Contents in captivity domestic and exotic amphibians — employment of hundreds of thousands of pet lovers. In addition, terrariums with some frogs and toads have become familiar elements of the interior in the company offices, banks and other organizations. However, only the content of terrarium animals satisfy not all nature lovers. They want to achieve and breeding, to watch the mating behavior of his players, «spy» spawning time, raise offspring.

A cinema for under £500

Samsung HT-F65001 Home cinema in a box £430

One-box home cinema systems have always represented value and simplicity. But finding just five speakers and a sub for £430 is tricky — let alone a set that includes a surround amp, 3D Blu-ray player and all the cables. It’s with that value in mind that we unbox the HT-F6500.

The speakers are fairly stylish and well made. Plastic dominates, but it’s solid and glossy. Less effort’s been made with the sub, which is an (admittedly relatively slim) MDF box with a sticky-out grille on the left.

Loads of on-demand content


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Faster downloads, better coverage and superior audio and video on your mobile

The UK is no longer stuck in a one-horse race when it comes to 4G connectivity. O2 and Vodafone have joined EE in launching their own 4G LTE mobile networks, bringing five-times-faster mobile speeds (and better) to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

While the average 3G speed is 1.5Mbps, 4G should be around 8-12Mbps. However, EE has already doubled speeds in 10 UK towns, bringing speeds of 25/30Mbps and a theoretical maximum of up to 120Mbps.

The end of the EE ultrafast monopoly should mean a more competitive landscape,

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Power plant with microturbines for Timerovskom field utilizes the entire APG fishing

BPC Engineering has launched into commercial operation of the complete power plant ENEX based Capstone microturbines for Timerovskom oil field in Tatarstan.

The power plant is manufactured in our own factory BOC Tutaev Yaroslavl region in accordance with individual customer requirements and delivered in the shortest possible time — less than three months. Its electric power is 600 kW. ENEX powerhouse in offline mode. It is composed of three Capstone C200 microturbine installation, two of which are major, and one — the backup. The project BPC Engineering performed as supervising installation and commissioning of the equipment.

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Vitebsk: opposition outraged criteria in prison

Both activists said immediately going to write complaints about unsanitary conditions in Vitebsk temporary detention. Tovpyga Yang said that in each chamber insulator installed CCTV valuable instruments, but no soap, no other hygienic tools.Activist says that asked norms of detention and made sure that they are broken: for example, the camera is removed regularly arrested are not taken to the freshest air is unseasonably honey and help so on.Yang Tovpyga and Ales Pozniak imply send complaints to the Department of Health Executive Committee and to the prosecutor. Party members have expressed concern about the health of their own adherents who

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U.S. can get rid of aircraft carriers

Due to budget cuts, the Pentagon renewed debate about the need for aircraft carriers. The Defense Ministry has the opinion that these ships are not only too expensive to maintain, but just not suitable for modern warfare.

March 25, 2013, 9:18


In the next ten years, the Pentagon will save $ 500 billion in this regard, Captain Henry Hendrix in his report called into question the justification for the content of giant ships, "After 100 years, carriers are moving rapidly to the end of its useful life." According to him, they are

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Building release Ryazan bypass traffic jams

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To relieve the city streets in Ryazan building construction detour. Work carried out at several sites. This year we plan to complete one of the key stages — construction of a pier and a drawbridge.

Ryazan is not far behind in the construction of Sochi city-significant objects. In the regional center are implemented, though not Olympic

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Modular and containerized water treatment plant (Water & Wastewater).

CJSC "Akvametosintez" develops and manufactures modular and containerized water treatment plants. Modular water treatment plants are manufactured in two types:

in block-modular design — series BVPU;

in container design — series BVPU-K.

Purpose — cleaning of natural water from groundwater and surface water sources. Scope — autonomous and centralized water supply system: — Objects of housing and communal services, camps and settlements; — Military units and Emergencies; — Social facilities, hospitality, health resorts and sports facilities; — Enterprises of gas, oil, mining and metals, food and pharmaceutical industries; — Energy complex; — Enterprises of transport

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Clouds packed …

Oxygen Water

White clouds — artesian water enriched with oxygen by a unique technology (high water). Now you can not only know the taste of the cloud, but also get energy given to us by air. The increased oxygen content of the water gives an unprecedented freshness and elevates to an excellent degree of its impact on the human body.

Water and oxygen helps:

— Improve vitality;

-recovery from stress — both physical and mental;

— Relief of headaches;

— Removal of hangover;

— Removal of toxins from the

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In Bobrikov was more gold than thought

Stocks Bobrikov gold-ore deposits (Luhansk region).’s JORC revised upwards and is now estimated at 3.303 million ounces (93.64 tons) with a gold grade of 0.5 g / t, of which counted — 0,121,000 ounces, estimated — 0.229 million ounces.


As indicated in the Australian stock exchange report of Korab Resources Limited, is carrying out through Lugansk Gold Ltd. and «Donetsk Ridge" project for the extraction and enrichment of gold-ore deposits, the average content of gold in such an evaluation is 1 g ton.

In October last year, Korab Resources announced

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