switched off. At this time, the passing trains are not controlled by heating Books.

In order not to turn off the equipment during the test, the outside of the windows I installed the mirror survey of railway track. I installed at an angle so that the measurement of parameters in blocks through a mirror you can inspect the railway line from the approaching train sitting at the

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Gaiduchevici: with Ukraine on the very same principle as with the European Union

"As for relations between Ukraine and Belarus, they will be based on that same principle as with the European Union. It primarily pragmatychnasts and desire to continue the dialogue and to establish contacts with our neighbor. Ukraine — and our close very good neighbor. They say is true, that the neighbors do not choose. In this case, first will deepen economic ties will expand cooperation on strategic issues first in the energy sector. In this and the Belarusian and Ukrainian side is very interested, "- says a favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, owed. • "Lukashenko is very

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"Belsat" appealed to us asking whether you can purchase the address for the website link. Company checked — this domain is free, and assured the channel that it would be purchased for "Belsat". But through several days company said channel that the Belarusian party refused to implement domain, not explaining his decision. According to the company with This is the situation meets for the first time.Oh, so the director commented on the situation channel "Belsat" Agnieszka Romaszewska:"I do not understand this step. I think, What if we refuse to purchase the domain, make such a

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M. Statkevich: Sukharenka not mind flashed

KGB chairman appointed the former head of the presidential security service Yuri Zhadobina.Zamest his presidential security chief Suzhby appointed Andrew Vtyurin who ran the management of personal protection of the structure. According to official sources, Stepan Sukharenko dismissed as chairman of the KGB in connection with his transfer to another job. As commented in Minsk these reshuffle?Statkevich said that this is due to the simple horror and disbelief:"At such a situation not under the influence of terror turning their attention professionalism — give people the coming who think they know how trust. Currently awaiting threat from Moscow. Apparently, those who

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MIG-31 would shoot down enemy satellites

The State Duma requests the Government to revive the Russian anti-satellite project Duma Defense Committee invited the President and the government to return the draft precision complex lesions LEO satellites and missile interception. Parliamentarians believe that it will allow the Russian Federation maintain positions of cosmic defense. But experts believe that the resumption of the project started in the USSR is impossible without profound modernization of military production. The manuals on the results of the November parliamentary hearings on the aerospace defense of the profile committee members noted the need to resume work on the ground-air complex «Contact» created

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Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation

The Belarusian delegation was headed by Deputy foreign minister Minister Valery Voronetsky. Head of the Lithuanian delegation, Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Laimonas Talat Kelpša during the meeting recalled the case of property seized at the border of the Lithuanian people and provided some suggestions on how to avoid this in the future. As saidand the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, "Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation." During the regular consultation of representatives of diplomatic agencies of Belarus and Lithuania (June 21-22) open a discussion as prospects for economic cooperation and prepyadstviya ecology.Belarusian and Lithuanian diplomats said that both countries

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Invaders Belarusian citizen in Nigeria do not go to communicate

After last week Group Russian diplomats traveled to Port Harcourt, where he was stolen citizen of Belarus. They met with the heads of state and Ryverz Whassan Eurest Nigeria, representatives of local law enforcement. In addition, a telephone conversation Embassy Counsellor Minister Viktor Goncharov with Minister Interior Nigeria. Silovik assured that the Belarusian citizen will be released in the coming days. But specifically with addition time all contacts with militants negotiators suspended.With all of this indicates that the negotiators have all one-way communication with the robbers, who themselves face contact with representatives of the company, which employs Ira Ekpo-Mind.

Turks got hold of the Belarusian mobile outsider

According to the document, 20% of the shares will remain in the country and supplies on their sale will operate 5-year ban. Other stocks Turkish side will acquire half a billion dollars. As explained in the company’s "best", the company will make payments Turkish in three easy steps. 300 million dollars will go a month: in the last days of 2009 and 2010 Years will translated by another $ 100 million. Display results 2008 annual income, "BeST" receive another $ 100 million for infrastructure development. During the following years, "Turkcell" plans to further invest in improving the network another 400

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The best weapon against the KGB — the announcement of the facts

Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski focuses on the fact that the security officers in their work often use illegal ways of influencing people. Because citizens themselves need to see to it, that has complied with all the rules that accompany the call in the KGB or the prosecutor’s office:

"At a certain situation that occurred with fur — it is an obvious administrative distress. Moreover, the role of intelligence agencies on a potential candidate for one of the party activists, the 1st of recognizable people in your own town and the region. And basically it has at least a violation

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The deputy did not realize their own language voter

Possible candidates for Chamber of Deputies Representatives of the rural district of Vitebsk list United Democratic Forces, BPF members Leonid Autukhou not extended service contract. He believes, because of his political activity in general and because of the intention to run for parliament. Then the emperor Avtukhov appealed for help to the current deputy of the House Valeria Lektorov:"I have prepared for him three questions. And at the meeting spoke to him in Belarusian, municipal language. And he says to me: I — Russian and Belarusian language I do not know. Then I asked the prosecutor, that instituted against a

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