In Warsaw, picketed the Belarusian Embassy

The building of the Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw, about 15 people came — Belarusians and Poles. Participants of the rally held white-red-white flags and sought to end the trial of activists "Junior Front. "By picket organizer Sergei Marchyk, shares support abroad are important for those who are in Belarus.Marchik: "The regime has made concessions. During the week vyzvaenyya from prison three political prisoners. Do not know what exactly it is connected, but the pressure of international organizations, for sure, had a value here. ‘Cause you need to continue the action, show foreigners that people dissatisfied with the regime a lot.

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Kozulin colony visited salting Germany

According to the administration of the colony, a conversation with a former ambassador presidential candidate lasted more than an hour. Alexander Kozulin allowed to take food transmission in including Chocolate. As told in the administration of the colony yield Alexander Kozulin hunger strike lasts, as before, he does not work on health does not complain.

Condoleezza Rice: I did not want to omit the South American flag in Belarus

Alexander Lukashuk: Ms. Rice, I wish to ask a question for you on behalf of our listeners in Belarus, including those who will listen to your answer in the bullpen on shortwave radio. In the past year you dubbed Belarus last dictatorship in Europe. Over time, during which you are heading the State Department, US-Belarusian business fell to the smallest in their history. This economic sanctions and a ban on race in the U.S. management of Belarus in Minsk now no South American ambassador, there are only five diplomats. The embassy was on the verge of closing. Why is this

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Rakowski’s Fair on January 1, does not work with part of individual entrepreneurs

Councilman business fairs Vasil’chik Lena said:"We were thrown into the street — 50 business. It’s at this moment, and then again going. This space will give one entity. Circumstances not even been explained, it is we found. And they just uttered that until 31 December must Retail release. "An administration official said the market Ilya Kanoplich that right administration — to continue or not to continue the contract. The administration plans to reconstruct the structure. Sovereign Kanoplich not exclude that give space entity.

In the Indian state of Uttarakhand landslide

June 14, 2013. On a mountain road in the Uttarkashi district, the northern state of Uttarakhand, was stuck for more than 15 million tourists and pilgrims who were traveling in the bus 900. Their journey was interrupted many hours of downpours caused extensive landslide that swallowed a large section of the road.

Because of a natural disaster damaged a section of the national highway Rishikesh-Gangotri, who followed in Indian sights people had to wait more than 16 hours to continue their journey. In this case, they had no food, no drinking water all the time.

The road near the village

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Doha negotiations stalled

The Doha Round stalled Facts

The first week of the conference on climate change and extension of the Kyoto Protocol in Doha ended without making any significant decisions or revolutionary developments. Unfortunately, the country members could not reach consensus on the timing, the permissible values of the emissions, the deadline for implementing the new protocol and a number of other small nuances. EU countries insist Kyoto-2 worked for eight years, and sees no need to increase the already existing 20-percent rate of emissions for the year 2020 to 30 percent. Small island states more impressed period of 5 years. According

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In Saratov, opened the second section of the new waterfront

September 6, on the eve of the Day of the city of Saratov opening of a new section of the waterfront from the street. Grandmother vzvoz to the street. Proviantskaya.

Astronauts continue construction of the embankment began in 2007. In the past year has opened the first section of the new two-tier promenade from the street. Provision to the street. Volsky. Sept. 6 opening stage II object length of 800 meters, which is connected with the old embankment is constructed plot. Now the total length of the quay of Saratov reached 3 km.

Embankment construction

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In the Volga region continue to produce juveniles of valuable and high-value species


In Astrakhan, Volgograd and Saratov regions, controlled by the Volga-Caspian территориальномууправлению Rosrybolovstva areas continue to produce young.

Total as at 25 August 2013, according to operative information, the release of the fish stock and valuable species (at the expense of the federal budget, as well as compensatory and equity) amounted to: in the Astrakhan region — 1,997,800,000 copies.’s Volgograd — 2.8 million copies., in the Saratov region — 0.3 million copies.

The plan, set FGBU "Sevkasprybvod" state job in 2013, is made by the sturgeon by 161%, at 115% of ordinary fish, white fish

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INNOVUS-2013: is a unique development for space


At the XV Tomsk Innovation Forum INNOVUS-2013submitted a joint product of "RSC" Energia " and Tomsk scientists — welding process a new generation, based on the method of non-destructive testing.

Its development involved experts of the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science and Tomsk Polytechnic University. The main advantage of the new welding technique is that when using the welding surfaces are not deformed.

"Out of Space, by definition, is an innovative, new technology spread to other industries, — Alexander Cherniavsky, deputy chief designer of" RSC "Energia". SP? Queen. " — Our development

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Ongoing repair and modernization of SSBNs Novomoskovsk

Ship Repair Center "asterisk" on December 11, the shop will bring nuclear-powered strategic submarine K-407 "Novomoskovsk" 667BDRM "Dolphin", said the Central Navy Portal source in the defense industry.

Ship in 2008 adopted the Severodvinsk shipyard for repairs and upgrades. After launching missile submarine is moored at the outfitting quay, where the "Star" will continue to prepare the ship to return to duty. Transfer submarine fleet is planned for the fourth quarter of 2011. "Novomoskovsk" will continue the service until 2021.

K-407 — the youngest ship project "Dolphin". With the delivery of "Loc" "asterisk" completes the

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