Welcome to this seventh Instalment of Master Your Camera, brought to you from the experts at What Digital Camera.

With an increasing 9 number of cameras offering the option to shoot n the versatile Raw format, it’s time we covered everything there is to know about Raw. including what it Is. how It works and why it’s so valuable when we’re edit rig our photos m our software.

If you’ve heard of the term Raw, but you’re unsure of what it is, it’s essentially a different type of file format that holds a lot more information then a JPEG The

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Upgraded MiG-31 BM Trials

INITIAL TESTING of the upgraded Mikoyan MiG-31BM interceptor is nearing its end at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre (GLITs) in Akhtubinsk. A preliminary report is due before the end of the year which will lead to a programme to upgrade the Russian Air Force’s MiG-31 fleet. The first aircraft was upgraded and flight-tested by the Sokol plant in Nizhny Novgorod in September last year before going to GLITs for further trials. The second joined it soon afterwards.

Under Stage I of the upgrade, the MiG-31 receives an improved Zaslon-AM fire control suite with an advanced computer and the latest

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£775 ★★★☆☆

The Toshiba 50L7355DB has quite the fight on its hands in such a competitive marketplace, filled with (arguably) more consistently performing competition.

It certainly looks the part, with a silver rectangular stand and black and silver bezel. It’s one of the better specified sets on test when it comes to inputs too, with four HDMI ports alongside two USB inputs and a built-in Freeview HD tuner. There’s no satellite input, though.

Set-up is a bit of a drag

Things don’t get off to a great start during set-up. Tweaking the picture to suit quickly becomes frustrating, with sluggish

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Few things sound as fabulous as real old-fashioned tape delays with their gritty lo-fi repeats, pitch fluctuations and unique boost capabilities – but they’re big and can be noisy and fiddly to maintain. Can any modern box sound the same? Huw Price finds out.

From the Ray Butts-designed EchoSonic of Scotty Moore fame, to the Echoplexes, Echolettes and WEM Copicats of the ’60s, to Roland Space Echoes and beyond, some of the finest delay sounds in popular music relied upon low-tech tape technology. Tapeaholics, alas, tend to live a life of constant tweaking in their search that sound – but


Rock on!

Well, I thought Bosch had it cracked with the GST 135 BCE jigsaw, beating its rivals for ease of use and accuracy into a cocked hat, and the company cornered the market with it that’s for sure.

But Bosch is always looking for even better ways to skin a cat and now it has come up with the GST 140 BCE OK, if you own the previous model there’s no reason to dispatch it to the jigsaw graveyard because it still remains a fabulous saw in its own right, but if you are on the lookout for a top-end model,

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Portrait Professional 11

Jon Stapley tests the latest version of Portrait Professional photo-retouching software

FACIAL retouching is big business in portraiture, and aspiring portrait photographers will need to learn the basics and how to use the software to make it happen. Portrait Professional aims to provide both, with powerful skin-smoothing and facial-alteration technology combined with a preset and slider-focused approach that makes it easy even for the novice to get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth and even alter a subject’s facial structure.


Once you’ve input the gender and rough age of the subject, Portrait Pro detects the face and places

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This year, make your summer adventures two wheeled on one (or more) of these enticing rides.



Cruisers are all about leather panniers and living the American dream, but Ducati must have missed a few history lessons. The Diavel combines sportsbike handling with a modern take on the long and low cruiser style, complete with an enormous 240-section rear tire which had to be custom-made by Pirelli to cope with its 162bhp and its ability to corner and brake like a road racer. History is damned.





T ablet and mobile synthesizers are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and more capable, as developers find new and innovative ways to best utilise the touchscreen medium. For the most part we’re seeing the same kinds of high-quality synths that we find in the computer world, albeit with slightly larger controls.

As the iPad has developed, more and more companies are offering surprisingly complete DAWs in which multiple instances of instruments can be combined to create the ultimate, portable composition tool. This has taken a giant leap in recent months thanks to the release of Audiobus, which lets apps ‘talk’ to each

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Making a Case for the Revolver

When the subject of revolvers as a top carry option for modern gunowners comes up, it’s an easy bet that many in the crowd will scoff when the suggestion is made. High-capacity, softer recoiling semi-autos have appeared to win the day in the minds of many shooters, young and old. But here is where a little education is in order.

Sometimes viewed as a handgun for beginners, the revolver is actually often the choice of more experienced shooters. The universal BUG (back-up gun ) among professionals remains the snubnose .38 Special revolver and for good reason. After all, fighting is

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Finding the ultimate window treatment for your bedroom is much more than making a purely decorative decision

Function and practicality are important. In these times of sky high energy costs, fitting blinds and shutters that can help regulate and conserve heat as well as control the light is a major plus. In urban environments they can also ensure privacy and reduce noise as well as create mood and add decorative style – which will all help contribute to nights of blissful slumber.

New trends, fashions and technical advances in interior furnishings abound and no more so than in this particular

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