Fatakonkurs My Belarus — favorites of the week

"Expression of the movement" shows a lady that goes against the flow on the river with a white-red-white flag. "The Jewish Cemetery" embodied in svetlatsenyu unique situation: The old Jewish cemetery has long been hidden impenetrable forest thicket, yes, thanks to the work of woodcutters, at a certain time opened to the human eye, and then again become overgrown. Creator accompanies their fatapratsy small essay. Retrazdymki "Against the Stream" and "Homeland Melodies" pieces of life fall Pinsk period "Polish time" 1930: played by rural musicians, young lady posing in tourist kayak. More about favorites and knows their shots leading fatakonkrusu

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Basowiszcza: 3rd day

3rd day Basowiszcza — it Free Stage, featuring live bands, which were not selected for the competition, but decided to show themselves out of the competition. Since This year Festival lasts a day or three, then any of the favorites of the competition applets has a half-hour speech.Music producer Igor Znyk notes very highest level of young musicians performing in This year Basowiszcza on:"I like very Group UNIA. They play music — a combination of folk and rock, that has chance to become popular not only in Belarus, and in the world. " Festival favorites — Novopolotsk group Klaus i

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Honoring My favorites fatakonkursu Belarus (photos)

Photos. Honoring the first favorites fatakonkursu "Liberty" "My Belarus"Yesterday in the office of the Belarusian Language Society respect favorites came first step fatakonkursu "My Belarus", in which students participate and visit the website of radio "Freedom". In May favorites and the winners were Alexander Osipenko, Kasia Shtirlitsa Alexander Kushner, Alexei Ozhinsky, Prakopau Ludmila Ludmila Vitushkava Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Kasia Shumskaya Oksana Luniniec, InSomnia i Slava. Leading Competition Valery Dranchuk and journalists "Freedom" presented the winners and the winner radyepryymachy and books from the "Library" Freedom ". Competition "My Belarus" lasts. Amateur photos of Belarus can send their

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Summer Initiative opposition

Gifts promised the participants and winners of the competition, which starts from now. Continues it will be until July 20, and awarding is scheduled for July 27. On intentions and expectations of the organizers — Julia Kotskaya:"We look forward to alternative information to that shows BT. Besides, this video can shoot people completely different political, professor, religious or other affiliation. Moreover, that information will be different, its value also find roznabakovasts."Julia Kotskaya said videos up to 10 minutes contestants loaded onto video service YouTube.com. Links and contacts — on electric adresok info@milinkevich.org.A.Milinkevich: "Movement" For Freedom "attach additional people"Chairman of the

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Or until the end has come Alehno Eurovision?

In the past year, after Dmitry patraplennya Warlock in the first 10 of the favorites of "Eurovision-2007", the Belarusian organizers of the qualifying round for the singing competition made no secret of satisfaction: in 2008, they say, will not have to pass through a sieve and seminal elected to travel to Belgrade Ruslan Alehno machine to get to the end. By Warlock representatives of Belarus — duo "Alexandra & Konstantin" Polina Polina, Angelica — "fell" on the semi-final stage. But the satisfaction was in advance: before today’s competition organizing committee revised the old rules and decided that, apart from four

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In the House of Writers unknown Colas and One day in the BPR

Unknown KolasAcademic Publishing House "Belarusian science" continues the publication of Collected Works Kolas 20 volumes. Not so long ago in bookstores emerged fourth volume in which, together with the known works of the first postwar decade for the first time taken by more than 5 s 10 verses of the national poet . Kolosovsky They transferred to the museum from the KGB archives, sought by researchers in other municipalities and private archives. ABOUT unknown heritage Kolas with the granddaughter of the poet, an employee of the State Library of Belarus Vera Miscavige talk Michas Scoble. Michas Scoble"Faith, by my count,

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The researchers chose the first key scientific objectives of the program Radioastron

Russian space telescope "Radioastron" in the contest of scientific programs received the objectives for the year: up to June 2014 with the help of astrophysics will study active galactic nuclei, pulsars, jets, birth of stars and interstellar space, told RIA Novosti zavlaboratoriey Physical Institute Astro Space Center Lebedev (ASC FIAN) Yuri Kovalev.

In September 2012, the team "Radioastron" announced the first contest of the key scientific program for this tool. "We have announced an open competition where I learned to participate in any country, in order to maximize the scientific output of that program were selected not

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One day in the BPR. Competition Freedom. Lyrics

Favourite contest "One day in the BNR" — Sergey BalakhonovCompetition textsFirst Chajchyts Ales. Thirteenth plot Second Nartir Nartir. Life that I waited3rd Andrew Pasquier. March 25 2008Fourth fifth. Winged rider5th Ales Rybachonak. Real prazdnichek2nd Eugene Huchok. Sun over the Niemen (Poem-report)Seventh ISHS. A day in the life of the BNRLena Lütke eighth. Fictional dayNinth Cyril Staselko. Lives BNRTenth Konstantin Syrel. BabyEleventh Anton Udod. Dark BreadSergei Balakhonov twelfth. Loop tenacity (comics)Historian, philosopher, writer PRO COMPETITION "ONE day in BPR-2008"O.Latyshonok: "If I did not BNR Socialists, would be more likely"I.Babkov: BNR — heroic attempt to make unenforceableU.Lyahovski: leftist BNR in 1918

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Ukrainian CRM system viznana kraschoyu on mіzhnarodnomu konkursі

 Photo source:in.ua

The results of the competition Ogolosheno mіzhnarodnogo CRM Idol. Vіtchiznyana rozrobka Civil Terrasoft, system BPMonline CRM, CRM Idol udostoєna title in 2011 regіonі EMEA (Єvropa, Serednya Azіya i Africa).

W 60 rіshen, yakі take fate in konkursі, BPMonline CRM has become a tickle in the іstorії peremozhtsem CRM Idol.

CRM-system BPMonline bula paying peremozhtsem competition bіlshіstyu golosіv suddіv — lіderіv dumok CRM-Rink, i bagatotisyachnoї auditorії, yak at each other clip.

The major perevaga BPMonline CRM — Tse ob'єdnannya in one produktі dvoh How? BPM + CRM. Bearing-down platform upravlіnnya BIZNES-processes (BPM), on yakіy pobudovana

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Ukrainka Anna Zayachkіvska zaynyala tretє mіstse on konkursі talantіv to Mіs svitu 2013

Schoyno to "Mіs svitu 2013" zakіnchivsya fіnalny etap competition talantіv in yakomu sered 12 dіvchat svoї vmіnnya demonstruvala our first krasunya that rozumnitsya Anna Zayachkіvska.

Htos, yak "Mіs Trіnіdad i Tobago" that "Mіs Cameroon", gravel barabanі, htos, yak Slovak Katarіna Homіstekova gravel skriptsі, htos, yak "Mіs Canada" demonstruvav aktobatichnі etyudi.

Ukrainka Anna Zayachkіvska pіdkoryuvala suddіv spіvom i chastkovo їy Tse distance. Our krasunya zaynyala tretє mіstse, yak Dusty Velma bogato balіv to the main result of the contest.

Pershe mіstse yak to a miracle, viborola "Mіs Іndonezіya" Vanіya Larіssa. (Іndonezіya —

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